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Crimson, red, the eyes are shining.

After we arrived at the guild hall, since we’ve received our request reward already so we immediately returned to the inn as it is.

After dividing the reward into two for me and Rishe-chan, we return to our respective room.

By the way, I already give no damn about Leila-chan, I can’t forgive her for calling Finia-chan as bug, but worrying about such a thing too much isn’t that good for health. If she wants to properly call Finia-chan by her name then we could reconcile again.

Then, right now it’s night already. Just a while more is the time when the majority of people start to sleep.

Lying on the bed, looking at Finia-chan and Lulu-chan who are chatting enjoyably, I start thinking about what have happened and what to do from now on.

Thinking about what would we do form now on, to be honest, if Leila-chan is really a native from Grandile Kingdom, I’ll be glad to have her guides us there, but…. Having such a thing happened, I lost my interest to ask her.

Nonetheless, there’re Finia-chan and Rishe-chan after all, so it isn’t like I want to ask her by all mean or anything, though.


“Hmm, what’s up Lulu-chan?”

“You see, Lulu-chan said her joints are aching… is she alright?”


That’s a sudden, but Lulu-chan’s state is indeed kinda strange. Floating an anguished expression, she sits on the floor while hugging her own body. It seems it’s hard for her to even says a word… could it be that’s some kind of illness?

In any case, I can’t just let her lying on the floor as it is. Lifting Lulu-chan with both of my hands, I lay her down on the bed. She looks in a great pain, but right now almost all shop are closed already…. Of course doctor also not the exception. Different than my former world, there’s no shop that opens 24/7 like convenience store, this damn different world.

For today we have no choice but to just let her quietly lying down on the bed, shit. It hurts me to see Lulu-chan in anguish, but it can’t be helped.


Her voice when she endures the pain sounds so painful, she looks very pitiful, but when she really can’t endure it anymore then let’s try utilizing Finia-chan’s recovery magic.

“Lulu-chan…. Sorry but for today, I could only let you quietly sleep here.”


Patting her head, I gently cover her with blanket. Even if I want to nurse her, I have no experience ever nursed nor being nursed by someone. My mother-like existence never nursed me, even when I was sick she would just leave me alone, after all.

That’s why I don’t know how to nurse Lulu-chan. Perhaps I could ask Rishe-chan for help, but she was a fast sleeper so perhaps she’s already sleeping, it also would be hard to ask Ayla-san who is busy tidying the hall. I’m sure it’s painful, but for today I could only ask her to endure it.

“Kitsune-san, is Lulu-chan alright?”

“…I don’t know, let’s take her to a doctor tomorrow. I hope it isn’t a serious illness, though….”

Finia-chan also worriedly looking at Lulu-chan. And then, looking at Lulu-chan who is lying with painful expression, she puts her tiny hands at Lulu-chan’s cheek. And then she touch her face with hers. Somehow, Lulu-chan’s expression looks a bit softened.

It might be just a slight, but if her anguish would be lessened by having Finia-chan besides her, I want Finia-chan to stay together with her.

“Finia-chan, for today please sleep together with her like that.”

“Yes… I got it.”

Finia-chan nods once, and wraps at the same blanket with Lulu-chans. Let’s sleep at the chair. Since if I sleep at the bed then it would be very cramped, after all. Sleeping at chair was already a daily occurrence for me. At my former world, my bed was simply a line up of some chairs with zabuton atop it after all.


When I line up the three chairs inside the room and trying to lie down there…. I suddenly feel an uneasy feeling.

Uneasy feeling, perhaps more precisely it’s a bad premonition, I feel a presence that makes my skin tingling.

Somehow, it feels like isn’t a good presence. Perhaps, after dancing with magical beast and many other danger so much, I can feel it because it’s somewhat similar to those, right?


That presence is, come from the opposite side of the door…. From a space that just separated by a simple door…. I sense a dangerous smell from it.


I don’t want to wake Finia-chan nor Lulu-chan up. But it seems like it won’t go away anytime soon, shit… it can’t be helped.

Resolving myself, I approach the door. And then, I slowly open the door.


But there’s no one there. Without I noticed it the dangerous presence has also disappeared.

When I incline my head and intending to close the door… I notice something. That there’s a letter-like thing dropped before the door. When I pick it up, it seems like the sender’s name was written at the lower right area of the letter. I can’t read it, though.

