I Kinda Came to Another World – 36

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Kitsune’s rage.

“Shiori-chan… why are you here…?”

No. That girl isn’t Shiori-chan. She indeed has the exact appearance of Shiori-chan but if I should say it, it feels like she’s a bigger version of Finia-chan.

Finia-chan indeed had a similar appearance as Shiori-chan, but in fact there were also some differences at them. First, their eyes color were different. Shiori-chan had clear blue eyes where Finia-chan had flaxen eyes. Also, Shiori-chan’s long black hair was let loose as it is, where Finia-chan’s hair was tied into two.

The girl before me has Finia-chan’s face with Shiori-chan’s hair style. That means, I can clearly say that she isn’t Shinozaki Shiori.

“You… who are you?”

To dare showing herself before me with Shiori-chan’s appearance, what a cocky fellow. Just who the hell is she? I can’t not ask her why she did such a thing, don’t I?

And then, erasing her sunflower-like smile, this time she floats an ominous smile. That smile is something that Shiori-chan won’t ever float at her face. Seeing that, my eyebrows lowered. She gives me creeps.

“Ufu, ufufu… Kitsune-‘kun’, with this face, you must be would fall in love with me, don’t you?”

Kitsune-kun, she called me so. Ever since I came to this world, the one who would call me so was none other than her.

—Leila Vermilion.

I’m at a bit distance from her, but I take some distances more. Her eerie presence give me chills run through my spine. What’s up with this presence, what’s up with this existence…!

Right now, the one before me… what’s it…?!

“Ufufu, ufufufu… aah, no good…. As I thought, I can’t hold it anymore….!”

Muttering so, she hugs her own body and wriggling. I want her to don’t do such a thing with Shiori-chan’s face, though. To be honest, I have no time to worrying about such a thing. Rather than seeing a mountain of corpses or a cat killed by accident, I think she’s way more eerie.

And then, there’re ‘black miasma’ spreading around her. That thing, I’ve seen it once. That is, similar like at the time I met the most fearsome existence ,for me, at this world….!

But, no way, you’re joking, right? that’s, impossible, why….!!
—why is “Red Night” here!

“Ufufufu, we finally meet again in the truest meaning, don’t we… Kitsune-kun?”

Her hair color is, changed and dyed in white. And then her eyes are brightly shining red, and then at her mouth, rather than high canine, the one there are seemingly very sharp fangs that are usually used to tears off meat. With blushing cheeks and hot breath, and somehow I feel like I can somehow see heart marks at the center of her eyes that exude an ominous light.

Seeing her using Shiori-chan’s face as such, there’s something swirling inside my chest.

A Dark emotion is swirling inside me. This emotion, I somehow remember it. This is, wrath. One of the seven deadly sins, the emotion of anger.

“I’ve been pondering about what you said after our duel today, you see… like, why did you say such a thing?! And then, I thought perhaps you prefer that bug’s face rather than mine! That’s why I changed it, my face, into that bug’s face! With this you would fall in love with me, don’t you? Because I really love you, after all!”

Again, she says bug. She calls Finia-chan as bug. The anger inside me is, blazing stronger. My fear toward this monster is, it has totally disappeared from me.

“Moreover those filthy dog and pig that together with you, they weren’t suitable to be together with you! They didn’t look tasty at all, they didn’t throb my heart at all! As I thought, you’re supposed to fall in love with me! Right? You understand it, don’t you? The one that really love you ,Kitsune-kun, is none other than me, you know?! I even know the taste of your eyeball, do you think there’s someone who know you more than me?”

The monster before me is, blabbering about something. But, the anger inside me has erased it like some kind of noise.


I don’t care about what it would blabber again. I’ll kill it, I’ll absolutely kill it. Inside my mind— there’s nothing but anger!!

This woman is my enemy. Not just using Shiori-chan’s face, I can’t forgive her for insulting them.

Moreover, Lulu-chan is a filthy dog? Rishe-chan is a pig? Just how much you would rouse my anger till you are satisfied? That mouth of yours that only flaps about wrong things, just don’t open it anymore.

“Shut up…!!”

Without I notice it, contrary to my anger, I float a faint smile at my face. The “Eerie Constitution” is, activated.

The eyes of the girl before me are, opened wide in surprise, and then she lasciviously smiles. With Shiori-chan’s face, don’t make such a face. It disgusts me… I’ll stop that face of yours immediately…..!!

“It’s hard for me, but…. I’ll kill you.”

