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Confrontation Between Demon And Fairy

At the first day our guarding request, there was no magical beast that appeared either at the front side nor rear side.

Since the road that lead to Grandile kingdom was originally didn’t past through the forest, the wagon took a detour around the forest. The reason why Leila-chan entered the forest was perhaps because of the poor sense of direction property she owned. Also, since it was quite close to Miniera, so there was not much magical beast that left the forest.

Nonetheless, right now, since we’re quite a distant from Miniera already, we shouldn’t forget the possibility that we may get attacked by magical beasts anytime. Continuously vigilance sure is tiring, but we can’t just put our guard down, after all.

And so, night finally comes. While the slave merchant people are sleeping inside the wagon, we have to watch out for our surroundings and guarding them. That’s the very reason we’re here, after all.

Right now, with the wagon interposed between us, the vanguard party are watching out the front side of the wagon, where we the rear guard party are watching out the rear side of the wagon. Also, there are two wagons. Therefore the distance between us and them is around ten meters.

With such long distance, of course there’s also the possibility that the attack might come from the flanks, so we have woman A to watch out the right flank, and Rishe-chan at the left flank.

After collecting some branches, I ask Finia-chan to ignite fire with her magic. Beasts are scared of fire, that’s the knowledge from my former world, though. At this world, if you can properly handle the fire, then it’d become a very useful thing, but if you handle it poorly, then it’d show its fang and burn everything.

Moreover, since we’re at the outside, bonfire could also be used to warm our bodies up. Even if it could be said as a two-edged sword, but using bonfire this way is the most optimum way, right?

Well, because of it, there’s also the possibility that our location may be noticed by magical beasts, but, even so, given the benefit from it, I think it’s still a good choice.

“…well then, this time finally come, huh.”


“Is there anything wrong-desu?”

And there, I talk with a serious tone before the bonfire. Finia-chan and Lulu-chan are inclining their heads while looking at me.

The one I watched out is, the attack from magical beasts. That’s a matter of course since that’s the core of our job at this request, but there’s one other thing I need to watch out.

Right, it’s “Red Night (Leila-chan)”. Since night has come, I’m sure she’s currently in her lustful at the front side, right?

I’m sure of it because that girls has been always come at me along with her blazing lust every night, after all.

The matter I’m currently thinking is whether man J-kun and woman B are have been eaten by Leila-chan or not. Before her lustful state, any human are nothing but prey without exception. Also, I’ve told her to don’t attack Finia-chan and the other, but I have no memories having told her to don’t eat those adventurers. As far as I know, she isn’t the type who would follow any command, though.

That means, there’s a possibility that they may get attacked by Leila-chan. At a place ten meters distance from here.

“There’s a possibility that Leila-chan may come attacking.”

But, well, that isn’t something significant. It isn’t my concern even they got eaten by her.

The problem is, after eating them, who will she attacks next. But that’s already set in stone, that is, it would be none other than me. She has promised to not eat me, but it doesn’t necessarily means she has lost her desire to eat me. Or rather, if I say ‘you can eat me’, I’m sure she’d immediately jump and eat me mercilessly.

While thinking so, I feel like I can hear a scream from somewhere. Perhaps because I’ve got my eye eaten once, I feel like I can hear a hallucination sound of meats being bitten off.

Well, leaving that hallucination aside, there’s a possibility that that lustful girl would attack tonight. If that really happens, at the worst case, I have to look after her all night long, don’t I? Mainly letting her lick my body.

Ah, come to think of it, we haven’t had a kiss today, this is bad, is it okay if we don’t do it today, I wonder… but I’ve promised, after all… ah, I really don’t like it.

“Or rather, Kitsune-san, is it okay to just let her be?”

“It’s too troublesome, if I don’t keep her in check, I don’t know when she’d come attacking, after all… even if I hand her over to knights, with her strength, it’s impossible to capture her, after all. That means, having her around me so that I can keep her in check is the best choice.”

“…you’ve brought along a splendidly the worst person, right! Do you have a talent to be liked by bad people, I wonder, Kitsune-san?”

A constitution to be liked by bad people, huh. I have ‘Eerie constitution’ so it’s frustrating that I can’t deny it.

