I Kinda Came to Another World – 26

Hello there!!

Many things heppened these past days you see, so I didn’t have much times to translating. Moreover these past two days, I was too hooked on watching ‘bakuman’ till I forgot that I was actually had made the preparation to continue translating already.

But, hell yeah, someohow I was able to recover my mind and soul aroud five hours ago and so I was able to finish this chapter by now, well since this time there were many hard to dechiper sentences so I’m quite sure that this chapter would be much more gibberish than my usual. Sorry for the inconvenience (as always though)

Well, either way, as always you could read the chapter here.

See you sometime later ^_^


  1. As an usual reminder, the donate button should be around the right panel (PC verson) or at the bottom page (phone version).
  2. I think I’m going to make some adjustment, or perhaps alteration(?) about some past stated thing. Such as, like the most prominent one is ‘Eerie Constitution’ skill’s name, well I know that it’s the literal translation but somehow I want try to search for some more ‘appropriate’ name according to its description and effect (if there is, of course).
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    Thank u always for ur great work…

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    how about intimidation or sinister or even frightening