I Kinda Came to Another World – 22

Hello there.

Somehow I was able to play my game yesterday and I also could met my old game-pal. After playing with them, somehow I got an enlightment that I shouldn’t think about someone else’s problem, and more focused to mine. And so this is what we got…

Well, without further ado here’s the chapter anyway…


Since I’m going to focuse on translate this one, I’m pondering whether should I preserve the schedule system or just release it randomly, well since everything is conditional so there’s nothing certain though.

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^_^ See you again ^_^


PS: Well, even if i said that, I’m still trying to search for a side project, and since i call it as my side project, so it isn’t someone else current project but a fulfledged abandoned project which i hope there won’t be any interfence nor tumult hence forward. well, i hope i could find it at near future.

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  • A story that you might find interesting is “I was reincarnated as a dungeon.” I have only read a few chapters an it stopped.

  • Thank u always for ur great work…

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