Floating a faint smile, I say so while pointing my finger at her. Low ranker? High ranker? I don’t care about such a thing. No matter how distant apart our prowess are, I won’t forgive her.

Till that disgusting smile vanish, even if my fist broken, I’ll keep attacking her. Even if I die, I won’t ever forgive this woman.

“Ahaha☆, Kitsune-kun want to know my taste? It’s okay, I’ll let you taste me♡, in exchange, please give me your body? It’s fine, right? Because I really love you, after all, so it’s okay right? There’s no problem, right? That sweeeet taste of yours, give it to me♪.”

Like hell I’ll give my body to her, this lustful demon. I’ve said it before, didn’t I?

“If you want to vent up your lust then do it out there.”


◇ ◇ ◇


That was, the third battle for Kitsune against Leila. At the first two battles, Naginata Kitsune lost against her. Moreover, at both of those battles he might lost his life depending on her whim.

Their differences were too evident. However, why Kitsune lad would fight Leila, who could be said as a monster that was classified as an A rank magical beast, again? The answer was simple and clear, that was because Naginata Kitsune was only thinking about his one and only close friend, Shinozaki Shiori.

She was the most important existence for him, the existence that he didn’t want to ever lost and the existence that he won’t ever let anyone to insult at.

A proofed fact, she was the existence that he would absolutely protects— even by putting his own life on the line.

Moreover, Leila changed her face into hers, then she appeared before him, and she even used that face for his sake, he couldn’t forgive her for those acts. Moreover, for calling Finia as bug, calling Lulu as filthy dog, for calling Rishe as pig, all of it were roused his anger more.

Finia was his most trusted partner that always protected him ever since he came to this world, Lulu was indeed pulled out from a filthy cage, but she was a girl that was referred by him as his family, Rishe was his benefactor, moreover right now she was one of his comrades.

And she, unanimously insulted them.

Kitsune couldn’t hold his anger, there was no way he could.

That was why he fought her. Over and over again, brandishing his fists, he attacked the monster. As if to letting out the anger inside his heart.

“Uoo… guh….!”


However, reality was a cruel one. None of Kitsune’s fists reached her. On the other hand, there were, god only know, how much attack landed at Kitsune’s body. Without using the knife at her back, Leila played with Kitsune bare handedly similarly like at their duel at daytime before. However, her speed was faster than at daytime, her attacks weren’t something that could be dodged by Kitsune anymore.

Right now, Kitsune’s body was tattered. He didn’t feel any pain, but there were wounds all around his whole body, because each of her attacks was an attack that would inflicts a lethal injury, after all.

The reason why Kitsune was still able to stand up there was solely because he couldn’t feel any pain and his high resistance. The fear that was forcefully planted inside her mind by “Eerie Constitution” was, lessening the speed of her attack, moreover his high resistance halved the power of her attack.

“What’s up~? Kitsune-kun, at your limit already?”

He couldn’t feel any pain, but his legs won’t listened to what he ordered it to. Getting his legs kicked aside, Kitsune easily fallen to the ground. And then, the culprit that kicked his feet, Leila, squatted before the fallen Kitsune, grinning and said so.

Her white hair was swaying, her red eyes were brightly shining, and then she smiled with Shinozaki Shiori’s face.

Kitsune had wounds at all around his whole body, but the blaze of anger inside his heart was, raging powerfully. Raising his arm, he put strength into it to elevate his own body. And then he raised his kneel to stand up, but…

“What a shaaame☆.”

Leila treaded him on his back. And then Kitsune’s body was trampled down and fallen to the ground. He put strength into his arms, but the leg above his back won’t let him to stand up.

“Come on, I’m not pushing it at all, you know? I only put one of my leg above you, you know?”

Indeed, she almost put no strength at her leg. At his best condition he should be able to easily stand up.

However, with just the weight of her leg above him, the current Kitsune couldn’t even move an inch. He didn’t feel any pain, but his body was screaming.

“Hu… uguhaaaa!!”

However, Kitsune stood up. Putting all his might into his arms, conversing his anger into power, gritting his teeth, he used up all of his strength just to stand up. Brushing of Leila’s leg, even by staggering, he stood up.

Even if his legs were shaking, he hit it to stop the shake. Because “Eerie Constitution” was still activated, that meant Kitsune’s mind hadn’t collapsed.

“Ahaha! You stand up again, amazing! You’re amazing, Kitsune-kun! As I thought you’re amazing!”

Even though her opponent just stood up, looking at Leila who was so delighted by that, the anger inside Kitsune was raging more violently.

