I Kinda Came to Another World – 25

Hello there.

It’s my first release at this new site. well, there’s still many things i need to adjust here first but I hope I could back in track soon.

Also including the previous chapter (the interlude), we finally started the third chapter (arc).

Well anyway, as always you can read the chapter here.

TL note: Before you read the chapter, there’s something I need to tell you. It’s about three word which contained at this chapter. That is:

-Quarreling 揉めて (Mome)

-Arguing 揉んで (Monde)

-Contenting 揉み (Momi)

These three have a quite similar mean, that is something along ‘dispute’, the one I want to tell you the most it the third one. I translated it as ‘contenting’ but, it should be a word which has a mean of dispute but also has a mean of ‘touching body’. Well, if you have a more suitable word then feel free to tell me.

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Ah, right, I think there won’t be any scheduled release anymore, since releasing it freely is more confortable for me.

See you later (^o^)/

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  • Seinvolf

    Thank u always for ur great work…

  • Wrath

    Contenting has to do with being content (satisfied), could it be you’re after contending? Which is like competing

    • Passifista

      Not quite right, I choose ‘contenting’ exactly because it has the closest mean with my imagiantion. And as I said before (above),this ‘Momi’ is a word that could be interpreted as a quarrel / dispute, but also could be something like touching (actually there’s also massaging) which of course that may give you satisfied feeling.

      • Thor

        How about “grappling”? It can mean either a physical confrontation, or in the right contexts it can mean two people holding each other close for comfort and…more than comfort.

  • habib