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Leila Vermilion

“Well, ever since I departed from Grandile Kingdom, I arrived at this forest around one week ago but somehow I was lost! It sure a great luck to be able to meet you, Kitsune-kun!”

After that we returned to Miniera while bringing along this lively girl, Leila Vermilion.

From what she have said, it seems she had been lost inside that forest all thus time. Originally she came here together with her male comrade that made a party with her, but when she lost sight of him, no matter how much she searched for him she was unable to found him, and she who had a poor sense of direction was lost further, and passed one whole week long roaming around this forest till she finally met us today.

When she shown us her adventurer card, indeed

‘Leila Vermilion – Adventurer Rank: C’

Was written there. A C rank adventurer is a considerably powerful person, they are forefront adventurer who aren’t just fighting magical beasts but also ‘the enemy that possess intelligent’ demons head on. For personally meet her I can understand her awesomeness, her indifferent way of speaking and her friendly conduct and behavior, how should I put it, she has no opening. Perhaps, if she is really wants to do it, she should be able to cut my head in an instant, doesn’t she?

“Then I’m going to go to the adventurer guild of this town! Later!”

“Wait a minute, that way is to the outskirt area, where are going to?”

“Oh? Ahaha, sorry, sorry… may I ask you to lead me till the guild as well?”

After I stopped Leila-chan who was running toward the outskirt area even though she said she wanted to go to the adventurer guild, she embarrassedly joined both of her hands, and asked me so with upturned eyes and a wink.

Good grief, Leila-chan is indeed cute. She possess a cuteness where she would surely popular as an idol at my former world. Nevertheless, I’m not such a whimsical person who would keep accompanying such suspicious person who I just met before. If you’re really like to lost then just return to the forest and get lost again!

“Please ☆”

“It can’t be helped, isn’t it? It’s this way.”

Don’t just arbitrarily hug my arm. Isn’t it feel good where your soft boobs touching me! Good grief, only this time, I will be kind to such unknown stranger. That’s why come clos— oops, not it, I have no such a thought. Oioi, please don’t look at me with that kind of eyes, Rishe-chan.

“Kitsune… you….”

“That’s not it. Helping a troubled person is my nature, you know.”

“That’s indeed right, especially a girl who would press her chest on you, right?”

“Boobs are the embodiment of dream, after all, no matter its size is.”

“He has been corrupted!”

Even if Rishe-chan murmured so, I’ll keep tread this path. There’s no men who hate boobs, after all, and I’m also a proper man, you see! Since at my former I have no such experience even once so what’s so bad about it?!

“Gununu… go away from Kitsune-san, you burglar cat!”

“She’s indeed a burglar cat, isn’t she?”


“Eh, what?”

After that, the somehow displeased Finia-chan is relentlessly clapping Leila-chan’s hands, where Lulu-chan is grasping my other hand. What? Am I finally reached that legendary period? But, for me who died once and got reincarnated into this another world, not getting popular is the most natural route isn’t it? I sure am pitiful, aren’t I?

Nevertheless, since what I got are a doll sized fairy and a little girl, isn’t that a bit cruel? No, it isn’t like I hate them or anything, it’s just… age-wise, I want a girl with age where I won’t be charged even if I date her, you see.

“Ahaha, Kitsune-kun sure are popular!”

“The cause is you, though.”

“It’s not that bad, isn’t it? Since because of that you can taste the sensation of boobs, right?”

“I can’t deny that.”

“Kitsune-kun sure are honest, aren’t you~”

Ignoring the sullen Finia-chan and Lulu-chan, but since Rishe-chan’s gazes which says a committee chairman-like words “Illicit relationship is not allowed”  is quite scary so perhaps it would be best to say good bye to this sensation soon, isn’t it?

I quietly slip out from Leial-chans arm, and let Finia-chan sit at my shoulder. Don’t just keep clapping someone, good grief. Could it be, was Shiori-chan unexpectedly such an easy to jealous person? Since Finia-chan who was born from her is like this, after all.

