I Kinda Came to Another World – 33

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“Okay, let’s just go home.”

“Uwaah, cowardice as ever, aren’t you?! I respect you, Kitsune-san!”

Since Leila-chan has disappeared to the training ground underground the guild, I think it would be good if she just disappears as it is so I want to immediately return to the inn. Leila-chan is a beautiful girl, a cutie, she even let me feel the sensation of her boobs, but since it’s already a stated matter that I would got beaten to pulp if I fight her so I think this is the wisest choice. Whether it lose after fighting, or lose by W.O, either way the result would be still the same, isn’t it?

There, I notice chilly gazes from Rishe-chan and the others. What’s up with you all, isn’t it good even if I run away here?

“Kitsune, what did you mean just now?”

“I’m also interested, Kitsune-sama?”

“I, I also… want you to tell me….”

Rishe-chan, Mia-chan, and also Lulu-chan say so.

Even if you ask me what I meant, the meaning is exactly as it is, though. To go home, we just finished a quest after all, since we just fought against that spider once again so I honestly tired. Why do I have to fight again moreover against someone stronger than that spider?

“Even if you ask me what I meant… I just wanted to go home, you know?”

“Not that one, the one before it.”

The one before it… ah, the ‘please go out with me’ one, huh. I initially did that to change the subject, but it wasn’t transmitted to Leila-chan. She completely ignored my once in my lifetime confession, didn’t she? I completely forgot that she was a girl who won’t listen to other. Perhaps that’s because the way she has no sense of direction is already too acute, after all.

“When I said please go out with me, I did that to change the subject, you know? Since at that rate I felt like it might led into a duel, after all. But it was all for naught, though.”

“…I see.”

“So that was the case, huh”

“Th, thanks god.”

Rishe-chan floats a sour looks, Mia-chan floats a business smile, and Lulu-chan floats an expression as if she is relieved from the bottom of her heart. Who is the most honest one? If I should say it then it’s Lulu-chan, she sure has a cuteness which would makes someone wants to dote her.

Nonetheless, are the three of them really that concerned about my confession? As I thought, aren’t I actually quite popular?

“But, you can’t just run away from this duel, Kitsune.”


“Aah~,who was the man who arbitrarily decided my duel against my father, I wonder?… even though I originally should had one week extension time~….”

“Uwah, you bring that out now?”

Perhaps because Rishe-chan is formerly a knight so she doesn’t particularly likes the way I run away from a duel. Even if that’s indeed the case but I think the way she does it is way too much, though. Someone might die, you know? I might die, you know?

When I give Mia-chan a gaze asking for help, she return it with her usual business smile. No good, I can’t ask her for help.

When I gaze at my last hope, Lulu-chan, she inclines her head. This girl is also no good, she doesn’t understand eye contact. For now I decide to pat her head.


Be that as it may, is there any way to run away from here? Finia-chan is just lying in my shoulder without having any concern about this matter, the other adventurers also turn their faces away from Mia-chan’s smile.

Seems like there’s no way for me to run away, huh.

“…got it, got it, I just need to go there, right?”

Sighing once, I say so. To be honest, a rumor is nothing but a rumor, I have nothing to be expected by Leila-chan, but how absurd that I must suffer like this. Somehow it irritates me.

Trouble was a sure to have attribute for a protagonist of a manga, but I don’t need that trouble, you know? You don’t need to force yourself bringing that trouble to me. Or rather, the rumor about me has already spread till Grandile Kingdom, huh, just who the hell spread it?

While grumbling and complaining such a thing, I come to the training ground which is located underground the guild. Leila-chan who said would wait for me is properly there. Even though it would be good if she just got lost somewhere when she was rushing here.

“Ah, you finally come, Kitsune-kun!”

“Yeah, well, I was unable to run away, after all.”

“Ahaha, did you think to run away? That’s no good you know? To ignore an invitation from a girl.”

“The one who would take such invitation even though he knows he would experience a pain is none other than a pervert. But here I’m a diligent and proper youth, after all.”

“But I can’t see you as such, though.”

Leila-chan says so while cheerfully laughing. Innocent and lively, as if to matching such words, she is chuckling while showing her high canine which is her most attractive trait.

And then, since the conversation seems like ended there, she draws both of short swords at her waist. Rather than a short sword it might slightly closer to a slightly bigger knife, but when I look at Leila-chan who skillfully handles both of it at both of her hands, I immediately understand that those swords are her usual weapon.