“Umm… Kitsune-sama, about Leila-sama… it looks like Kitsune-sama have known her from a long time….”

“Ah, Lulu-chan don’t know about it, right… hmm, it’s a bit complicated, but… well, to put it simply, she wants to eat me, physically and literally.”


“That means, she isn’t human… and then, she’s aiming for my life. Currently, she has promised that she won’t eat me, but the conditions is I must let her to be always together with me.”

When I explain it, Lulu-chan floats a very bewildered expression, but she floats a dubious expression after knowing that Leila-chan isn’t human and is also aiming for my life.

“…is that person an enemy?”

“Yes, she is. She is our enemy, world’s enemy.”

Because Lulu-chan is unusually asking with a serious expression, I answer her so. In doing so, Lulu-chan touches the short sword that I gave her, and quietly thinking. I don’t know what she’s thinking about, but, looking at her serious expression, I shouldn’t disturb her, right?

That’s why I alter my gaze to the bonfire,


and I see a deep crimson; different from fire; eyes.


“Ahaha, you’re too mean, Kitsune-kun… for calling me as enemy, doesn’t that makes me get excited….”

The so called ‘speaking of the devil’, Leila-chan is there.

Her white hair and red eyes are shining because of the bonfire light, and I also can see heart marks at her eyes. I don’t know how it materialized, but I surely can see it at her eyes. The miasma that was hidden during day is overflowing and hazily floating around her. Her current state is the embodiment that her lust is at its peak.

By the way, about her lustful state:

Gear 1: there was nothing out of normal.

Gear 2: there would be heart marks at her eyes.

Gear 3: she’d be blushing.

Gear 4: she’d be breathing roughly.

That’s how when it was at daytime, but at night, her lust increased further, and would reach;

Gear 5: her miasma would be overflowing around her.

I don’t know whether there’s any further level or not, but, as far as I know, the current Leila-chan is at her most lustful state.

“Ufufu, ufufufu… Kitsune-kun, you’ve promised, didn’t you? You have, right? That’s why, come on, kiss me. And let me lick you. It’s fine, right? Because I love you so much, after all!”

At the appearance of the splendidly lustful Leila-chan, my spirit is continuously dropping. Thinking that I must do it every night, just thinking about it makes my head hurts. It’s way more frustrating than any of those poor bullying.

Before I noticed it Leila-chan has come into my rear and hugs me from behind. The so called ‘asunaro’ (あすなろ) hug. I can feel the sensation of her boobs at my back, but it doesn’t make me happy at all, I wonder why? In a sense I sure am amazing, right? To think that way toward such a cutie.

“Kitsune-san… what does she mean by kiss or lick?”


Finia-chan and Lulu-chan are on guard by the appearance of Leila-chan, but it seems like they’re curious about the kiss and lick that are said by Leila-chan. They’re waiting for my explanation with a very sad expression.

Come to think of it, I’ve told them that she’d promised that she won’t eat me with some conditions, but I haven’t told them the details, didn’t I?

Finia-chan and Lulu-chan are my families. That’s why… I have to tell them about it.

“…in exchange for her to stop trying to eat me, she asked me to let her lick me anytime and as much as she pleased.”

“No way….”

“Kitsune-sama… did you consent with that?”

Finia-chan and Lulu-chan are looking at me with an uneasy expression. Indeed, from what I’ve said, it might sound like I accepted Leila-chan.

But that’s not it. I never accepted her. That’s why you don’t have to make such expressions.

“No, as expected anytime would be troublesome so we took a compromise that she would stop when I tell her to… otherwise, I might get eaten, after all, by her.”

“…Ahaha… I really want to eat you, you know? But, because I love you so I won’t eat you, you know, Kitsune-kun? I really really want to eat you with full of love, but I endure it, you know? But… ufufu… Kitsune-kun’s smell… as I thought, I love you….”

“But in exchange, I got a condition that… I have to kiss her once a day.”

Because at that time this was the best mean for me to stay alive, after all. So it can’t be helped. I can’t do anything even if I want this monster; that is burying her face at my nape while sniffing my smell; to stop.

“…Kitsune-san, are you okay with that? Even the kiss, is it something that could be done that easily?”