But I never thought Lulu-chan would reacted that way. Perhaps she didn’t want to had her family got stolen by someone, right? or so I thought. Considering her place, perhaps she had restrained such conduct as much as possible thus far, right?

“Aah, what a shame.”

“Well, looking at the situation just now, if I left it a little longer I thought it may lead to a bad direction immediately, after all. But, since as you can see Finia-chan and the others are in such bad moon so please bear with it by just holding hand.”


When I say so while extending my hand to her, she stares in wonder at my hand. And then, after she stares on it for several seconds, she grasp my hand while slightly blushing.

What’s up with her? Even though just now she deliberately pressed her chest on me, could it be she is embarrassed to holding hands with me? Hmm, what a hard to understand girl.

And like that, I return to the guild while holding Leila-chan’s hand. I also have to report the completion of the subjugation of the archne request, after all, so it’s just like killing two bird with one stone, isn’t it?

Opening the door, we enter the guild. And then, all of the gazes are gathered at us, in the next instance

—the atmosphere inside the guild suddenly become noisy.

Speaking of the dumbfounded person, there are also adventurers who become speechless, all those discerning eyes which gathered here are all filled with a surprised expression.

And then, the one who is being looked by those gaze isn’t me, but the person beside me… Leila-chan.

“That black hair and that pair of sword at her waist… could it be, she is the C rank adventurer, Leila Vermilion?!”

“No way… why such a person comes here…?”

“Could it be… she heard about the appearance of the『Red Night』here….”

“Or rather, why does she together with Kitsune….”

Leila Vermilion, a C rank adventurer, moreover a beauty, as expected it seems she is very popular. As a forefront adventurer she must be a very strong person, moreover, didn’t she say that she came from that battle junkies eden, Grandile Kingdom? So perhaps it won’t be strange that her name has spread through every country, isn’t it?

Nevertheless, it’s indeed strange. There’s no adventurers above E rank at this country, if I may add, this is a very peaceful country which no magical beast above E rank.

Could it be, she really comes here to hunt 『Red Night』….?

But I can’t thought that a sole C rank adventurers like her comes here to hunt an A class magical beast which has a higher rank than her. Then what’s her objective…? Come to think of it, she knew my name, but… did we had met somewhere?

“Kitsune-kun, your legs stopped, you know? Aren’t you going to the receptionist desk?”

“Ah, yes.”

Being told so, the just returned me immediately move to Mia-chan’s place. As expected even Mia-chan is also surprised by the appearance of Leila-chan, she’s gazing at us with round eyes.

“Mia-chan, I come here to report the completion of the request.”

“Eh, ah yes!”

“Here are the subjugation proofs.”

When I talk to her, Mia-chan flusteredly takes out the application request. After Rishe-chan places the fang of the spider at the counter, we wait till Mia-chan finishes the procedure.

Even when she is flustered, Mia-chan swiftly finishes the completion request procedure which she had got used to do, and hands over the reward.

“I presume these are indeed the fang of the archne… then, here’s the reward, twenty five silver coins.”


“And then… the esteemed person there are, are you perhaps Leila Vermilion-sama?”

“That’s right~, nice to meet you, receptionist-san. Leila Vermilion, I came here because I heard that there was an interesting adventurer here, you see.”

“Eh? Interesting, adventurer…?”

Just who is this interesting adventurer? Was there any adventurer who do a comedy show? As far as I know, I know none of them, could it be it was the man who wooed Mia-chan without looking at the mirror some days ago? But since that man was an E rank so he was lower than Leila-chan, right?

Then just who is it? Finia-chan?

“Yes, he is the adventurer who stays as a H rank adventurer ever since he became an adventurer, the adventurer who survived when he encountered 『Red Night』, the adventurer who picked a fight with the A rank knight leader, the adventurer with 100% request completion rate, I’d heard many things about him, you see~.”

