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First Step to Reach For A Clue

“Well then, let’s go, to Grandile Kingdom.”

After accepting the request, we arranged our preparation for this journey according to Rishe-chan and Leila-chan’s knowledge. The general knowledge about survival and sleeping outdoor were could be learned by reading books or practical experience so I somewhat understood it, or rather, that day I and Lulu-chan raised our levels by fighting against small fries at the outside of the country, and after that I calmed down the lustful Leila-chan who assaulted me at night, that part took the most of my stamina today rather than the preparation itself.

Seems like the just grown Lulu-chan has mentally grown more than her appearance, when she was still at her little girl state, she could already handle the short sword quite refinedly, but it has increased beyond recognition. I still can see her uneasiness at her movement, but with just having her able to fight is considerably as a good result already.

And right now our statuses are something like these.



Name                        : Naginata Kitsune

Gender                     : Male Lv. 16 (↑ UP 6)

Strength                   : 40

Stamina                    : 380

Resistance               : 550

Agility                       : 410

Magic Power          : 200


Title                           :『Other worlder』『The one who fascinates demon』

Skill                            : 『Pain Nullification Lv.2』『Intuition Lv.2(NEW)』  『Eerie Constitution』 『Other World Language』 『Status Appraisal』 『Persistence』 『Overpower』 『Other worlder』 『Near Death Experience』

Innate skill              : ???

PT Member             : Finia (Fairy), Lulu (Beast-kin), Trisha (Human), Leila (Demon)




Name                        : Lulu Soleil

Gender                     : Female Lv. 13 (↑ UP 5)

Strength                   : 650

Stamina                    : 500

Resistance               : 100:STOP!

Agility                       : 510

Magic Power          : 230


Title                           :『Slave』

Skill                            :『Short Sword-Arts Lv.3 (↑ UP 2)』

Innate skill                 : ???

PT Member                 : Naginata Kitsune, Finia (Fairy), Trisha (Human), Leila (Demon)



As usual, my resistance increased the most, and aside from my agility all my status didn’t increased that much. It could be said as an extreme state, but specializing in defense isn’t a bad thing.

On the contrary, after experiencing her secondary growth, her statuses considerably increased. In the first place, since her body has grown, even without any change at her level, her statuses would still greatly increased, so combined with level up, it increased even further.

Perhaps since her skill on wielding the short sword has gone better, so the skill has increased to level 3. I think, she already has such degree of ability thus far, it was just she was unable to move her body.

Also, I got a new discovery that seems like I can see other people’s status limit values. Since there’s a ‘STOP!’ word beside Lulu-chan’s resistance value, so I’m sure her resistance limit is 100, right? This part is my win, Leila-chan’s is around 800 so I’d be able to surpass it soon enough. When it surpass 1000, my resistance would become top class, right? Even for S rank adventurers, their resistance limit are around 500, after all.

Leaving that aside, we are currently gathering inside the merchant’s wagon to leave Miniera. When I turn around, I can see Miniera that has been taking care of us thus far. I feel a bit lonely because of it.

And then, Finia-chan puts her hand at my cheek, and float a sunflower-like smile.

“Yes, I understand it.”

That’s right, as long as we’re alive, we can return here anytime. Right now we have to solely focus on keep advancing forward, right?

And then, when I peek to inside the wagon, Rishe-chan and Lulu-chan are looking at me with gentle eyes, and Leila-chan is smilling and looking at me with eyes that are floating heart marks. She’s in heat.

“Let’s go, Kitsune-san.”

“Yes, yes.”

I get on the wagon. Other than my party members, there are also three other adventurers. Seems like they’re in a same party. Two women and one man, at a glance, the man is bit older than me, where the women are fall in love with him, or so how I take it.

The women are linking arm with him at his respective arms, where their gazes are seemingly keeping each other in check. And then, my and that man’s gazes meet.



A gaze that is appraising me. It’s a bit annoying, but since it isn’t something I need to concern myself with, so I cut my gaze away from him. Leila-chan’s gaze is honestly more annoying, after all, I’m already get used to a gaze of such level at my former world.

