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Choosing Death

Including 『Red Night』, an existence called demon was just slightly different from the general magical beasts. With a body similar like human, but it was composed by magical beast’s flesh, and its status was sky high, at an extent that couldn’t be attained no matter how great talent a human had.

But, among them there was existed a more special demon. That was, “noble demon” that contained 『Red Night』. It was read similarly as noble demon, but the first one was called as “unique demon”, a title for a special demon.

And here was where 『Red Night』 belong to.

The current 『Red Night』, the Leila Vermilion name that was used to refer herself as, it wasn’t her real name. No, it was indeed her real name, but the girl with such name that transformed into『Red Night』was already gone. The soul of the girl with real name Leila Vermilion was already gone form this world, after all.

『Red Night』was a “Demonic disease”. Its real body was a virus which was referred as black miasma by Kitsune, where the body of the girl named Leila Vermilion was a genuine, human flesh.

To sum it up, rather than a name of a demon,『Red Night』would be more precisely was a name of a disease.

That was the true identity of 『Red Night』.

Any human that was infected by it, got their souls destroyed, and their body would be transformed into that of demon. And then, any desires they possessed would greatly increase, and they would became a monster that attacking human.

Leila’s case was a good example of it, any human that was infected by 『Red Night』, once they tasted the tastiness of human flesh, they would attain a great pleasure whenever they ate raw meat. Furthermore, those desires greatly increased at night. That was why it was referred as nocturnal demon.

Also, not just the virus was hidden inside its human flesh, no one ever saw what happened inside its flesh— that meant, even if the inside of the flesh was transformed, no one would noticed it.

Even if its body was one of demon, it was formerly human’s flesh, so its life span would be similar as a human. When the human’s body was dead, the 『Red Night』 virus would come out and infecting another human again.

That was why, this demon was strong, so strong to the point even demon lord couldn’t defeat it. As a virus, at a world where medical treatment was by far inferior compared to the world where Kitsune come from,『Red Night』was invincible.

—not just it was unknown, even if there was someone that know about it, there was no one that could deal with it, after all.

But, this time Leila Vermilion was slightly different.

There was a transformation at the virus itself. Its nature and power weren’t that different from the『Red Night』up until now, but with a high aptitude of the girl named Leila for『Red Night』 virus, also the existence of Kitsune that could fulfill her great and overflowing desire, 『Red Night』achieved a transformation it never had thus far.

Because of that, with Leila’s body as the base,『Red Night』transformed into a full fledged demon.

Not a human that was infected by virus and rampaging like a demon, anymore.

But, it became a demon that manipulating virus.

Its danger was— exceeding natural calamity class of A rank, and stepping up into world destruction class of S rank.

That was a matter of course, manipulating virus…. That meant, 『Red Night』that could only infected one body thus far, now it could mass produced itself and infecting anyone around the world, after all.

You understand it, don’t you? The extent of its danger. If it had the intention to infected anyone around the world, it would increase its kind, the existence that could dye the world in red, the existence that could transform anyone into an A rank demon, that was how dangerous it was.

And then, right now, the sole existence that could deter that possibility from reality was none other than Naginata Kitsune, the one that could satisfy her desire.

Since she was only focusing at him, she was still a monster with only one body. Because she was yearning for him, she still contained the danger inside her.

Then, if by any chance Kitsune got killed by her,

At the next instance— the world would be, over.

Kitsune that had wounds all over his body, and Leila (Red Night) that floated a mad smile. The countdown of the end of the world was started here.


◇ ◇ ◇


—what should I do, I wonder….

The lustful Leila-chan before me, even though it’s just around a week ever since I came to this world, why does this monster so persistent about aiming at me? Ah, it really sucks. I also haven’t found any good plan to overcome it, after all, what should I do…. For now, let’s check her status.


The status of the monster before me is floating inside my mind.




