I Kinda Came to Another World – 40

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Beast-kin’s Trait

“Hmm… I see, I don’t understand it at all.”

Well then, after I somehow managed to settle down the case about 『Red Night』 – Leila Vermilion -, I felt like I wanted to immediately took a rest but, right now, I feel like the second wave of event have started, I don’t understand it at all, but let’s try to sort out what happened first.

First, I took along Leila-chan, or rather I ignored Leila-chan who followed me, and then returned to my room. Then, the instant I entered my room, the 『Near-death experience』 skill was cancelled. And because of that, I immediately felt a great drowsiness. Perhaps, my stamina was already at its limit.

And then, when I woke up this morning, without Finia-chan and Lulu-chan around, there was Leila-chan who was sleeping next to me.

Yup, that’s strange.

“…wait, but perhaps it isn’t that strange, right…? This girl did following me here, after all, so perhaps when I was asleep, she slipped into the bed, or something along that line…”

If I rethink about Leila-chan who is sleeping soundly next to me, it won’t be strange for her to be here since she did following me here, after all.

It’s just, since I asked Finia-chan to don’t sleep last night, there was no why she’d allow her to enter the room. Finia-chan’d always made such threatening expression at Leila-chan even when she didn’t know that she was 『Red Night』, after all, that’s why when Leila-chan entered this room while still at her 『Red Night』 mode, then it shouldn’t be strange for them to had a fight here, right?

That means, I’m very uneasy at the fact that Finia-chan and Lulu-chan aren’t in this room. Could it be, she didn’t eat them, right? She had promised, after all, right? If she really ate them then I’d really kill her at her sleep.

“Ufu, ufufu… Kitsune-kun… I luv…”

She even still lustful when asleep. How scary, why? Why must such kind of girl that gathered around me? If I meet the hero, could I ask him to exterminate her, I wonder? … Ah, that’s it, I must believe at the possibility that she might fall for the hero instead, then I could simply pass her away at him. I’m sure he’s definitely way stronger than me, after all, and since he’s also an otherworlder so I’m sure he’d taste way better than me. Perhaps. Nonetheless, where are Finia-chan and Lulu-chan, I wonder?

“Ah, you have awoken, Kitsune-sama.”

And, at that time, there’s a girl with a long bright brown hair who enters the room. There’s dog ears atop her head, and there’s also a dog tail at her buttock. She looks somewhat similar like Lulu-chan, but Lulu-chan was a bit younger, she looked like a little girl of a third-year student of elementary school, after all.

The girl before me has an appearance that of a girl at her third-year middle school, after all, she’s way taller than Lulu-chan. Perhaps, is she Lulu-chan’s older sister, or someone along that line?

“…who are you?”


When I asked who the girl was, she named herself as Lulu.

Ahahaha, how funny, they even have a same name.

“Lulu-chan, have Kitsune-san awoken?”

“Ah, Finia-sama… yes, he has awoken… it’s just, there’s an unknown person.”

“Aa!! That girl, when I took my eyes off even for just a bit!!”

After that, Finia-chan comes flying from her rear. And then, the moment she notices Leila-chan, she speed up herself, and clashes herself at Leila-chan’s face head first.

“Ow… hnn… it hurts… Ah, morning, Kitsune-kun!”

“Don’t cling at him.”

Since it has become very complicated,

First of all, I take Finia-chan away from Leila-chan, then I get off from the bed. Putting the lying on the bed fox mask at my head, I decide to stretch my body first. And then, taking a deep breath, I stretch my neck and make a cracking sound.

After that, I look at my surrounding again. Finia-chan is still like usual, then there a girl with appearance akin to a girl around her third-year in middle school who named herself as Lulu-chan, and lastly there’s Leila-chan with white hair and red eyes who is sitting atop the bed, huh.

The one I need to ascertain first is, Lulu-chan, right?

“Did Lulu-chan always looks like this, I wonder?”

“I was also surprised! It happened suddenly last night, after all!”

What do you mean?  When I ask so, Finia-chan starts telling us… what happened last night, when I was asleep.


◇ ◇ ◇


“Wh, what is it…!?”

The moment when I was almost got asleep, suddenly there was a dazzling light spreaded. My eyes were opened wide in surprise, the one there was Lulu-chan whose body was emitting that dazzling light.

