I Kinda Came to Another World – 27

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Sorry for the wait (If there’s anyone did). well, before i present you the chapter here is my diary about what happened before I finished this chapter:

Before X-6: Lazing around, reading manga or novel, watching anime, playing game.

X-6: my PC was attacked by malware. I spent almost my day to temper with my PC’s program and the like, well you could say that it was a success since the malware was gone, but in exchange seems like there was something corrupted since I couldn’t open my start menu.

X-5: I thought that it was a hassle to so I decided to do partial reinstall my windows, and then yeah, indeed I was able to open my start menu again and all of my regular software were working perfectly, but in exchange seems like my admin account it somehow corrupted. It affect every action which needed admin permission. for example, I need around on hour delay just to open a task manager, what a waste of time.

X-4: I decided to downgrade my PC. Well indeed I was able to downgrade my PC into W8, i thought that from there i would just need to reupgrade it to windows10 again, but then I heard from friend that free upgrade period has been closed. And yeah, fortunately google show me a way, after I download the windows10 iso file, then installed it, and then sign in with my account, seems like I don’t need to buy the serial number.

X-3: I reinstall all of my past software, daily application, game, antivirus and the like.

X-2: I started translating this chapter.

X-1 : Finishing the translation (around 30% left).

X-0: I did some last check and little edit here and there so that (I think) it was quite readable, and then released it so that you could read it HERE.

well, that’s my dairy (excuse perhaps) about this chapter, thank for anyone who’s read this rant till the bitter end. Then if you thought, don’t I have anything worthwhile to do? Of course sometimes I do, since going to campus was also my daily activity after all.

Ah, this chapter also accidentally has 3600 words, almost 75% longer than the usual chapter.

PS area:

  1. As a regular reminder, you could find the donation button at the right  panel for PC user, and bottom panel from phone user.
  2. About Rishe’s name, seems like I’ve made a mistake here (most certainly). well, her nickname is indeed Rishe, but seems like her given name is トリシェ (To-ri-shi-e), but I’ll translate it as Trisha, since calling her Rishe when her real name is Trishe is somehow feel, like, umm, itchy perhaps? since you just removing the ‘T’ here after all. That’s why I picked Trisha instead.
  3. There are many difficult word at this chapter, and the most prominent one is the one around martial art world, since I’m not a martial artist after all. so if you could give me a better name then please do so, of course it should also quite suitable with its style description.

剣武式 : I translated it as Martial sword style.

水明式 : I translated it as Shining water style. Well, since Jphase and Mecab read it differently, so I’ve been pondering about how I should translate, interpret and combine it.

流鏡式 : I translated it as Flowing mirror style. well, it was also quite similar case with the one above.

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