Closing the door, I open the seal. There’s a letter inside it, and there’s also something written there. I can’t read it, though.

Since I can’t read it, what kind of demand and what’s the matter written there, I don’t understand any of it, but there’s something I’m able to read at it. Even if I say so, the only word I can read is, “adventurer guild”, that one and only word. Since it’s a same character with the one at the signboard, after all.

So that means, the sender of this letter is… Leila-chan? Since there’s no means for Rishe-chan doing something like this after all, and the people related to guild that I know are Mia-chan, the blue haired receptionist girl, grim-san, and also that one who once wooed Mia-chan. Any of them, has no reason to sends a letter to me.

To begin with, rather than using a dull way like leaving a letter, she could just knocked the door after all, even if that isn’t the case, at this period of time, I can’t think that Ayla-san was the one who sent it.

“…perhaps it’s something like ’come’ or so, right? To the guild.”

At this hours, the guild is already out of business. The only one still open is that training ground that is open 24/7. Therefore, it’s an invitation to come there.

Well that’s what I got from my conjecture, but perhaps it’s a letter of apologize, though, but going there just to ascertain it is, alright, isn’t it?


“Hmm? …What’s up, Kitsune-san?”

“Please take care of Lulu-chan. If possible, I want you to don’t sleep tonight.”

“That’s fine, but… are you going somewhere? Then I’ll also….”

“No, I’m alright… let’s see, if I don’t return even after the sky is brightening, please go to the guild.”

Perhaps, something perhaps might happens, after all. I’m indeed intending to return, but I can’t just ignore such probability, right?

Gently caressing Finia-chan’s head, who is looking at me worriedly, with my index finger, I put off and leave my fox mask beside Lulu-chan’s pillow. If that ‘perhaps’ thing really happens, I shouldn’t expose it to danger, after all.

I have the option to not going there, but if I do that, I feel like at the next time she might directly rush at this inn, after all. The dangerous presence that I felt outside the door before, I think it sure wasn’t something like that, right?

“Well then, I’m going for a bit. I’ll leave Lulu-chan to you, okay?”

“…yes, you must properly return, okay?”

“Ahaha, you understand my sturdiness already, don’t you? I’m the one who once survived from that ‘red night’, you know? —So I’ll surely return.”

Saying so, I leave the room.

And then I leave the inn, when I walk at the street I can’t see any other figure aside than me. At this world that has no electricity, the outside sure is very dark that even might make me leak. At most, there’s only light come from fire that are used to bright up their house. That’s why, when the night come, outside become a very dim street.

A dim and eerie street that even makes me wonder just where does the liveliness at day goes to. Perhaps it might also affect my current mood, but nevertheless, as I thought…. It’s an unpleasant air.

“…. I hope there’s nothing, though.”

Since I can’t read that letter, if there was no one at the guild when I arrived there, there was also good in a sense. If I let Finia-chan to read the letter, I’m sure she would persist to come along with me, but I shouldn’t expose her to danger.

“…I’ve arrived.”

And then, after I walked for a while I finally arrived at the guild. There’s no usual hustle from adventurers, there’s just a great building with a grave atmosphere, then I enter it.

I resolve myself for a bit, and breathing out as far as I can. There’s no use to keep worrying about it. Or rather, I have no concrete proof about it, so let’s just take it easy.

While thinking so, I walk toward the underground guild area. While hoping that there’s no one there, while praying that there’s no danger there, I continuously take a single step.

But, on the contrary with my wish, I can’t dispel the unpleasant feeling that is pressing my chest. A bad premonition is greatly rumbling inside my stomach like a whirl.


And then, when I arrive at the entrance of the training ground, my sight focused at the center of it. At that place, a black haired girl is there. The appearance is somewhat different from Leila-chan, but a black haired girl that might summon me, there’s none other than Leila-chan.

I approach her a bit, and call her.


When I do so, the girl’s shoulders twitched. And then… she slowly turning back.

Long black hair,

Flaxen eyes,

Amiable smile,

That girl faces toward me, and smiling at me. But, on the contrary my eyes are widely open. That’s because, that girl is a not supposed to be here person, after all. That means, she isn’t an existence that should be here,

After all, such a thing is, no way, why, why are you here…!?

“Shi, ori-chan….?”

“Hay, Kitsune-san!”

That girl is— Shinozaki Shiori is, floating a sunflower-like smile, and greets me the way she always did.


