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The subjugation of The Arachne

After we keep searching for it through the forest for a while, we finally encounter our target. Right, that giant spider. Whether it because there are more people than before, or perhaps because it’s a different one from before, well I don’t know it but as expected different from our first encounter, this time is I’m not scared at all. Because different from before, right now we’ve become stronger, after all, I can’t think we’d lose. If something happen then I also could just drive it away with “Erie Constitution”. Moreover, this giant spider isn’t necessarily a weakling. So if we defeat it, I’m sure it will give us a load of experience points, there’s no way we would lose.


While crying such voices which I’d heard it before, the spider is gazing at us. Having a 5 meters big body, its width perhaps not less than eight meters.

“Kitsune, what should we do?”

“Finia-chan should just focusing on attacking it, we’ll back you up.”

“Leave it to me!”

“Lulu-chan, for now could you please prepare your short sword? Of course I’ll do my best to protect you, but since our enemy right now is quite big, so just in case.”


Well then, our battle preparation have finished. For now, I would be focusing on observing Finia-chan who would take care of that spider. Otherwise, if I accidentally activate my “Eerie Constitution”, the spider would immediately run away, after all.


The spider cries, and spiting a very thick thread from its buttock.

“It comes!”


At Rishe-chan’s word, we start moving. Evading the approaching thread, Finia-chan advancing toward the spider. Rishe-chan moves following Finia-chan, where I and Lulu-chan move to the rear side of that spider to surround it.

Contrary to its big body, it has a considerable agility. When I think to move to its rear, its compound eyes are always keeping an eye on us.

But, it can’t turn toward us, isn’t it?

It should be understand it through its instinct, the most dangerous one here is, Finia-chan who comes upfront.

“『Fire Arrow』!”

Finia-chan invocates a magic, among Fire magic it is classified as a weak one but with Finia-chan’s magical energy she should be able to fires several hundreds of it, those arrow of fire!

“Lulu-chan, can you do it?”

“—I’ll do my best…!”

The spider’s eyes seize around ten-odd of those arrow of fire, moreover it jumps its body backward correspondently. But, on the rear of it, we’re there. Lulu-chan swings her short sword horizontally toward the approaching spider.



“We’re retreating, Lulu-chan.”

Being slashed, the spider’s consciousness is focused on us, I take some distance from it while holding Lulu-chan. Hit and run, this is also a splendid strategy.

But, spider-kun, isn’t it dangerous for you to facing here?


Rishe-chan cuts one of its eight legs with her sword. After the case with that knight leader uncle, even while being seen by someone she’s still able to splendidly swing her sword. Combining with her tempered status, her prowess is raising rapidly.

“Here it go! Everyone, take some distance.”

There, before we noticed it, overhead the spider, Finia-chan who is flying at a considerable height calling at us.

Her magical energy is shining, I have a somewhat bad feeling coming from it. As per she said, we start taking some huge distance from the spider. It’s already hopeless, I’m not particularly know what would come, but I’m sure it’s a type of attack which might unanimously swallow us up.

“—『Meteor Strike』!!”

When Finia-chan shouting so, tremendous fire is spreading around her, and the sky is immediately dyed in red from the spreading fire.

And then, the fire moving circularly, and forming a great tornado with Finia-chan as its center. Moreover, at that instant— Finia-chan says ‘Get burnt’ and dropping along with the tornado of fire.



Together with *gori* *gori* gouged sounds, simultaneously a sound of meat getting burnt could be heard. Along with the spider’s shrieks, Finia-chan who attacked the spider’s back several seconds ago is, flying out from its abdomen. Making a straight line of big hole at the spider’s body, seems like its life was blown away by the force of the tornado.

“Ahaha! We win!”

After the tornado of fire disappeared, Finia-chan who come out is, immediately smiling and give a ‘peace’ sign to us.

No no no, don’t give me that peace. If you were careless we might got annihilated, you know? Moreover, to use such absurd fire magic inside a forest, what should we do if the fire burnt some trees and spreading? Someone must take the responsibility, you know? And that would be me! Even though the one who burnt it was Finia-chan!


But, well, since we won so it’s good. The spider is somehow ended with a very poor corpse, but, it’s good, isn’t it?