While thinking so, I sit next to Lulu-chan.

“Not even a greeting, huh, as expected from an H rank, right? Oi.”

Then, perhaps he feels dissatisfied that I cut my gaze away, so the man is calling out to me, I feel like even the quarreling women are also glaring at me. Even if these women look like someone you could find anywhere, I’m sure as adventurers, their ability are at least E rank, right? How scary.

“Ah, sorry, it’s just I didn’t think that you were someone I need to greet, so.”

But that has nothing to do with me. If you have no intention to become a coward who would cower before any annoying gaze, then there’s no need to be scared of any gazes at this level.

“Hoo, your lip-service sure is amazing, right? For a mere small fry.”

“Ahaha, please don’t act strong like that, it only makes you look weak, you know?”

“Tch… even though this great me has kindly taught you about mannerism toward your senior, you sure are cheeky, aren’t you?”

“A really strong person won’t teach a mannerism toward a weakling, you know? A really strong person is, could be understood the difference in status just by their behavior, you know?”

Right, like Liela-chan who once snatched away my left eye, like that uncle whom I could understand the difference between our strength just by facing against him, so a person like him who is rejoicing by looking down to any person with lower rank than him is, not something considerable.

That means,

“From the fact that you take a quarrel with me, I can see your base, you know?”

This man isn’t anything comparable to them.

“…the hell is that, how foolish. Just stop it already, Jill, a weakling is could only bark but no bite, right?”

“Yup, yup, there’s no need to mind about such person.”

Thereupon, both women who sit next to the man say so. I don’t know their names, but seems like the man’s name is Jill. It isn’t like I want to know their name of anything, so I don’t peek their statuses. The man J and the women A, B, are good enough. I have no interest in them, after all.

It’s just, seems like the man is quite a womanizer, leaving the women next to him waiting, seems like he’s more interested at Leila-chan. A white haired and red eyed cutie who wears a short black dress, and since she’s laying down so I’m sure her white long and glamorous legs that stretched out from her cuff would surely entice any eyes, right? Her boobs are also considerably big, after all. Moreover, she’s at such lustful state, so of course I understand why he wants to assault her.

I’m fine with it, you know? Even if you assault her. If she suits you then you can even take her for you, you know?

Next morning, it would be good if his body was still remained, though….

“Well, fine, we’re going to be together till Grandile kingdom, after all… let’s get along well.”

“I agree with that, at least on the surface, let’s get along well.”

He says so while keep on looking at Leila-chan’s thighs as if licking it.

He’s fully intending to eat her, huh. While thinking so, I answer so while floating my usual faint smile.

Well then, it’s departure time.


◇ ◇ ◇


This time, our client is, I don’t know what kind of fate it is, but seems like it’s a company named “Dark forest company”, that slave merchant.

Which one do you mean by ‘that’? Perhaps there’d be someone who think so, so let me explain it, it’s the merchant who sold Lulu-chan and also asked me to sell Finia-chan.

The moment he saw me, he floated a somewhat frightened face, but when I greeted him and said ‘please take care of us’, he hurriedly answered with ‘please take care of us, too’. Seems like my “Eerie constitution” at that time had carved a bit trauma upon his soul.

Nonetheless, the wagon that we ride is keep on advancing toward Grandile kingdom.

“Well, we’re more experienced at guarding request, so I’ll have you abide my instruction… there’s none of us who want to die, after all, right?”

“Well, that sure is right. Fine, I’ll abide you since you have a slight superiority at this field.”

Inside the advancing wagon, the man tells us to abide him with a serious expression, completely different from the first time we met. As expected, even if he’s rotten, he’s still an adventurer with higher rank than me, seems like he would completely changes when life is put on the line. Looking at that part of him, I feel like I don’t mind on abiding him, the so called experienced person.

“Experience-wise we’re better, but number-wise you’re better. Of course, ability-wise I don’t feel like losing, but having an equal member would be better, right?”

“I see, that means, we have to put one of our party member on your side, right?”

“You sure understand it fast, but… since you’re the leader so you’re a no go, a team without its head tends to scatters away, after all… and, it would be better if it’s someone with ability that could keep up with ours.”

