I Kinda Came to Another World – 29


Here’s my past four days diary.

After I finished translating my other project, I decided to play some of my old game like harvest moon and god of war to changed a pace. Well, that was indeed a good thing there.

And it happened two days ago, my friends came to my house! Moreover they came here while bringing virus named as counter strike. At first I played it just for a formality, but gradually because we were too engrossed in it, we played it till late night.

The next day (yesterday), because he slept over my place so we played the game again, from morning till noon, and then after noon till evening. After then we played another game till night (this time it was just around 11 PM).

And today, my head was so dizzy when I woke up (3 AM). That sure was a hell, I immediately drink some waters and went outside there, and yeah somehow that made my head a tad better.

And yeah, at 4 AM, I brazenly started to translate this chapter. with just 11 word page worth (around the same as usual chapter with 2000 words), I assumed that I would be able to finish it by morning, but somehow this chapter was shittily longer than usual with 3000 words. There were even many more difficult kanji usual, I even already troubled by the very first word. But well, helly yeaH i was able to finish it. I hope my share of headache would transmitted to you who read the chapter HERE!

But the GOOD thing is, we got a hero or perhaps protagonist like story here, so yeah, it was worth doing.


See you later!!!!

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