◇ ◇ ◇


My name is Leila Vermilion, I came from Grandile Kingdom, a C rank adventurer. It wasn’t something supposed to be said by myself, but I was strong, very strong. Moreover I was cute. Every men around me were saying so, cute, my hair was pretty, amazing, everyone would praised me that even made me bored to hearing it again and again.

Of course there were also someone who tried to do something bad at me. ‘Don’t get too cocky’ or so they said. But such people were generally would shut up immediately after I screwed them a bit. Since that was a country that prioritizing the strong, my live was quite an easy one, though.

I liked a strong person, I liked an interesting person, I liked the person that could fulfilled my interest and expectation.

It also wasn’t something supposed to be said myself, but I was much greedier than average person. Whether it appetite or sleep craving, I want to monopolize all of it, even my sexual desire, I was greedy at everything. If I wanted something then I would do anything to obtain it, if I wanted to do something then I would do it no matter if anyone objected me. Self-conceit, someone gave me such word at Grandile Kingdom, but that was precisely right, I thought this world existed solely to entertain me.

After all, that was indeed the case, right? Since I couldn’t live aside ‘that way’, after all.

That was why, I fought against many strong persons at Grandile Kingdom. Fight fight fight and fight, killing killing killing and keep killing. Whether it magical beast or demon, I unanimously killed them. After doing that for some time, there was a thought crossed at my mind, that this country is boring. Everyone were weak, after all, when I screwed them for a bit they would immediately gave up, and hung their heads on me. That was so boring, entertain me more, you could do that much, didn’t you?  Hang on a bit more, do something more, telling a not interesting praise was, I didn’t need it.

That’s why I decided to left Grandile Kingdom. Since I heard there was a knight leader equaling an A rank adventurer, after all. Moreover going from Grandile till Miniera won’t even took three days with my legs. Even if I was just a C rank, my prowess was far above it, after all, if I went on my full speed I was sure I’d be able to ran at a speed that won’t be able to be followed by weaklings’ eyes.

And then, I kept running ever since I left Grandile Kingdom. As long as I know the direction I’d just need to run at a straight line, so of course I won’t ever lost. Even if I had no sense of direction, if I just need to run straight directly then I won’t ever lost, after all.

And then when I arrived at a forest near Miniera, I was lost. To tell you the truth, I had a slight different kind of secret from any other human. At day I could pass it without any problem, but at night there would be a great transformation at me, mentally.

My desires would increased further, if I should say it, my appetite and sexual desire would greatly increased. When I vented it out once then I should be able to endured it for some following night, but at the day where my dissatisfaction and irritation were piled up,

—my desire would go rampaging.

Rampaging inside the forest, I killing any magical beasts I met and ate it raw. That was the extent of my appetite when it went rampage. And then when I ate, there would be a pleasure outbreak than even would made my body trembling.

The feeling of the food when it slid at my throat, the sensation of biting its meat and crushing its bones would brought a great pleasure to my whole body.

And then, on the way, I met him.

—a man that attached a fox mask, and taking along a fairy (bug).

They didn’t notice me. I was at their rear, and perhaps they were just amateurs at fighting. Thinking so, I thought that was because my conscious had returned a bit, though.

At that time, I attacked him because of my rampaging appetite. Since human flesh was, way tastier than magical beast or demon’s flesh, so I didn’t have any reason to not attacking him.

Bug had a scarce meat and it was also bland so I instinctively knocked it down first, and then immediately attacked him. Seeing me he was scared and ran away. That was a natural reaction. But since there was already a prey before me so I couldn’t just let it went away, wasn’t it? So of course I chased him. In doing so, suddenly fear disappeared from his expression. Furthermore, he gave “fear” to the me at my rampaging time. And then at that time, my conscious slightly returned.

Interesting, or so I thought. I was interested at him.

That was why, operating the fragment of my consciousness I cornered him. I won’t killed him quickly, while expecting he might doing something again, I kept cornering him.

And then, surprisingly, he gave “the me at my rampaging time” an injury, even if it was just a slight one. By chance, coincidence, that’s was really just a coincidence but his knife indeed grazed my upper arm. Just a bit, my blood shed. Pounding, my heart was throbbing faster….!

—I was very, excited!!

Without I noticed it I kicked him without holding back. Getting my body hot till my blood might boiling, my desire increased to the point I couldn’t endure it anymore! There was something that pressed and strained me inside, my abdomen was throbbing strongly.