Ah, he sure is hopeless. The hell with experienced person. With such long preface, all he wants is to pull Leila-chan into his side, right? Since the well known C rank adventurer, Leila-chan, would perfectly match that requirement, after all.

Moreover, when I look more closely at him, he’s taking a peek at the laying down Leila-chan from time to time. That serious expression, I’m sure he has practiced it for long, right? What a touching effort with the sole purpose to gather girls around him.

“Then, Leila-chan, go there.”


The man quietly makes a triumphant pose, I see it, I see it, you know?

Nonetheless, if you really like her that much then please take her away from me, already. If possible, please make her fall for you, if you’re able to do it then she’ll turn from my stalker into yours, if you do that, then, you know, everyone would be happy.

“Don’t want to, I want to be together with Kitsune-kun.”

“I want to stay away from you, though.”

“Now now, don’t be shy like that.”

“Your head has gone worse, isn’t it?”

Seems like Leila-chan is also at her best form today. Considering just how self-centered she is, I don’t know why but somehow that’s the conclusion I get.

“Now just go there already! Since Kitsune-san has me with him already, after all.”

“Ahaha, no matter what a bug says, I don’t hear anything.”

“Leila-chan, I told you to don’t call her as bug, didn’t I?”

“But, if I call her bug then Kitsune-kun will come and tried to kill me, right?… that would be the best….”

I’m enough with this girl already… thinking so, I send a glance at Rishe-chan, and then, letting out a sight, she sends a gaze toward Leila-chan.

“Leila, I don’t think I have the right to say it, but… since you’re together with us, I think it would be better to be a bit more cooperative, you know? How about starts with abiding Kitsune’s word?”

“Ufufufu… I have no intention to abiding your word, but, fine, I’ll go there. Because I love Kitsune-kun so much, after all!”

I don’t think it is because Rishe-chan is the one who said it, but Leila-chan somehow consent with it with a somewhat satisfied expression. Seems like she simply wants to get my attention, huh. What a nuisance.

Or rather, does she take a liking into it, I wonder, the ‘Because I love Kitsune-kun so much, after all’ phrase. She always says it every crucial moments, so perhaps she really takes a liking into it, right?

Nonetheless, since Leila-chan goes to his side, the man’s mood is sky rocketed. He immediately says ‘best regard’ while pulling out his hand to her, but Leila-chan only says ‘best regard~’ without taking his hand.

His smile is a bit cramped at her reaction, but seems like he’s still able to properly maintain his good upfront. This man sure will has a hard time, right? There’s also the worst possibility that she might eat your presented hand, you know?

“Ah, umm… what’s it, ah right, with this our number has been equaled… we’ll guard the front, and you take a vigilance at the rear. We’d need around three days to reach Grandile kingdom, so we’ll exchange our place at times. You haven’t had such experience, right?”

“Okay, I’m good with it.”

“Well then, let’s move immediately. Go to your respective post.”

“Ah wait, let me give you an advice first.”

Since the plan has been decided, the man immediately takes his weapon and stands to go to his post with both of his women following in kind.

However, there’s one thing I need to tell him first. Similarly like how he acted as a senior at this guarding request, so I also have to give him an advice as a senior at this field.

“Please be careful with Leila-chan, especially… at ‘night’.”

“Ha? What do you mean?”

“Well, anyway, at night be careful with anything red, kay? At the worst case, there’s a possibility of dying, after all.”

Looking at the man who inclines his head, I also take my equipment and stand up. Rishe-chan and Lulu-chan are also following in kinds, and start moving.

I have no reason to tell him everything, I have no obligation to do so, and I don’t feel like I want to do it either.

My advice just now was just something akin to a thanks since he properly did his duty as a senior at guarding request.

If possible, please don’t die, and take Leila-chan away from me. The chance is very slim, but I’m counting on you. Do your best.

Finishing our conversation, we start progressing toward Grandile kingdom.


—however, I never expected it.

That my choice to go to Grandile kingdom is, for me, will give me “A painful despair worse than death itself”.

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