Who the hell is he? Hahaha, there’s no way such person exist, right? I’m indeed an H rank adventurer and survived when I encountered 『Red Night』, but I have no memory picking a fight with that uncle, and I indeed have 100% request completion rate but that’s all like Finia-chan’s achievement, after all.

“Oioi, who is that idiot who did such idiotic acts which even piqued the interest of a C rank adventurer? Ahaha, what a masterpiece.”


Oi, what’s up with you guys? Please don’t look at me with that astonished eyes of yours. That was indeed a bit rude, but didn’t all of you always mocking me for always staying as an H rank adventurer? That was hurting me a bit, you know? I always got such treatment, you know? If you look at me with that kind of eyes then apologize, apologize to me who had been hurt by such act every day!


Oioi, don’t sighing, I’d heard that when you sigh, your happiness would run away along with it, you know? Since the one who said it was Shiori-chan so there’s no way it might be wrong, since if it’s only about such trivial knowledge, she was quite knowledgeable, after all.

Nevertheless, he doesn’t show himself, huh. Is he isn’t here, the adventurer who piqued Leila-chan’s interest.

Nevertheless, unexpectedly it seems there’s also other H rank adventurer other than me, huh, since I have no much interest about another adventurers so it can’t be helped if I don’t know about it.

“What a shame, it seems he isn’t here, well then, see you later Leila-chan. We’re returning now.”

“Ahaha, what are you talking about, Kitsune-kun! It’s about you, you know.”

“Ahaha, back to you, what are you talking about, Leila-chan. Are you even lost in your head?”

“If you say that again I’ll hit you, you know~? My scary~ fist may fly, you know~?”

“Rocket punch…!? What’s that, I want to see it.”

“Receptionist-san, how the guild would explain about this man? Depending on your answer, I may respect you, you know? Receptionist-san.”

“I’m sorry… Kitsune-sama is always like this.”

Before I noticed it, it seems Mia-chan and Leila-chan are somehow on good terms. Seeing a beauty and a cutie together sure is a pleasant thing.

“Kitsune, the adventurer who had been mentioned by Leila, I think, perhaps it’s you, you know?”

“Eh… you’re kidding, right? Since I never picking a fight with uncle, after all.”

When I say so, Rishe-chan come close to my ear and whispers about what Leila-chan just said. It’s so ticklish when her breathing touch my ear.

“Perhaps… I think that’s regarding the case with me… since the you at that time, no matter how you see it, it could only be seen as you confronting my father, after all….”

“Eh… then what should I do, to be frank I think it would be very troublesome, though.”

“How about just obediently admit it, and then ask what her business is?”

Business… no matter how I think about it, it must be a troublesome business, isn’t it? A distant apart forefront C rank adventurer comes to an H rank adventurer like me, you know? Moreover, she came with such dubious reason, without a doubt it’s a flag when she would ask to fight against me, you know? Is that really okay? I’ll lose you know? I’ll lost in two seconds, you know? Even so, is that really okay?

“Kitsune-san, at a time like this, glossing it over is the best option… just change it to another subject!”

“I see, nice advice, Finia-chan… umm~, Leila-chan!”

“Yes, what~? Kitsune-kun! Are you finally understand it?”

Taking Finia-chan’s advice, let’s change the subject here! No matter the time and place, there’s no girl who hate love story, right?! That’s why, right now—

“Please go out with me!”

How’s that! The surrounding peoples are showing a more surprised expression than at time we entered here, but I have no time to care about such a thing, to evade any troublesome thing, I’ll pour all my might here!

Good, how’s that, Leila-chan, will you still be able to utter your business even after received my confession?

“You sure understand it fast! Then, let’s have a match! I’ll wait you at the training ground, underground the guild.”

After saying so, Leila-chan start dashing toward the training ground where Rishe-chan once had a match against her father there.


It finally come to this, huh….

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