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The second day of guarding request, different from the first day, today there were many magical beasts appeared.

Not a forest, we were passing through a rocky mountain with so many rocky area, the magical beasts that appeared there weren’t insect type, but a numerous monkey-type and wolf-type magical beasts, the danger was gradually increasing the closer we got to Grandile Kingdom, mostly of it were E rank magical beasts.

Nonetheless, Leila-chan and Finia-chan’s ability were just as expected abnormal, shattering entirely any appeared magical beasts into pieces of meat, we could keep on steadily advancing. Rishe-chan and Lulu-chan as the rear guard also the same, having able to properly handle any appearing magical beasts at the rear side, the wagon didn’t need to stop because of the attacks of magical beasts.

Well, Leila-chan was moving and not moving according to her own whim, but since Finia-chan alone was practically sufficient enough to handle the appearing magical beasts, so there was no problem.

Currently, Leila-chan is sitting across the coachman uncle, and Finia-chan is sitting atop my shoulder. Even if she isn’t stationed at the center point, with her flying speed, Finia-chan could immediately move to the rear side, so she decides to come to my side.

“How long till we arrive at Grandile Kingdom?”

“Let’s see… I think we would be able to arrive there around tomorrow noon.”

When I ask the coachman uncle, he says that we are already traveled far enough that we almost arrive at Grandile Kingdom.

The number of the appearing magical beasts is also has considerably decreased, so we should be arriving there soon, right?

Finia-chan is happily swaying her legs while humming.

“That hero, what kind of person is he, I wonder?”

“Yup! Looking forward to it!”

Hero, a person that similarly come from another world as me. There’s a possibility that he may come from a completely different world that mine, but if I may hope then I think it would be good if he come from the same world as mine….

Be that as it may, being a hero, and not being a hero, there’s a possibility that that difference may become the deciding factor whether we could return to our former world or not.

Perhaps, if you aren’t a hero then you wouldn’t be able to return to your former world, if that’s the case… what should I do, I wonder? I have no intention of giving up, but I’d loss my clue that way.

That sole part is uncertain, that sole part is important. I come here to ascertain it, after all.

“Say, say, Kitsune-kun.”

“…what is it, Leila-chan?”

And so, Leila-chan comes to talk at me there.

Today we have kissed, so even if you ask for it, I won’t do it, you know? The promise was once a day, after all.

“Why do you come to Grandile Kingdom, Kitsune-kun?”

Leila-chan asks so. Ah, come to think of it, I’ve said that there’s a hero there but I haven’t told them what I’m going to do, didn’t I? Well, it isn’t something I have to tell her, but it also isn’t something I need to conceal.

Hero sure is irritating, right? Having summoned at such status, he must be has received many good treatment, right? Like, getting supported by a cute girl, having trusted comrades, and so on. When I first come to this world, I was welcomed by a bear-size wolf, you know? The hell with that difference?

“I only come to slightly befriend a lucky person who is trusted by his comrades, strong, cool, popular among cute girls, and eat many delicious food, you see.”

So I answer Leila-chan as such.

“He~, cool and popular among cute girls, just like you, Kitsune-kun.”

“The basis?”

“You are weak but somehow are strong, you are cool, you are even loved by a cute girl like me, right? See, it’s just like you, Kitsune-kun.”

“Uwaa… I have no intention on denying your word about calling me cool, but to call yourself cute is… a bit draw me aback, you know?”

I never thought myself as someone cool, and it’s completely up to her to think me as cool or anything, so I don’t particularly mind about it. But, to call herself cute, just how narcissistic she could be? It honestly draws me aback.

But, since she sure is cute so I can’t deny it, though. As far as I’m concerned, I like such stubbornness, though.

“Well, just think it as a trifle trip is good enough.”

“Hmm… I see, well, no matter where you go, Kitsune-kun, I’ll go along with you, so it’s fine.”

With such personality, if Leila-chan is just a normal human, even if she comes to a love triangle, I feel like she’d definitely win with an overwhelming victory. With a capability of doing such direct attacks and direct confession, why did she turn into ‘Red Night’, I wonder? What an utter shame.

Nonetheless, when we enter Grandile Kingdom, I have to take more attention about Lulu-chan, right?

From what I’ve heard, seems like slave treatment there was pretty bad, after all. Perhaps the hero is different, but I feel like just having Lulu-chan around would lead people say many things about us.

We have to be careful toward such people.

“Hmm, let’s start the camping preparation immediately… the day is starting to sink.”

The second day of guarding request, this day also passed without any significant danger.



◇ ◇ ◇


The next day, the third day of guarding request, morning, we are gathered before continuing our journey again.

Woman B floated a scared expression the moment she saw Leila-chan, but seems like she had somehow regained her sense. According to Rishe-chan, seems like Lulu-chan hit her crotch. In doing so, woman B fainted in agony, and the moment she woke up, she had somewhat regained her sense.

