I Kinda Came to Another World – 34

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What happened, it was so sudden so I couldn’t believe it myself.

The one we encountered at the entrance of the forest was, a girl named Leila Vermilion. From her appearance, it seems like she was at the same age as Kitsune, her height was also approximately same as him, and I also thought that her appearance was cute, her appearance.

It seems like that girl was an outrageously powerful C rank adventurer. Since my level had increased I was somehow able to understand such presence so I immediately understood it, that that girl was strong. She was very strong to the point she won’t stopped at just C rank, or so I thought.

That was why, I thought it was strange. That was because to become a C rank adventurer, she was supposed to has fought against hundreds or thousands magical beasts thus far, but both of sword at her waist seem like brand new and had no traces to ever been used even once. There was the possibility that she just purchased a new pair, but even her armor was a brand new, after all. That’s why I got an impression that it was just as if she just purchased all of it.

That was why, I totally suspected that girl who was always trying to cling to Kitsune-san. Was she thinking about something strange about Kitsune-san? Or did she intending to do something to Kitsune-san? Or so I thought. Was that a honey trap! What was she intending to do by seduce him that much!

Actually, to got her breast pressed against him, I could see that he was easily and quickly fell for it. His faint smile was unusually grinning, after all. He looked somewhat excited!

When we were walking, I clapped her hand since she kept clinging at Kitsune-san, she was obstinately won’t to let him go but Kitsune-san separated himself from her himself, as expected, I who had spent much more time with him was much more important than her, moreover the one who was allowed to sit at Kitsune-san’s shoulder is none other than me, after all! That was my special seat, after all.

When we entered the guild, I finally understood that her objective was Kitsune-san. Seems like the rumor about Kitsune-san’s existence had been spread till foreign country. To got his name spread till the Kingdom was as expected of Kitsune-san, or so I thought, but the way she looked at Kitsune-san was very disgusting. I thought that wasn’t the way a human looking at other human.

—that was as if, a beast that looking at its prey, a looking down gaze.

The ominous light at her eyes was very disgusting. I was sure she was very like to fight, to the point I thought that she might even like to do a life and death battle. There was no way such very powerful person from Grandile Kingdom would specially came here just to meet Kitsune-san, after all.

That was why I tried to avoid having her fought against Kitsune-san, glossing over a subject was Kitsune-san’s special ability, so I thought to try utilizing it too.

But she won’t listen to what I said. Without I noticed it, it was already decided that they would had a duel. Why did no one realized it? The dangerous presence deep inside her.

“Finia-chan, I want you to wait here together with Lulu-chan, since I’ll finish it quickly, after all”

Saying so, Kitsune-san went toward where that girl was. Putting me at Lulu-chan’s shoulder, he immediately turned his back at us, but when I looked at his back, I somewhat felt a very bad premonition from it.



“What’s up Finia, you don’t seems like your usual self.”

Lulu-chan and Rishe-chan say that to me, but I have no time to answer their query. Folding my arm and nodding, both of them are looking at me with a somewhat worried expression, but leaving aside Lulu-chan, Rishe-chan seems like she doesn’t worried that much. Perhaps, does she trust Kitsune-san’s ability or something?

Come to think of it, Rishe-chan hasn’t ever watched Kitsune-san fought, doesn’t she?

“…yes, as I thought I’ll go and take a look at it myself!”

Worried about Kitsune-san, I flap my wings and floating, and then fly from Lulu-chan’s shoulder. I fly toward the training ground underground the guild. In doing so, I can understand that Lulu-chan comes following me from behind. Does that girl perhaps worried about Kitsune-san, too? As a family, I’m a bit happy about it.

But, that happy moment is immediately blown away.

That’s because…


That girl who is pushing down Kitsune-san is, kissing Kitsune-san, after all.


◇ ◇ ◇



My first kiss, I finally tasted a girl’s flavor. Yaay, Kitsune.

While thinking about what just happened, I look at that girl’s face that is separating from my lips, and then I wipe my own mouth. The mysterious chill that binding me just now has disappeared, but Leial-chan who is still sit atop me is, with her face blushing, she bewitchingly puts her finger at her lips. There’s an ominous light dwells at her eyes and somehow I feel like I can see a heart mark at it.

Or rather, what, what just happened? Let’s try rewind the time and recollect what have happened.

I met Leila-chan, then guiding her till the guild, then deciding to have a duel, then I took the duel, then I lose, and then she kissed me, yup it was strange. No matter how I think about it, the last one is irrelevant to anything before it. Looking at Leila-chan who is passionately sighing, she looks very erotic, and it’s just as if she’s at sexual excitement or something, but right now isn’t the time to pondering about such a thing.

“Umm, Leila-chan?”

“Ufu, ufufufu…..”

“No good, she doesn’t listening at all.”

Looking at her who just dubiously laughing when I addressed her, to be honest, I’m very scared.

And then,

“Go away from Kitsune-san!!”