My hot body made my breath hot too, my body was throbbing to the point I almost couldn’t even stood properly. My mouth was naturally smiling, slovenly opened, droll was overflowing from the depth of my mouth.

I was aware that my face was so red to the point I might even breathed out fire, my worlds was dyed in red.

Aah… no good, this is no good….. I might become hopeless….

—it was a very, good feeling…. A great pleasure…!

He who was kicked was, falling down. With his faint consciousness, he looked at me. He was, looking at me! With just that there was a blitz ran through my whole body. A pleasure I never felt before was attacking my body.

My whole body was delighted! My blood was boiling! But, it felt good…! I couldn’t hold it anymore…!

*gusha*, he fallen to the ground with such sound. Looking at him who wasn’t moved, I thought he was dead, but he was still alive. To not die even after fallen from such height, he completely surpassed my expectation. At that time I thought that that was what the so called love. I thought I fallen in love with him.

I approached him, I looked at his face. Unexpectedly it was a cute face. Such part was also matched my preference, even if that wasn’t the case, the me at that time would surely saw it as a very lovely face. And then, not just fallen in love with him… I thought I wanted to eat him. This was love, the like feeling, the reason I ate you was, because I loved you, you know?

“What a pretty eyes…! I Like it, I love it, I very like it, I very love it, that’s why give it to me. That pretty eyes of yours, gave it to me. No problem, right? Since I love it that much, after all. So no problem, right? Aha.”

At the time such words came out form my mouth, I was sure my consciousness had returned to normal. But that was irrelevant, even if I wasn’t at my rampaging time anymore, I couldn’t stop myself.

Exhaling a hot breath, I pointed my hand at his eyes, and then thrust it with my finger. Its soft and hot sensation spread from my finger. The eyeball immediately crushed.

Bloods were sprouting out, and spurted at my face. But I didn’t think it as a stain, I could feel your soul, my body was wrapped by a great pleasure again.

His body was twitching a bit, he reacted. Unexpectedly, to even hadn’t dead even at that state, that was very surprising.

And then I pulled out his eye… then I carefully tasted it. Licking the blood, it felt like there’s candy rolling from my tongue till my stomach. And then, a much stronger pleasure than before was spreading at my whole body.


Hugging my own body, I desperately endured that pleasure. No good, I aware that my face was slanted, I was sure I made a very slovenly expression. My droll was dripping, it dripped into his eyes that eyeball had disappeared. With just that, pleasure ran through my whole body.

Moreover, his eyeball was throbbing when it rolled at my tongue. I wanted to throb more, more, give me more!

“Nhehe… aha, ahaha, ufufufufu….!”

No good, if I ate you again, I’d became hopeless. I’ll became a victim of pleasure. Since only his eyeball was already this tasty, after all, moreover, he was still weak, he was not even stronger than a normal person. The weakest human. When you became far more stronger, I’ll came and eat you again.

Lost my strength, I couldn’t walk properly. Unsteadily, I left that place. While rolling around the eyeball inside my mouth, while letting my droll soaking the ground, I walked toward Miniera. Ufu, ufufu, I loved him, he was my first love, I loved him, I very loved him, ufufufu.

And then one week after that, inside the forest while still in anguish of pleasure, ever since the eyeball still at my mouth till it had disappeared I was still lost. And then, then I just randomly walked as usual, I met again with the youth that had a gaping dark red hole at this left eye.

Come to think of it, I hadn’t asked his name, huh. Umm, if I remembered it correctly, at that time that bug called you as such, right?

“Could it be you’re Kitsune-san! Nice to meet you!”

Kitsune-san, you were called so, right? I was really glad to met you again, even after got beating by me that much, to floated such faint smile, he surpassed my expectation again. Ufufufu, I was happy, I was happy, such an interesting person, it was my first time met one.

Moreover, I sensed a very tasty fragrant from him. He must had become much stronger than at that time, right? With just your fragrant, my body was pounding already, and my stomach was throbbing. To made it as if we never met before, that was very hard but I did my best, since I wanted you to also know me, after all. Since I wanted you to also tasted me, after all.

I won’t ever let him away, after all, the person I liked. My first love, I wanted to eat him at his full delicacy. You were also happy, weren’t you? Since I loved you that much, after all.

Kitsune-san… hmm, I mustn’t called you the same way that bug did. Kitsune-kun, I love you.

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