“You sure are amazing… Finia-chan.”

“Yes… you’re our Ace.”


“Hehe~n! The strongest and beautiful Fairy Finia-chan is invincible!”

Looking at Finia-chan who is puffing her chest out, we make a strained laugh.

But, above all, since she had tried her best so I should praise her, don’t I?

“Lulu-chan, you did well.”


This time, against that spider, Lulu-chan was able to make an attack even if it was a shallow one. She was just got Rishe-chan advising her stance, but seems like she could somewhat put Rishe-chan’s guidance into practice.

Moreover, even though she just took a slight part of the battle, but as long as she took a part of it she would still got some experience points. Since Lulu-chan was Lv.1 so her level should be raised considerably.




Name                        : Lulu Soleil

Gender                     : Female Lv. 8 (UP 7)

Strength                   : 350

Stamina                    : 200

Resistance               : 80

Agility                       : 280

Magic Power          : 140


Title                           :『Slave』

Skill                            :『Short Sword-Arts Lv.1 (NEW!)』

Inherent skill         : ???

PT Member             : Naginata Kitsune, Finia (Fairy), Trisha (Human)



Ooh, her level raised by seven with just that spider. As expected from a giant spider, it was an E rank magical beast. It hold a considerable experience points.

Lulu-chan’s status is suddenly overtaking mine, you know? But I’m not sad at all, since as long as my resistance increased then I’m good with it, after all. Level-wise mine is still higher, after all. I’m not mortified at all!

“Good for you, Lulu-chan. Your level has raised, you know?”

“Eh, is that true? Ehehe… I’m so happy.”

That’s why, I praise her while patting her head without showing my broken mental-state. This is, an adult’s way of doing. As long as I could see Lulu-chan’s happy smile, it’s strange that I’ll come to think that that’s something can’t be helped. Well, if my resistance increased further then I’ll come and take the frontline! Before that come I must restrain myself, since I’m a trump card-like character, you know?

“Kitsune, just in case I’ve take the subjugation proof of that spider.”

“Ah, sorry, thanks.”

When I say so, Rishe-chan comes and hand me several fangs of that spider. At a subjugation quest, if you don’t bring back the subjugation proof than it would be counted as you haven’t subjugated it. That means, we won’t get the reward. That’s why we must take the proof, like this. This time is the fang of this giant spider.

“Then, let’s go home. Before it getting dark.”




At my word, everyone is answering, and then we start preparing to return. Our first hunt sure is fruitful, since we got the subjugation proof, so my 100% request completion rate hasn’t broken!

Having the corpse of that spider burnt by Finia-chan, we start walking. The day is still bright, at this rate seems like we won’t encounter that monster. Ah, thanks god.

“Say, Kitsune, there’s something I’m a bit curious about, though.”


“Can you see someone’s status?”

Ah, come to think of it I haven’t told Rishe-chan anything about my skills, didn’t I? Well, it’s just several days after she became my comrade, after all, so it can’t be helped. Since she just asked about it herself so let’s just tell her about it.

“Yes, I’m able to see someone’s status.”

“That means, you’d saw my father’s status?”


“I see… you said something like that even after seeing it, huh.”

Seems like she’s saying something in murmur, but I can’t hear it. It’s just I feel like I can see Rishe-chan’s turned face is somewhat blushing. Hmm? Have I raised a flag somewhere? I have no such memory, though… ah, I see.

“No problem, no problem, since I can’t see your body weight nor height, after all.”

“N, no, that’s not… ah…  no, I see, it’s good then.”


Was she embarrassed that I might be able to see her body weight, or the like? Well, anyhow looking at Rishe-chan’s state who was just sighing, seems like I shouldn’t take it in mind, but if she has some troubles then then I’ll gladly hear it out, though. If you feel like it I might be even able to give you some advices, you know?

While thinking such a thing, we walk through the forest. Today we went inside the forest but since we didn’t go that far so we should be able to go out from the forest soon, don’t we?

The trees are swayed by the wind, and the warm sunlight is illuminating the ground through the gap of the trees.