That’s Finia-chan voice, I feel like hear it from the rear side of Leila-chan. I can’t see her because of Leila-chan, but I’m sure she is there. Her tone is, filled with anger that even makes me shudder. There’s a strong pressure comes from her body.

“Ahaha, you’re the bug that was always clinging to Kitsune-kun, right?”

“Shut up, just quickly go away from Kitsune-san, you lustful cat.”

Somewhat, that isn’t a peaceful ambiance, isn’t it? Finia-chan’s wording and ambiance are different from usual, when she always bad mouthing me, I can’t feel any ill will from it but right now I can feel a clear prickle from Finia-chan’s word. Filled with anger and irritation, the literal bad mouth, abusive remark.

In the contrary, Leial-chan also referred Finia-chan as bug. Come to think of it, ever since we met this girl, she never gave any reaction to Finia-chan, at all. Even when Finia-chan clapped her hand, she ignored her.

If I rethink about it, she did that because she was disregarding Finia-chan, huh.

Nonetheless, this situation is bad, I must act as the mediator here.

“Leila-chan, why did you kissed me?”

“Ufu, ufufufu…. For me that was a very hopeless thing, before the man I was very interested at, I couldn’t hold it anymore… thus far, my comrade would always stopped me, but… this time it was hopeless.”

“Wait, I don’t understand it, at all.”

“Ah, please be at ease, that was my first kiss, you know?”

“It doesn’t make me at ease at all!!”

Secretly, ah, I slightly feel happy about it. Because, having a girl gives her first kiss for me, of course that would make me happy, she might be a bit too pushy, but I think that a girl that has such pushy side at her also not that bad! Or rather, there’s no men who isn’t happy to be strongly pushed by a beauty, right?

But, anything more than it is off limit. Above all, it makes Finia-chan sad, after all, also, it isn’t like I’m in love with Leila-chan or anything.

“I, my body would become hot whenever I have the person I interested at before me, and it would make me instinctively want to attack him… Kitsune-kun, you are totally my preference, you know? Moreover, even though you were an H rank, you were still conscious to the bitter end even though you had received many of my attacks, the way you look weak but that isn’t the case… it’s so irresistible…!”

Hugging her own body, Leila-chan says so while as if enduring something. Look weak but that isn’t the case… this is that famous gap moe, huh, no no, that’s not it.

Or rather, is that really the case? Because for her, I matched her preference, had a gap moe, and interesting, so she unintentionally got excited at me? Ahaha, seems like Finia-chan’s remark was quite right, she indeed a lustful cat, after all.

“I have no damn care about such a thing… if you don’t want to move then, okay, just don’t move from there…. Since I’ll burn you immediately!”

“Ahaha, since you have come here my interest has diminished, I’ll move away from him.”

“…Finia-chan, I’m alright, so, please don’t be that mad.”

When Leila-chan moves away from atop me, I finally able to see Finia-chan’s angry face. And then I say so to calm her down. I don’t want to see Finia-chan’s angry face, I want her to keep smiling as usual.

And then, Finia-chan flies toward my stomach with a great speed.



Thank’s god I can’t feel any pain, receiving an attack-like hug form Finia-chan, the air inside me forced out from my mouth. While wryly smiling, I hug Finia-chan who is burying her face at my body with one hand. She’s small so I hug her gently so that I won’t crush her.

“I somehow got jealous you know, Kitsune-kun, just the two of us, how about we go and grab some food together? Leaving that bug aside.”

Leila-chan says so to me. Perhaps her feeling isn’t a love, it also isn’t a friendship, I can’t feel any good will from it. It’s just, as if a cat that finds something interesting, happy to find something new, interested at something unusual, curiosity, something along those lines, or so I thought.

However, even if that feeling of hers is a love, perhaps I’ll similarly turn it down.

“Ah, sorry, eating together with you who called Finia-chan as bug is, would be too unappetizing and I won’t be able to bring myself to eat anything, also— if you want to vent out your lust then just do it out there.”

At my word, her face floats a blank expression. That’s perhaps a bit harsh, but that’s my true feeling.

Calling Finia-chan as bug is, I won’t forgive her. Even if the one saying it is Rishe-chan nor Lulu-chan, even if she’s a peerless beauty, even if he’s a king nor a knight leader that hold such great authority, or perhaps even the hero nor god itself, I won’t forgive any of them.

Insulting Finia-chan is, similarly means as if insulting Shiori-chan.

“The duel has been over so I’m going home. If you are still calling Finia-chan as bug then don’t ever come near me again.”

Saying that, I leave that place. I finally notice Lulu-chan who is hiding and looking this way, I release the power and strain at my eyebrows. Calming down my emotion, return to my usual faintly smiling expression. I can’t bring myself to scare Lulu-chan, after all.

Looking at my usual faint smile, Lulu-chan looks somewhat relieved. I pat her head, and return to the guild area together. Before I leave that place, I take a glance at Leila-chan and I can see her standing still there while looking downward to the ground. But, without harboring any guilty feeling, I turn my line of sight away from her.


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