“These weapon, I use it to imitate the person I like who was also using it, you see. At first I only used one, but seems like using two is more comfortable for me, you see.”

“Ooh, I completely don’t care about it.”

“What about your weapon, Kitsune-kun?”

“I don’t have anything like weapon. Since I can’t use it, after all.”

When I say so, Leila-chan stares me in wonder and puts back her swords at her waist. She looks a bit disappointed, but she gazes me with an equal interest with it.

“You don’t use, any weapon?”

“I have used it inside the forest once, but it was broken and can’t be used already, after all.”

That sword was broken by one attack from 『Red Night』 and can’t be used again, but tentatively I left it inside my room right now. It’s an article from my former world, after all, so you could say that it’s akin to something like charm.

Nonetheless, when I see Leila-chan grumbles ‘ooh, I see’, I want to stop it here since I feel a bad premonition from her.

After pondering about it for a while, she raises her face with an extremely happy expression.

“Then I also won’t use any weapon! Let’s just fight bare handed!”

Saying so, she prepares her fists. She seems like fired her fists several times midair, but since it was too fast so I couldn’t see it at all. Moreover I could heard a sharp voices where the air was severed. What’s up with that killer punch?

Could it be she is more skilled fight bare handed than using weapon?

“Rather than using weapon, I’m more skilled at fighting bare handed, you see!”

Seems like I was right. come to think of it, C rank adventurers are a forefront adventurer, so that means there’s no way they are unable to fight without weapon, right? If I ask her to teach me, will she accept it? In the name of practice, would I be able to touch various places? Her appearance is good, after all, her appearance.

“Say, Leila-chan.”

“What’s the matter, Kitsune-kun!”

“At this duel, I don’t see any merit for me, though.”

Nonetheless, there’s no merit for me at this duel. If I take it as it is, I would only suffer a great pain, what a great loss, so in exchange for me accepting this duel, I want something in return if I win but I won’t get any punishment if I lose.

When I say so, Leial-chan averts her sight while start thinking about it, before long she makes a decision.

“Then, if you win this duel, I will grant one of anything you wish.”

Leila-chan’s words are reverberating inside my head. Anything, such word, I clearly heard it. Such beauty is, would grant one of anything I wish? Are you really saying that to a youth like me who is currently at the middle of my puberty period?

I’m burning with motivation.

I stretch my head and legs. Shaking my wrists and ankles, I take a deep breath. And then, I activate my 『Overpower』 skill. Separately it won’t have any great effect, but even so I’ll keep my trump card in reserve, since to the bitter『Eerie Constitution』 is could only be activated when I fight an enemy, after all.

And then, whether Leila-chan feels my overpower, the tips of her mouth slightly inclined. Gripping her fist with her other palm, it makes a *pakipaki* sounds. Her eyes, rather than eyes of someone who is facing a fight, it’s as if she is beast that is looking at its prey, and spreading an aura as if she may jump at me anytime soon.

“You seem become slightly motivated, aren’t you?”

“Well, yeah, since you said you’ll grant anything one of my wish, that’s too attractive, after all.”

“By the way, if I win will Kitsune-kun also grant one of my wish?”

“There’s no way I’ll do so, right? I’ll accept this duel, in exchange if I win you’ll grant anything one of my wish, with that we get an equal interest, don’t we?”

Leila-chan puffs her cheeks while saying eh~. Her pouting expression is also cute, but I won’t yield here. In the first place, for an innocent girl like you, you won’t know what might happens to you when you said you would grant anything of my wish. Thinking about a bit cruel thing, I can’t feel that there’s a smile floating at my face.

But, whether she is happy because she would be able to have a duel against me, she returns to her warlike expression. She seems having fun, before thinking it as cute, I take a vigilance feeling from it instead.

“Then, let’s go!”

Simultaneously with that word, Leila-chan arrives before me in the blink of eye.

—too fast!?

As if to hit my face, she swings her fist from below, but I evade it by somehow bent my body backward.

Perhaps she didn’t thought I’ll be able to evade it, Leial-chan makes a surprised expression for an instant, but she rotates her body midair as it is and performs a roundhouse kick at me. This time I can’t evade it…!


Its power is so terrific, my body is sent flying. And then I’m blown away to the same direction where her leg was swung to.

