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Overcoming Death.


Name                        : Naginata Kitsune

Gender                     : Male Lv. 10 (↑ UP 4)

Strength                   : 40

Stamina                    : 180

Resistance               : 350

Agility                       : 210

Magic Power          : 100


Title                           :『Other worlder』

Skill                            : 『Pain Nullification Lv.2』 『Eerie Constitution』

『Other World Language』 『Status Appraisal』

『Persistence』 『Overpower』

『Near Death Experience』

Innate skill              : ???

PT Member             : Finia (Fairy), Lulu (Beastman), Trisha (Human)


It was quiet.

The sky was dark, there was no one around. At the dim underground guild, Naginata Kitsune collapsed in dying state, and Leila Vermilion was overlooking him from the side.

Having an ecstasy expression, Leila put both of her hands at her face while spilling out droll and having heart marks at her eyes. Her cheeks were blushing, as if in a great pain, her eyebrows drawn a ha (ハ) character. Perhaps, any men that saw that expression of her would though as such, ’she’s in lustful state’. And then, the majority of those men would think as such, ‘I want to assault her’. That was just how glamorous and fascinating the appearance she had.

However, that was the thought of those who didn’t know anything about her. Right now she was an S rank monster, a genuine monster that could dye the whole world in red.

『Red Night』, demon that manipulating Miasma (Virus), that was her true identity.

Leila was looking at the collapsed Kitsune, then she manipulated the miasma around her as if to coiling it around her. And then, her face that was one of Shinozaki Shiori… the face that once similar like Finia’s, returned into that of Leila Vermilion’s face. With her hair still white colored and making an ecstasy expression, that was the true appearance of the『Red Night』.

“Ufu, ufufufu… I see♡, kyaa, Kitune-kun have entrusted his everything to me…♪”

The one she recalled was, Kitsune’s word at the brink of him lost his consciousness.

“Leila-chan… it’s okay if you want to live together with me… it’s okay if you want to lick me as much as you want… I don’t care about it anymore.”

Giving up every things, that was the word of him admitting his defeat against Leila. No matter how much he struggled, there was nothing he could do anymore, he also couldn’t expect for a reinforcement, it was a hopeless situation to survive, moreover at dying state and barely able to hold his consciousness, Kitsune already gave his life up.

The only thing he could spit at such state was, such word. A genuine defeat declaration. Leila took it as a love confession and was delighted. That Kitsune was entrusting his everything to her, or so she thought. She floated a smile of joy, a great joy as if there was nothing more pleasurable than it.

“Ufufu, well then, I’ll do my best to eat you with full full full full of love♡.”

And then Leila did an all four atop the collapsed Kitsune. Similarly like at the conclusion time of their battle at the day, it was a redo of the state where Leila was pushing down Kitsune.

At that time Leila was only kissed Kitsune, but right now was different. The genuine and real her was… a monster that would eat Kitsune without leaving any piece of him.

While caressing Kitsune’s cheek, as if caressing her most beloved one, as if caressing her beloved lover, Leila kissed the collapsed Kitsune. Kitsune’s bloodstained mouth was violated by her tongue, and after several second in doing so, an obscene sound of water resounded among them.

And then Leila separated her face from kitsune’s to took a breath, and there was a somewhat reddened saliva that stretched out and connected from their mouths.

And then, because she just had a kiss, Leila’s body was quivering and she breathed out a more intense breath. After that, she turned her attention into his gakuran and carefully took it off. After that, after got his T shirt been taken off too, his upper half was in nude.

And then, returning her miasma made dress she wore into miasma again, she also had her upper half in nude. Her lower part was covered by a white underwear, her white skin blushed in red because of how high her ecstasy was, moreover with her lustful expression, it made her very fascinating.

She put her own body atop Kitsune’s chest, and then she listened to Kitsune’s heartbeat. Because he’d lost so much blood, his body temperature was dropping, but when she felt his body temperature with her own body, it made her body hotter.

“Ehehe… I can feel you, Kitsune-kun♡. You become way more tastier than before… I can’t get bored of you at all… *hmm*… *Chiyuu*….”

Licking Kitsune from his chest till his nape, Leila thoroughly tasted Kitsune. And then, separating herself from Kitsune’s upper half, she sit atop him and overlooking him from there. Getting his own finger got licked, Kitsune floated a somewhat unpleasant smile.

“Well then… which part should I start with, I wonder?… as I thought, his eye? Or perhaps ear? His legs are also attractive, but, well, for now… for starter how about I take you heart first?♪”

And then, putting away her blood stained hand from Kitsune’s saliva stained hand, she traced her finger at Kitsne’s chest and put it atop his beating heart. And then, when she put strength into her nail to tore off his flesh—


—at that instant Leila jumped away from atop Kitsune.

