I Kinda Came to Another World – 43

Hello there!

Well, before I go with my useless rant, let me tell you this first:

‘I advise you to do (at least) some light exercises once in a while.’

There reason? Here we go:

Actually, I’ve translated half of the chapter two days ago, and I finished the other half yesterday. Yup, so far so good, until that happened yesterday night.

You see, yesterday morning I did some light jogging (like ten laps around football court), after that I took some rest till afternoon, and then I started translating (finished around evening). I intended to take a light rest before editing it, but my whole body hurt like hell afterward (especially my legs), and that was why I couldn’t finish it by yesterday.

If I should say the reason behind it, most likely because I barely had any exercise these four years (like only did it around twenty times at most). That’s why, you should watch your body properly, it usually got worse without you noticing it.

Well, that’s my story for this chapter, see you later ^_^

Muscle muscle! Muscle!

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Leveling Up by Walking – 18

Hello there!

For anyone that new with this site, let me tell you this first:

“I’m not a native japanese nor english.”

So please bear that in mind.

Also, I’m fully aware that I have no ‘joking sense’ so sorry if I can’t translate or transmit the joke properly.

Ah, right, I almost forgot, I don’t have any release schedule so the release would be vary, some times would take a long time and the other times might take a loooooong time. But since the chapters of this novel aren’t that long so perhaps the release would be not too long after my main project’s.

Well, anyway, see you later^_^

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I Kinda Came to Another World – 42

Hello there!

Nothing much happened today so I could somehow managed to finish this chapter… there were some troubles like the way I couldn’t open the ‘new post’ page (like, it took a damn half hour till it finally opened normally even though it didn’t even though a second of buffer on youtube) so we only got this chapter by now.

Also, it hasn’t been decided yet, but, you see, not too long ago I tried to read the ‘leveling up by walking‘ till its very end, and yeah, it was just as weird as I expected it to be, so I don’t see any reason for me to not translating. Yup, I’m intending to take it up, but, I don’t know when, and if by any chance that there’s someone who translated it before I released my first chapter of it (chap. 18), then I’d give up on it.

well, something like that, and see you later^_^.

PS: I almost forgot about it, but please consider donating. The main purpose is of course to keep the site alive, and the secondary purpose is to keep my motivation alive.

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I Kinda Came to Another World – 39

Hello there!!

How long it had been since that last chapter, I wonder? Around five weeks perhaps?

Well, there were this and that and my end so I couldn’t do anything about it, this lateness I mean.

But, yeah, if by any chance there’s someone who’s curious to know what I’ve been doing these times, I became a ‘mere reader’. Yup, I simply read, read, and read any novel that I deemed as interesting. Even, this one, at first I only wanted to read some next chapters but each time I finished a chapter, I felt like I want to read one more, and before I noticed it, I already at chapter 285, you see. Well, there were some other novels and manga that actually I read at those time too, so that’s basically how I spent my free time for this five weeks.

Also, actually, I’ve finished translating this chapter around two days ago, but since I was pretty busy at playing ‘yugioh’ so I pretty much didn’t have the time to edit or release it. That’s why, we get this chapter on today.

Well, that’s all I have for now.

See you later ^_^.

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I Kinda Came to Another World – 38

Hello there!!

Many things happened at my end so I just barely had the time to translating again. So, yeah, to be honest I’m currently pondering whether I should keep translating at a very slow pace (unstable) or just put the translation on hold or put it on hiatus or perhaps drop it altogether instead.

Well, either way, see you later (someday). ^_^

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