Name                    : Red Night

Gender                 : Female Lv. 1

Race                      : Noble Demon of Virus

Strength               : 25200

Stamina                : 38400

Resistance           : 850

Agility                   : 26560

Magical energy  : 19820


Title                       :『Red Night』 『Noble Demon of Virus』

Skill                       : 『Sword Art Lv.6』『Body Strengthening Lv.5』

『Miasma(Virus) Manipulation Lv.8』

『Magic Manipulation Lv.3』『Intoxication』

『Lewd Soul』『Devastation』『Brawl of Berserk』

Innate skill          :『Miasma Manipulation』『Lewd Soul』



That status sure is that of a monster…. Isn’t it way higher than that uncle’s… perhaps around five times of his? If demon lord is also at this level, ahaha… it’s indeed impossible. There’s no way I could defeat such fellow.

Moreover, from the sword art skill she possessed, perhaps she adopted it from the technique that was used by human, didn’t she? I can also see monster like component in that aspect… also, demon that manipulating virus… that miasma, huh.

That means, is 『Red Night』 some kind of disease? An infecting one? The hell it that, is it aiming for pandemic or anything? Doesn’t that mean it has the ability to multiple itself as much as it pleased? Such a thing… what should I do to defeat it?

“Ha, hahaha….!”

“N, nnn? What’s the matter, Kitsune-kun? Already give up? Can’t hold it anymore?! Going to collapse!?”

Don’t be at high spirited like that, you damn monster. Because your lust is too high, the miasma around you is swaying disgustingly, you know? Calm it down. Also, I’m not giving up.

“No, no…. I’m not giving up, yet… that face of yours, I haven’t hit it, after all.”

“Muu… that’s why I told you that it’s okay even if you want to hit me or anything, didn’t I? Moreover, isn’t it impossible with that arm?”

I’m sure of it, already. She sure is fond of me, but that isn’t love, it’s just as if she found something tasty, as if she got captivated by something interesting, as if she obtained a new toy, as if she got attracted by something new, isn’t it? Such a thing is, I couldn’t call it as love.

“Say, Leila-chan….”

“Nnn… ahaa… you call my name♡… what’s up? Kitsune-kun♪?”

“Let’s have… a little, chat.”

“Eh? Just now, what did you say? Chat? Ahaa☆, I’m really happy! That’s right, to loving each other we must know each other first, right!”

For a rotten one, don’t say such pure love-like word, even though you’re just a cannibal that only love at love.

But, that’s convenient for me since it might become my way to overcome this situation. Soon, I’m at my limit to just stand up, after all. Let’s have a chat while sit. Even if it’s out of my expectation, I can’t win against you… that’s why, with this chat… I’ll have you to “spare” me. If that’s impossible than, well, let’s think about it when it really happens.

I’ve promised, after all, to Shiori-chan. I’ve promised, after all, to Finia-chan.

That we’ll go to amusement park together, that I’ll return safely.

“Then… where should we start?”

When I sit down, she comes sit next to me and then clings at me. I can hear the sound of her sniffing at me. That’s really irritating, but I have to bear with it.

—this is my critical moment!! …hey, don’t lick my arm.

Perhaps because I made a prefix to have a chat with her, she doesn’t eat my body. Or rather, with just licking it she already makes such ecstasy expression.

To be honest she makes a very erotic face, but for the current me it’s a wonderfully irritating face. I never thought I’ll be this angry at Shiori-chan’s face. This girl sure is irritating. I hope she’d die at this instant.

“Say, what kind of girl you prefer, Kitsune-kun? I’ll do my best. So that you’d fall in love with me, I’ll try my hardest.”

“Any girl other than you.”


Ah… unintentionally, I said it. Doesn’t it mean I’m going to die? I feel like just treaded on a land mine. She has quiite a warped food preference, but her feeling is a real deal, something akin to yandere.

If she’s just a normal yandere, when I reject her then it would end with just I get a stab from my back, but for such screwed girl, if I reject her it’s already a matter of course that I’ll die.