Her red eyes were opened wide to its limit and she made a bewildered expression. Getting her till not too long ago hot and burning blood calmed down, her blushed red face was returning to its white state with cold sweat is flowing at it.

What happened? Even Leila didn’t know it. It was just, Leila’s instinct as a demon told her such,

A warn of fear.

Looking at Kitsune that lost conscious and supposed to not moving again, Leila racked her head to thought about what happened. But her bewildered thought stopped in an instant.

And then, Kitsune’s body slightly moved.

Leila was surprised, that was because Kitsune should be at his limit already. His body was broken to its utmost limit, he should be unable to even just moving his body. However, starting by that slight movement, his body started moving. Rubbing the ground, setting up his feet, slowly, he raised his body up, and finally stood up. At such impossible spectacle, Leila couldn’t understand it.

“Why… are you standing up…!?”

Thus far he had exceeded her expectation many times already, but this time it was way too unthinkable.


Kitsune hung his head so she couldn’t peek at his face. However, Leila understood it, that “Eerie Constitution” was activated. That was because she felt fear at Kitsune, after all. But, the extent was greatly different with the fear thus far. She was full in lust just a moment ago, but right now she could only feel fear.

What on earth is this?

“Kitsune-kun… you… what did you do…!?”

Leila said so, while glaring at Kitsune.


◇ ◇ ◇


Skill was, even when you had the ability to identify it, it didn’t necessarily mean you’d be able to activate the skill at its full potential. Especially, passive skills such as “Eerie Constitution” and “Overpower”. There were many skills that its effect could be understood just by its name, but “Eerie Constitution” wasn’t the case, to the point even Kitsune couldn’t understand the true nature of this skill. No, even right now he still didn’t understand the effect of this skill.

“Eerie Constitution” was, not a skill that transformed the impression of you in your opponent mind into that of fear— but a skill that “transformed you into the most fearsome existence”.

Not just he didn’t aware of that, Kitsune even couldn’t handle this skill properly.

Not just the skill was related to his state of mind, if the holder was weak then the effect of “Overpower” would be halved, there was also the case where “Eerie Constitution” won’t be activated when Kitsune was hesitated toward his opponent.

That meant, not just he thought that it was a skill that transform the impression of his into that of fear, he even couldn’t properly activated “Eerie Constitution” up to that effect. In truth, as long as he was stronger mentally, even if it was an S rank monster, with this skill he should be able to give them a fear that even would made them wanted to run away.

But, Kitsune just instinctively aware of it. As the owner of the skill, he subconsciously aware about the effect of the skill he possessed. That was the reason why he was still able to take out some effect out of it even without aware of its true nature, but if he fully aware of it, he would be able to exhibit a far greater effect than currently.

However, since his reasoning and awareness was blown away altogether by Leila, he unconsciously moved 100% out of instinct.

That meant, the “Eerie Constitution” that was activated at his unconscious state, it could exhibit its effect to its fullest—!

“Kitsune-kun… but, why are you moving…?”

Leila noticed that Kitsune was unconscious. Not just it was one of his skill, it also could be easily understood that the fear that embraced her right now was because of the effect of his skill.

However, that much won’t became a reason why he was moving. The unconscious activation of “Eerie Constitution” wasn’t something impossible. It could be understood if he didn’t admit his defeat against Leila at the brink of his collapse.

Then, why? Why did he move?

The reason was, it was strangely enough because of her own action.

Kitsune’s first encounter with 『Red Night』, something that happened after he lost his left eye. After his fight against the A rank 『Red Night』, actually he obtained a certain skill. A sole skill that never exhibited its effect nor ever been activated by him.

—“Near Death Experience”.

What kind of skill it was, it was a mysterious skill that even Kitsune didn’t understand it at all, but here and right now, it was activated.

This skill, Kitsune had died once, and he obtained this skill at his second dying experience, a very rare skill that at this world he was the only one that possessed it.

The condition of its activation was, when he fell into a verge of death state. That meant it won’t activated unless he was at an almost dying state.

And then its effect was, it was a skill to prevent its owner from dying. So that the owner won’t die, to defend its owner from any threat that might killed him, it made a certain change at its owner’s status.

“…I see, so that was the case.”

There, Kitsune regain his consciousness. The fear that attacked Leila was lessening, “Eerie Constitution” effect was halved because of he regained his awareness. However, the “Near-death Experience” was still in effect. Kitsune was finally able to fully understand the true nature of this skill.



Ignoring Leila that was calling his name, Kitsune checked his own status.




