I kinda Came to Another World – 20

Nyahaha, hello there!

Too immersed at reading novel, i stayed overnight without i even notice it. Morning came and then I went to attend my class. After that I intended to back home and immediately sleep but, somehow I remember that today is friday so yeah I put a bit gas at my furnace. So yeah, that’s why my spirit is at sky high even when my eyelid felt so damn heavy. Perhaps is it the feeling when someone gone drunk?

well, anyways somehow i was able to finish this chapter by now so without further ado here’s the chapter for you who have the guts to read it.

I’m going to start my journey to dreamland to replenish my life force.

Good night ^_^ (it’s 3 PM though)

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  • Ah, sleep deprevation. It’s a beautiful thing.

  • Thx for the chapter

  • thanks for the chapter and have a nice dream…. ^_^

  • hope u will dreaming about me LOL

  • Thank u always for ur great work…