Without he noticed it, he floated a faint smile. Even after receiving that much attacks, he was still smiling.

—You’re still able to do it don’t you? Me….!

Kitsune cheered up himself, and then gazed forward while still floating a daring smile. The delighted monster was, looking at such Kitsune she floated a more eerie smile.

“And then, what are you going to do? Are you going to do something?”

“…ah, let’s see… for now, I’ll just hit that disgusting face of yours….”

“Hmm… then, fine by me! For the sake of my beloved Kitsune-kun, I’ll let you hit me! Here!”

And then, she stuck out her face so that it would be easier for Kitsune to hit it. Kitsune too, he floated a surprised expression for an instant at her act, but if she expressly let herself to got hit by him then there was no reason to held back.

To begin with, he already had no spare energy anymore, Kitsune clenched his fist, and unsteadily brandished it.

“Ufufu, I’ll get a hit form Kitsune-kun… Ufufu….!”

Leila said something but, Kitsune didn’t pay any mind into it and solely focused into putting his strength into his fist.

“Aaa….! Haa…. Haa…..! Aa, aaaaaaaa!!”

He swung his brandished fist.

However, at the time he swung it he noticed something. That his fist, would broken.

*buchi buchi*, there were sounds where the muscle of his arm snapped. *Goki goki*, there were a sound as if there was something broken. His nerves were worn out, his veins were rupturing. And then, at the moment his fist landed at Leila’s face, his fist broken, at that very moment his right arm was over.

With just having Kitsune’s blood plastered at her face, Leila received no damage. His right arm, became nothing but just a loosely and feebly swayed lump of meat.

On the contrary, Leila licked his blood at her own cheek, and the she floated an ecstasy expression. As if she was intoxicated by the pleasure that was spreading through her whole body.


“Ufufu, ufufufu… Kitsune-kun, you hit me while making sure that it won’t hurt me, right? Ahaha, I’m very happy, I’m really happy, you know, it even makes me shiver…!”

Understanding that he was completely unable to feel the sensation of his right arm, Kitsune covered his eyebrows. However, he was still not gave up. If his right arm was impossible then he just need to use his left arm.

However, right now, without he could even brandished it, his left arm also fallen. The weight from both of his arms became a direct burden for his body and made his upper body slouched forward. However, he put strength into his legs so that he won’t collapsed, Kitsune didn’t collapsed.

“Hmm? Kitsune-kun, at your limit already? You can’t move both of your arms? So pitiful…”


Looking at Kitsune’s arms that loosely swayed, Leila came approaching him. She had no intention to attack him. She had no intention to kill him. To begin with, she didn’t consider him as an enemy. Understand that, Kitsune grinded his teeth.

And then, Leila who came till before Kitsune, she raised both of Kitsune’s arms. And then, she started licking his blood stained arms as if licking an ice cream.

“Chu… nhaa… ahahaa, *lick*….♡”

“Stop it….!”

“So tasty, it’s so tasty ♡….ahaha, I feel like my mind is melting…!!”

Even if he couldn’t feel the sensation from both of his arms, but having his body got licked by his enemy was a great humiliation for him. Moreover, she did that with Shinozaki Shiori’s face, for Kitsune, who knew what kind of person she was, he wanted to stop it immediately. Looking at Shiori’s appearance doing such a thing, it was unbearable for him.

“I… said… stop… it!!”


Kitsune moved her legs, took a distance from Leila and got his arms released. It was a relief that he couldn’t feel that sensation of his saliva covered arms, but the fact the enemy before him was already became his natural enemy was, it became his self-evident truth.

Concealing his faint smile, Kitsune floated a disgusted expression. His legs were shaking violently. To just stood up, perhaps he couldn’t endured it anytime longer.

“Kitsune-kun, you’re almost unable to even stand up, don’t you? Ufufu, if you collapsed then it would be my win, right? … don’t worry, this time I’ll eat you with full of love♡, from your finger tip till your whole body, everything are mine, aren’t it?”

However, if he collapsed here then he would die. What should he do? What should he do to survive here? What should he do to bring down the enemy before him with one shot? Kitsune was pondering, thinking and thinking, he desperately thought about a plan to overcome this situation.

Leila was waiting for Kitsune to collapse.

Without laying a hand, she just, waited there.

Slowly, if he accepted his lost here, he would be tortured to death.

—that’s why it would become a great chance…..!

Kitsune pinned his shaking legs, and his thought about dying there was, disappeared.


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