Name                        : Naginata Kitsune

Gender                     : Male Lv. 10

Strength                   : 40

Stamina                    : 180

Resistance               : 50400/350

Agility                       : 210

Magic Power          : 100


Activated Skill        : 『Near Death Experience』

Title                           :『Other worlder』

Skill                            : 『Pain Nullification Lv.4 (↑2UP)』

『Eerie Constitution』 『Other World Language』

『Status Appraisal』 『Persistence』 『Overpower』

『Near Death Experience』

Innate skill              : ???

PT Member             : Finia (Fairy), Lulu (Beastman), Trisha (Human)



As you could see, the resistance status increased abnormally. Even when it was originally only just 350, it became the highest value he ever saw thus far. Resistance-wise, the current Kitsune was equaling an S rank—!!

“I see, this is a good gem I got back then… seems like there’s not only bad things that happened whenever I met you.”

Inside Kitsune’s staggering body, energy started flowing. Kitsune floated a faint smile, moving his supposed to break arm, and point his index finger toward Leila. Kitsune’s body had completely recovered.

Leila couldn’t understand that spectacle at all. She only opened her eyes wide in surprise and bewilderment.

“What a strange thing, by the skill that I obtained from almost dying by you, I was rescued from the situation where I was almost got killed by you.”

“Near-death experience”. Its effect was, to change its owner resistance status into the double of his opponent’s attack power. This time, 『Red Night』’s strength that became her main offensive power was at 25200, that was why in exchange he got 50400 status in his resistance status.

And then, that resistance status, not just increasing his defense ability, it also had an effect to increase self-recovery. That meant, the current Kitsune had a defensive and recovery ability that of an S rank.

Right, that was… an ability that was able to defend against an attack that could destroy the world, and could recover himself into his fullest state just within several seconds.

“It’s quite unpleasant since it feels as if I’m borrowing your strength, but… I don’t care about it! My power is my power, after all!”

And then, even if it was just for temporary, Kitsune was very confident because he had obtained a power that could defend against Leila’s attacks. He became very strong. The tips of his mouth raised and lightly smiling.

“Wait, aren’t I half naked… I even somewhat wet… good grief.”

Muttering so, he put the dropped T-shirt and gakuran on again. And then, he looked toward Leila.

“Then? Aren’t you become quite docile there? Didn’t you love me very much?”

“….aha… sorry, Kitsune-kun… seems like I didn’t love you… I only interested in you as something tasty, that’s all.”

“You finally understood it, huh. What you said just now was totally right. Fell love in love, misunderstood it, saying you loved someone that you didn’t even love, unnaturally in lust, muttering such screwed yet idiotic love, you finally understood just how strayed you was. Even as an S rank monster, you weren’t something that much, you were nothing but an idiot in lust, after all.”

Leila that had faced the true face of Kitsune’s “Eerie Constitution” was, still unable to fully understand anything except one thing, that was that her interest toward Kitsune wasn’t love. That was because, the instant she tasted that fear, she lost all of her interest toward Kitsune, after all.

Listening to Kitsune’s words, she thought that he was right. Till just a moment ago she was an idiot. Just an idiot that misunderstood about love.

Kitsune sighed when he looked at Leila that hung her head down. He thought that he finally would be able to separate himself from this monster. In reality, she didn’t fall in love in him anymore, after all, and the current him also would be able to defend any of her attacks. The situation was reserved.


“Ufu, ufufufu… but, but but, I realized it♪.”


“This time, I really fall in love with you, Kitsune-kun♡. It’s my first time meeting someone as interesting as you! To never betraying my expectation this much, it makes me turned on….!”

Leila was, started having an affection toward Kitsune again.

Up until now she was just like a beast that was aiming at its prey, but right now she was aiming at him not just as a prey but also as a man. Exceeding her expectation, exceeding his limit, and then showing her ;an S rank existence; that she was nothing but a fool, she couldn’t hold herself back to not falling in love with Kitsune.

She loved him so much to the point it would be okay even if she didn’t eat him.

“No no, wait, that’s not the right way, isn’t it? Here, you’re supposed to just give up, right?”

“Ufufu, ufufufufu… but you said it, right, Kitsune-kun? You said it, I’m sure you said it, you definitely said it, didn’t you? Were you lying? You weren’t, right? Because I really love you, after all!”

Kitsune recalled it. That he did say that.

“From here on, we’d always and always together♪. This time I’d definitely make you realize just how big my love is♡. I’ll let you taste me♡. That’s why, give me your every things.”

Her cheeks are blushing again, breathing out an intense breath, having heart marks floated at her eyes, while hugging her quivering body, 『Red Night』— Leila Vermilion said so.

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