Timidly, I take a glance at her. In doing so, I can see that her body is quivering while tightly gripping my gakuran. She hung her head down so I can’t see her face. I think she’s angry. Perhaps I should apologize here.

“Ku… fu…fu….!”


“Hnn…! That’s not good, you know… it makes me burning, after all….♡”

What, then just go get burn out and disappear as it is. Seems like her lust is rampaging just by having me calling her name. Or rather, just how much you love me? It’s too heavy that it might even crush me.

Eh, wait… if I remember it correctly, when I checked her status just now, there was a skill that bothered me.

—『Lewd Soul』.

Perhaps she becomes like that because of it. Also, I feel like there was also a skill named 『Intoxication』.

If my guess is right, perhaps this 『Intoxication』skill manifested because of her great attachment toward me, didn’t it? Does that mean she is intoxicated at me? Uwah, what a very troublesome thing.

Also, perhaps 『Lewd Soul』 is the one that makes her in great pleasure whenever she touches or licks me, and whenever I call her name, right? A skill that transform mental pleasure into body pleasure, or something along that line?

To put it bluntly— isn’t she nothing but a lustful demon!

That means her nature is worse than a yandere. Even though I clearly rejected her, didn’t it unnecessarily makes her fall in love deeper with me? Since she even said that it was okay for me to hit her, so I’m sure even if I hit or kick her, it would only unnecessarily make her love me more. Even if I spite an abusive remark at her, it would only unnecessarily makes her fall in love at me more. If it’s Finia-chan, her face would immediately changed whenever I approached a girl, after all. Is there no hate option inside her mind?

If I rethink about it properly, having an S rank statuses, being able to turn this world into biohazard, a cannibal, in such lustful state because of she loves me so much, no matter what I do it won’t make her hates me, and currently she wants to eat me with full of love, huh.



“How troublesome… geez.”

“Haahaa… whaat’s it?”

“…I… want you to, not eat me, though….”


Having a too great pleasure, does she regress into that of an infant? When we first met, Leila-chan was indeed quite an innocent one but she was still able to hold a proper conversation, I feel like that scene happened a long time ago already.

She wants to eat me no matter what, huh. Well then… what should I do… whether it my body or energy, all of it are already at its limit, after all.

Perhaps it’s already impossible for me to run away from this girl. I’m sure she would follow me even to the deepest hell. Even if I somehow manage to escape from her today, in the next instant the world would be filled by 『Red Night』. Either way I’d die.

“…why…do you like me?”

“Ehehe, that’s because you could satisfy my desire, after all, Kitsune-kun, and because you’d always exceed my expectation so I couldn’t get bored with you.”

Not good, this girl doesn’t just like some parts of me. She likes me as a whole. Even just for being alive, it would increase her affection toward me. Path to escape is… none.

The only possibility is to wait for Finia-chan to come here, but I can’t imagine she would abandon Lulu-chan and comes here. There are still at least four hours till the sky brighten, how sucks…. Moreover, because I’ve lost too much blood, my mind is starting grow hazy.

Looking up at the sky, I somehow feel that I don’t care about it anymore. I can’t focusing my thought, I can’t think about anything. Looking at her that is currently licking my arm, I realize that I only have one option left.

“…Ah~… then, whatever.”


“Leila-chan… it’s okay if you stay together with me… it’s okay if you lick me as much as you want… I don’t care about it anymore.”

My eyelids are dropping, my body is swaying. Not good, I can’t muster up any strength from my body…. I’m falling. Perhaps I won’t open my eyes again, right? When I collapsed here, I’m sure she would mince and ate my whole body. The fact that I can’t feel any pain is most likely the one and only good part here.

Aah, such a monster… there’s no way I’d be able to deal with it, don’t I….?

Inside my dim consciousness, I can see Leila-chan floats a smile of joy.

But, at the next instant, as if I got my switch turned off, I collapsed.

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