From what we heard about this forest, seems like there were numerous magical beast lived inside this forest, and seems like human’s influence hadn’t reached here.  Well, any dangerous magical beast would got hunted by adventurers, but any basically passive magical beast that didn’t leave the forest won’t be hunted by adventurers. But there are some exceptions such as eater hand, though.

That’s why there are many magical beast live here. There were some case where some magical beasts were fighting on turf war, but whether it because those magical beast were basically have an equal power, moreover without any special magical beast which ruled the whole forest, seems like they were able to live peacefully at their respective territories. But there are some exceptions such as eater hand, though.

Nevertheless, right now inside this forest there’s a monster called 『Red Night』. So the possibility of the balance of this forest collapsing isn’t nonexistent. But there are some exception such as eater hand, though.

“Say, Rishe-chan.”

“What’s up?”

“Do you know about『Red Night』?”

“Yes… it’s infamous, after all. If my memories serve me right, it was an A rank magical being which very close to S rank, and I heard that it was a monster with nature closer to an magical beast rather than a demon.”

Close to a demon lord is, the hell with that, isn’t it could be called as the second demon lord?

“The most dreadful part is its position.”


“Yes, seems like 『Red Night』 isn’t a part of demon lord’s subordinates. Since individually, it was referred to be equaling demon lord, after all, moreover seems like it clearly has no intention such as annihilating humankind. Well by the fact it hasn’t bore any hostility toward demon lord, but keep eating human so it won’t be strange if it’s actually demon lord’s accomplice, though… if I should state it with human’s status then, perhaps it’s something akin to someone in charge of raiding.”

That means, the enemy of humanity that doesn’t listen to demon lord’s order, isn’t it? Isn’t that dangerous? Different from demon lord, since it has no demon nor magical beasts follower so that’s a great luck for human, but, to be equaling demon lord, isn’t that means it could only be defeated by the hero?

“Well, since it only moves in night, so currently its victims aren’t as great as demon lord do. Since it only attacks any humans it encounter, after all. Moreover, there was also someone who said that sometimes it would also eat some weak magical beasts. So I think it has no intention to waging war to humankind.”

“I see….”

But, isn’t that means I still can’t understand the reason why I was left alive, isn’t it?… could it be that wasn’t 『Red Night』? … or perhaps because I was an otherworlder so I had an absolutely bad taste? Something like I was left behind because when it ate my left eye, it was very bad, or something along that line? What’s that, that’s really hurt my feelings.

While somewhat feeling down, we keep walking for a while and finally able to see the exit. Capturing the view of the town, at least we’re able to leave the forest, and it happened when I was sighing in relieve.



A figure of someone appeared beside me. I slightly stop my leg in surprise, but seems like that’s a lucky one since because of that I’m not bumping with the appeared person.

The appeared person is, a girl with a similar height as mine. With a quirky but glossy black hair and white skin, she’s a beautiful girl with high canine as her characteristic. But her attire is a similar clothes which is usually used by famed adventurers at the guild, she even use some protective armors. At her waist, there are two short swords- similarly like Lulu-chan’s -being put there.

“Who are you…?”

“Ah, could it you’re Kitsune-san! Nice to meet you!”

“Ah, yes, nice to meet you, too… then, who are you?”

“Well, I was lost when I loitering around the forest, you see! You sure saved me!”

“Ah, I see… then, who are you?”

“Do you know where Miniera is? If you’re okay with it then is it okay if I tag along with you till there?”

“Since Miniera is close by, so I won’t mind even if you are together with us, though… then, who are you?”

“I see! Thank you!”

Someone who won’t listen to other, huh. She’s the hard to deal type for me, in society, someone who won’t listen to other is generally stated as a nuisance and troublesome fellow, after all. Moreover, she seems very friendly, she’s always smiling, excess skin-ship, even right now she is embracing me while saying her gratitude, it’s modest but there are indeed some bulges pressing my arm, stick more closer— no no, I have no such a thought.

“Ah… umm, then I want to know your name, though?”

By the way this is my fifth time asking this.

“Ah, I see, I see, sorry! My name is Leila Vermillion, I come from, umm, if I’m not mistaken, gran… dile Kingdom, perhaps?, I’m an C rank adventurer!”

She, Leila Vermillion confidently says so.

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