Even in my bewildered state, I still could grasp the transformation that occurred at Lulu-chan’s body, then I touched Lulu-chan’s body. The light felt a bit hot, but I didn’t feel like it’d bring any harm to her body.

And then, Lulu-chan’s body suddenly started 『growing』! In an instant, the childish appearance at her face disappeared, even I can see that bulges were appeared at the flat part of her body. I didn’t know what happened, but unlike Kitsune-san who was a human, Lulu-chan was a 『Beast-kin』. Perhaps they had unique traits that were different from human.

And, the light was diminishing little by little, and when it completely disappeared, Lulu-chan’s body had grown into one head short than Kitsune-san’s. My eyes were opened wide in surprise, she didn’t say anything, but I could see that her body was still breathing, I felt a bit relieved the moment I noticed that she was still alive.

“…nn… Finia-sama…?”

“Ah…Lu, Lulu-chan.”

“Good morning….”

And then, Lulu-chan was awoken. I was lost of words in surprise, but since it wasn’t something bad, so there was no need to fret over it, or so I thought. Thus, to Lulu-chan who greeted me, I said ‘good morning’ in reply.

The just awoken Lulu-chan noticed the transformation that occurred at her own body, and started patting her whole body in bewilderment.

“Eh… eh…? This is….”

“Umm, just now, your body was shining and suddenly grown, you see….”

“Secondary growth…?”

“Secondary, growth? What is that?”

Seemed like Lulu-chan had an idea about what happened to her body. 『Secondary growth』 that she said in her murmur, just what was that?

I inclined my neck and asked her for explanation about it, and then Lulu-chan started explaining it with a somewhat hard expression.

“Umm… us, beast-kin, are a bit different from human… there’s a difference of growth between people who live as a hunter and people who live like ordinary people-desu.”

“I see.”

“People who live ordinarily are, similarly like human, they grow along the time, but… people who live as hunter, their body would rapidly grow in accordance to the increase of their level-desu.”

Come to think of it, Lulu-chan’s level was increased after we subjugated the “Arachne”, right? … Did that means, because her level increased, her body grown in accordance?

Ahaha, she sure had a short childhood period! Nonetheless, after her growth, she felt like had become somewhat a bit more mature, right? Her speech had become more affluent, after all, or rather, I felt like her childish ambiance was a bit lessened from her voice. Did that means that she also grown mentally, I wonder? Even her just got cut hair was also considerably grown, after all.

“Hee… ah, Lulu-chan, is your body still in pain?”

“Ah… umm… I’m fine-desu.”

“I see! Thanks god!”

Well, nonetheless, thanks god that it wasn’t something bad. Even for Lulu-chan, it seemed like it was a good transformation, after all, and the pain of her body also had disappeared, thanks god.

Thereupon, Lulu-chan put her legs down from the bed and stood up. The clothes that she got in her little girl time was bursting in tight. The cuff of her skirt that used to reach her knee, right now it was raised to the point just barely hid her underwear. Moreover, the bulges that grown at her chest were sticking out itself proudly. The slavery choker was transforming in accordance to its holder body so the size was just perfectly match her, but other than that were became somehow looked erotic.

“It’s a bit… tight-desu.”

“…Let’s go and ask Ayla-san for some now clothes!”

After that we went to meet Ayla-san, and after Ayla-san saw the just grown Lulu-chan, she performed a fashion show out of her till morning came.


◇ ◇ ◇


“Then, you just returned from there, huh….”

“Yup, we got a lot of clothes, you know!”

“That means… she really is Lulu-chan, huh.”

“Yes, sorry for surprising you….”

I wasn’t that surprised. Since here’s a fantasy world so something like that might really happen, after all. Or rather, regarding Lulu-chan’s growth, it’ll eventually happen along the time, so it’s just a matter of how fast or slow that growth pace, so I don’t particularly mind it.

Well, there’s also status correction, after all, so as far as we concerned, since it’s a good thing so let’s just don’t fret over it too much.

“Well, that isn’t particularly a problem. This one is way more troublesome, after all….”

“Hmm? Ahaha.”

I take a glance at Leila-chan. And then, noticing my glance, she cutely laughs. Seems like right now she isn’t in her lustful state, her face isn’t flushed and there’s also no heart marks at her eyes. Seems like there’s a lust switch that would get switched along the alteration between day and night. I’m really grateful of it.

