I Kinda Came to Another World – 21

Hello, anybody there?

Well, somehow my internet provider won’t let me connect to my game so yeah I translated this chapter with an accumulated stress inside my head.

Delayed reading list, unable to play game, assignments are scattered around, sigh….

Well, without further ado, feel free to read the chapter ‘HERE‘.


Ah right, the talk about my side project, i just checked japtem and it seems there haven’t any release activity yet so I thought i may translate one more chapter of Magi grandson but i’m prexplexed… I’ve gathered the materials to start translating ‘shinka no mi’ (since it has been two months without any word) you know, but since cat hasn’t make any move yet so i think i need to do it for a bit more (since i’ve said that i’ll do it in her absence after all).

Sigh… well, let’s just see what would happen, where my hand would lay on. and yeah, the release perhaps would be quite delayed.

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    thanks for the chapter…

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