But Finia-chan floats an expression that she can’t accept it.

She’s fairy of feeling, the embodiment of Shiori-chan’s good will toward me. Kiss and hug are the representation of good will that are the easiest to be understood. That’s why, such actions are a very precious and cherished things for her.

I’m sure, right now, I just betrayed her ideal in the worst way possible.

“…I’m sorry, Finia-chan. Indeed, I also think that kiss isn’t something that could be done that easily… but, right now, surviving is the most important thing for me.”

However, even when I was aware of that fact, I still accepted this condition. Here, I have no intention to make any excuse at all. But, I hope she’d understand it.

“If kiss is the mean for me to survive from this monster, then I’ll accept it. Even if that would makes you hate me, Finia-chan, I’ll definitely keep on struggling to survive and then meet her again.”

I’m sure, since Finia-chan is resembling Shiori-chan, perhaps Shiori-chan might also hate me. That’s very scary, but I’m definitely going to meet her again. I’ll meet her and fulfill my promise.

For that sake, I don’t mind having this monster loitering around me.

“…the Kitsune-kun just now… was very cool… it makes me very excited… ufufu, ufufufu… I love you….”

Leila-chan shakes her quivering body and hugs me tighter. Because of that I can feel the sensation of her body and her fast heartbeat. Her body also becomes hot, and she finally starts licking my nape. Her hot breath is hitting my neck, it feels ticklish.

And then, Finia-chan who is before me is looking at me with her shoulder trembling.

“There’s no way I… would hate you, Kitsune-san, definitely not!”


And declares so. Her expression looks angry and sad in the same time.

“Because you’ve decided to do it, so I’m fine with it, Kitsune-san! … but, there’s definitely no way I would ever hate you, Kitsune-san!”


“If you want a kiss then just do it as you pleased! Such a thing is, it won’t stop my love for Kitsune-san, after all!”

Finia-chan says so while puffing out her chest. Her gaze is aimed at Leila-chan, her words are filled with a strong emotion.

Finia-chan sure is amazing. I wonder just how many people who are still able to maintain their feeling even when the person they cherished are the very one who shatter their ideal.

“…ufu… ufufu, ahahahaha! Interesting, very interesting! Seems like I’ve done something bad for calling you bug… as expected from an idea type that is brought by Kitsune-kun… very interesting… bring it on, ‘Finia’, I won’t lose either. Because I love Kitsune-kun so much, after all!”

And then; the just a moment ago lustful; Leila-chan is taking a step back from me and smiling. Her red eyes are shining brightly, and she smiles with a very happy expression.

Her eyes are aimed at Finia-chan, and she calls Finia-chan by her name. Seems like Finia-chan has taken her interest. It isn’t because she’s an idea type, nor because she’s rare, it’s because Finia-chan is Finia-chan, that’s why she could take her interest.

“Ufufu… in consideration to Finia, I’ll leave it here for today.”

And then, saying so she moves to before me and brings her face near mine. She pins my cheeks with both of her hands, so that I won’t move.


A light and simply touching kiss. That’s an unexpected action, but promise is still a promise.

The expression she has when she pulls her face away is, her face is dyed in red, and droll is dripping from her mouth. Combining with the fact that there are heart marks at her eyes and the rough breathing she has, I can see that she’s perfectly in her lustful state. But she doesn’t come nor do anything more.

Perhaps that’s just how much she recognizes Finia-chan, right?

“Well then, I’m going to return to my post then. Kitsune-kun, I love you.”

Saying so, she returns to the front side. Taking along her black miasma, looking at her appearance that is skipping in good mood, at my eyes, rather than a monster, she looks more like nothing but a normal girl.

And then, several seconds after she disappeared, I remembered something.

“…those adventurers… they haven’t died, right?”

There’s no one who answer my question.

Even Finia-chan who just shouted an immense shout, floats a face that couldn’t say a thing.

“Umm… Kitsune-sama.”


“I also… Love you, Kitsune-sama.”

“…yes… thank you, Lulu-chan.”

Lulu-chan is barely able to squeeze out the words, but her words that are filled with her feeling, it slightly permeated my heart.


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