Nonetheless, even when she could communicates better than at night, it doesn’t necessarily means that she wouldn’t be at her lustful state. In that case, night would become a dangerous period.

“That’s right! Why is this girl even here!? Kitsune-san!”

“Ah… yesterday, I met her after got called, you see… and then, I noticed that Leila-chan was actually the monster back then, and since I was almost got eaten so I told her that she could live together with me along with many other conditions so that she’d stop at trying to eat me.”


“Do you understand it now? I and Kitsune-kun are bound together ever since yesterday!”

“Could you please be quiet for a bit?”

If I just let her be, I don’t know what she might say next.

It sure would be scary if suddenly there’s a rumor that said that I and Leila-chan are dating. Dating this girl isn’t a matter of sanity again, but the miasma.

Nonetheless, compared to her at night, at day she is considerably more docile, seems like she won’t cling at me the whole time like how I expected her to be. If it’s not Leila-chan then I’ll greatly welcome it, though, but this sole girl is impossible for me. There’s a possibility she might overdo it and accidentally eat me, after all.

I have to increase my resistance to the point that her attack won’t become a threat for me as fast as possible… the next time, I feel like she won’t be satisfied with just my right eye, after all… or rather, please return my left eye. After all, it’s inside that stomach of yours, right? Just throw out up.

“That’s why, well, since she’s going to be together with us, so please be nice to each other, right?”

“No way!”


“Hahaha, sound like hopeless.”

Well, I also can’t imagine the scene where Finia-chan and Leila-chan are in good terms, after all, even if they’re in bad terms, as long as they assent to live together then that’s good enough.

For now, let’s think it as a good thing that we get a great increase at our war potential, huh… If she sees me as a prey then perhaps I could ask her to do some works, right?

For now, let’s permit her to just lick my arms. I still have to kiss her once a day though.

“Well then… I think it’s almost the time.”

“Time, for what?”

Ignoring the two who are quarreling, I murmur so. And Lulu-chan inclines her head.

Many things happened, but it won’t be an exaggeration to say that our preparations are already quite in order. My resistance has reached the point where it would let me survive through that forest, Rishe-chan also has become able to fight, it’s outside my expectation, but Lulu-chan also has grown, Finia-chan is goes without saying, I think, and then we also have Leila-chan, the S rank demon. War potentials-wise, I’m pretty confident to call ourselves as the strongest party.

So, there’s already no reason for us to stay at this country, right? I think it’s almost the time we need to go there, to the Grandile Kingdom. To meet the person who was summoned from another world, the 『Hero』.

To be honest, at this country there are Mia-chan, Ayla-san and many other person who I’m indebted to, but I can’t just let 『Red Night』to do as it pleased, it’s too dangerous, after all.

“Yup, I think it’s almost the time we need to leave this country.”


At my word, Lulu-chan opens her eyes wide. I pat Lulu-chan’s head whose face is filled by surprise. In doing so, perhaps this part is still the same as usual, she rubs her head with such happy expression as usual. Unintentionally, I let out a bitter smile.

Then, I pinch Finia-chan at the nape of her neck and put her at my shoulder, and knock Leila-chan at her forehead. The red eyed girl is laughing while laying around atop her floating miasma. It seems very convenient, right?

“Anyway, today we’re going to make our preparation to take a journey toward Grandile Kingdom, and we’re going to departure tomorrow morning.”

“Eh~, that country is boring, though.”

“Seems like not too long ago they had summoned a hero, so I think it has become a bit more interesting, you know?”

And if he’s into your liking then I’ll push you away to him, after all.

When I think so, Leila-chan floats a smile that contains a bit of anticipation. Is it okay to take along a girl with such appearance around the town? To be honest, her appearance is completely that one of a demon, though.

Finia-chan’s true nature has been exposed, Lulu-chan was actually indeed a slave, it’s good since it seems like everyone hasn’t noticed that Leila-chan is actually a demon, but if she goes outside as it is, I’m pretty sure she’d immediately get exposed, right?

Considering that, I’m pondering about it a bit.

“It can’t be helped, Lulu-chan… for now, could you please wake Rishe-chan up?”

However, I haven’t got any decent plan. It would be good if Leila-chan would revert her appearance back into that one of a girl with black hair and black eyes, but, I don’t know what she might demand from me in exchange.

Since it’s inevitably that we still need to go outside, so I ask the just grown Lulu-chan to do so.

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