I’m not fainted, but by facing the reality that I got blown away two meters from my initial place, that makes me realize that she’s way stronger than me. She has an approximately same height with mine, but her status must be way higher than mine, isn’t it?

Moreover, I feel like she’s still holding back. Even though I’ve put my all already here.

I don’t peek at her status because if I do that I feel like I would know just how distant apart our statuses are, but with this much I think her status perhaps is at least ten time than mine.

When I think about such a thing, without I noticed it her fist is already gripping my face. I can’t see her movement at all. A speed that I can’t feel it to the point I can’t take any reaction at all,

So this is~~~ a forefront class (C rank) huh…!



Getting my head pressed backward, I try to move my leg backward to regain my balance, but Leila-chan uses her leg to kick it, when I completely thrown midair she smashes my head to the ground.

My conscious is shaking violently, I’m almost fainted but I don’t feel any pain perhaps because of the 『Pain Nullification Lv.2』 skill, isn’t it?

Letting off her hand that grips my head, Leila-chan looks down at me.

“Even with that you aren’t fainted, huh. Normally the duel should be over with that, but as I thought you sure are interesting, Kitsune-kun!”

“Sturdy is my one and only redeeming feature, after all.”

When I stand up, she doesn’t attack me. Whether she thinks she has the advantage, or perhaps she has a certain plan, but I can’t loose my vigilance down.

“Then, I’ll come again!”


Leila-chan disappears. No, she’s just too fast which looks as if she disappears. But if I’m not moving from here then the same thing like before would happens again.

I take some steps back from there, taking a big distance from my former place. And then, in the next instance Leila-chan appears there while swinging her fist.

Looking at her surprised expression, I feel like have made a little payback at her. But, even you ask me whether I would be able to do something from here on, it isn’t like I’ll be able to do anything, though.

If I don’t attack then I won’t get anything, huh.

“This time… it’s my turn.”


This time I’m the one attacking. Rushing from there, I charge toward Leila-chan’s place. I’m indeed excel at my resistance, but aside than my resistance, my agility status also increased quite considerably. Since my strength is too scarce so I can’t pull out all of my agility might, but at least my body becomes somewhat easier to move.

Seemingly like she is intending to counter me, Leila-chan doesn’t move from her location. And then, before long I reach a distance where our respective fist might reachs each other, in that instant,

Leila-chan’s fist arrives at my face.

Together with a thick sound, my head is shaking.

But, I’m able withstand it because I don’t feel any pain at all.


“Ugu—- aaa!!”


Even after receiving a punch, my body keep advancing. My legs which support my body aren’t swaying at all, because I don’t feel any pain, after all, so my advancing legs aren’t slowing down at all.

While keep advancing as it is, I grab Leila-chan’s clothes. And then, by using the force of her punch, I pull her body up.

No matter how high their statuses may be, it won’t affect their weight nor height, that’s why for a single girl, there’s no way I’m unable to pull her up!


I throw her with the resolution to also collapsed there. The so called, ipponzeoi (one-armed shoulder throw).


But, just before I throw her, she rolls over above my back. The me who is throwing her with seionage (shoulder throw) lost my balance midair. Because of that, I terrifically collapsed to the ground facing-down. Hearing the sound of Leila-chan’s body landing to the ground, I immediately roll my body and facing upward.

But, before I can stand up, she immediately comes and mounting me. Putting her right hand at my stiffened face, she put her other hand at my neck. Each of her movements are too fast….!

This stance may looks as if I get pushed down, but without a doubt she would be able to take my life at this stance. If she takes her knife here, my head would immediately say farewell to my body, isn’t it.

“It’s my lose…huh.”

Withdrawing the strength of my body, I say so in admitting the end of the duel. But, it doesn’t end there.

“Ha…. Ha… n….”

Still seizing my neck, her face comes down till before mine. Her expression looks somewhat elated, different from before, her eyes are as if she lost her reasoning and filled with a wild feeling. Her cheeks are dyed in red, her breathing is somewhat erotic.

“Ah, umm… Leila-chan?”

“Ufu… ufufufu…..”

She sticks out her tongue and licks her own lips, just what happens with her? Ignoring my bewilderment, she lift her hand from my neck, and use that hand to touch my cheek as if to caresses it.

In that instant, I feel a chills run at my back, opening my eyes wide, I can’t move as if a frog being glared by a snake.

And then, her red and elated face come more closer,


And covers my lips with hers.

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