I Kinda Came to Another World – 18

Hello there.

For now I’ll try to stick with this till I find some interesting leftover and easy to translate (again).

Well either way, as always feel free to read the chapter directly or take 5s detour there.

P.S: My ‘real class’ started this week so yeah, started from this week onward the release would be kinda slower than the past weeks. Well, I’ll try to release 1 ~ 3 chapters a week (based on situation) though.

And, as for the page’s title (link), I’ll use the japannesse since it would become ‘isekai blablabla’ similar like my first project.

Liked it? Each dollar support from you would be greatly welcomed ^_^
  • Thank you for picking this up, I seem to recall to bring enjoyable but it’s been 8 months, I may have to start from scratch again

  • jarrow

    Thank you for picking this up as well – it seemed to have a strong start, so I have been hoping this got continued. : )




  • for real ? its alive !! i follow this novel from start until no one translate this anymore. but i never delete this novel from my novel update reading list. big thanks !!

  • Habanero

    Thanks for picking up this chapter !!!
    PS: If I remember right WatDaMeow ,one of the translators, had translated till chapter 35 but because the original translator left the chapter 18 unfinished they didn’t publish it. Try contacting with WatDaMeow

    • Eh, why should i contact him? I translate it simply because I’m interested in it though. If he somehow has the next chapters translation and then release it than I’ll gladly left the rest to him.
      But well, just around to weeks ago, I’ve talk with him about the translation of ‘dragon peak’, he said he still want to translate it, and he said that I should take the odd pages and he take the even pages, but as you can see, it’s already almost two weeks since I released my part but there’s nothing from him. so yeah, that might irrelevant but from that i’ve learned it’s better do it myself rather than waiting for someone to do it.
      well, something like that.

    • I’d read that site that
      translated 2nd Vol (~ chps 20-35) But had an agreement not to release volume2 chps until 1st Vol translation was finished

  • Thank thank thank I’ve been waiting for someone do to this series

  • Thank u always for ur great work…

    Nice to see someone pick this up…