Lulu-chan, you hit people’s crotch without gender discrimination, huh. Did I perhaps have made a bit mistake at raising you, I wonder?

Well, nevertheless, I feel a bad premonition ever since a moment ago. ‘Intuition’ skill is ringing a bell of danger inside my head.

Passing the rocky area, after we advancing a bit further ahead.

It isn’t a rocky mountain but just a normal plain, but I feel a bad premonition form it. As expected its presence is paler compared to Leila-chan, but perhaps it’s a magical beast with enough power to interrupt our journey, huh.

“…Hm! This one seems delicious!”

And then, the dazing Leila-chan suddenly opens her eyes wide. When I look at her while thinking what she’s going to do, she’s drooling while staring at a faraway place. I can see that she’s eager to moves anytime. Seems like it’s true that there’s a magical beast approaching.

There, the ground is gradually shaking. The sound of rumbling ground is echoing, and the wagons are stopped at once. And then, the shake is gradually grow stronger.

“…in front, huh!”



The moment I ascertain that the location of this magical beast is at front, Rishe-chan and Lulu-chan come. Woman B is following behind them. Seems like she comes to help us after sensing the danger. The three of them have already wield their own weapons, and preparing to fight the magical beats.

And then, the shake grow even stronger, and after a considerably loud sound of rumbling ground echoed,

There’s a slight silence.

“—it’s coming!”

The moment I say so according to my ‘intuition’, the moment everyone put theirselves on guard—

—the ground explodes.

The one appears from the exploding ground is, a giant earthworm. Several times larger than the wagon, very big that I think the length is about seven meters. Large enough to make me unable to see its head even when I look up at it, I think it’s strong.

There’re no eyes at its head, and when it open its wide round mouth, I can see some dozens of sharp fang are appearing inside it. Earthworm, it has such impression, but with such features I think that name is a bit wrong.

Worm, seems like that name is a bit more appropriate.





Name                        : Broken Worm

Race                           : Earthworm-type magical beast

Strength                   : 2500

Stamina                    : 5000

Resistance               : 250

Agility                       : 7800

Magic Power          : 0



An upper class among D rank magical beasts. Agility-wise, it’s comparable to C rank, I think. If it has more strength, perhaps it would even be capable on fighting against demon.

“Broken worm…?! Why such monster is…!”

Woman B says so in surprise. Perhaps she never thought that a D rank magical beast would appears here, right? Even I also thought so.


There was the case when ‘Red Night’ once appeared inside a normal forest. So, with merely at such level, it won’t surprise me at all. If it tries to block our way, then we’ll simply crush and pass through it. The power to do that, we possess it.

“Finia-chan and Leila-chan act as the main force, Lulu-chan and Rishe-chan support them when you see any opening, and the person there….”


“If you have no intention on fighting then step back, if you want to do something then protect the wagons.”

Woman B is slightly stiffened at my gaze, I avert my gaze away from her after I gave her the minimum instruction. If the trauma given by Leila-chan makes her unable to fight then I honestly want her to stay away.

Since it would be bad if the client get killed, so I stand before the wagon and activate “Eerie Constitution” toward the worm so that it won’t come this way. If it runs away here then that’s good in itself, but seems like this earthworm isn’t running away.

This skill, since it’s supposed to turns the impression of me into that kind of fear, the earthworm doesn’t come my way, but I feel like there’s something different here… oops, focus, focus.

“Ufufu, ufufufu.”

“’Fire Lance’!”

And then, Leila-chan charges at a high speed, and Finia-chan shoots a fire magic from her rear. The shot fire lance hits the earthworm, it’s weakening it while burning its flesh. And then, without giving a time to let the earthworm let out a scream, Leila-chan charges toward the earthworm while holding her miasma.

When I’m pondering what she’s going to do, the massive amount miasma is taking a form, and makes a giant guillotine.


Leila-chan puts the guillotine up high while smiling and then drops it while quietly says so.

*Doom*, with such loud sound, the edge of the guillotine slice the earthworm’s body in half.


This time the earthworm lets out a shriek, and then it spits out some liquids from its gigantic mouth. The one at the end of the projecting liquid is Lulu-chan and Rishe-chan, but, avoiding that liquid, they approach the earthworm.

And then, wielding their respective weapons, they slash at the earthworm. Perhaps since it has been cut into half, it can’t raise its body, the earthworm that is crawling like hornworm, moves its body more violently after got cut again.


The just got cut earthworm rolls its body and then chases after Rishe-chan to eat her, but its movement is stopped by Finia-chan. Blocking its path using fire magic, she gives Rishe-chan times to run away.

The earthworm that sense the heat immediately pull its body away and avoid the fire.

Fighting against Leila-chan who is an S rank demon, there’s an overwhelming difference in power between them, perhaps the earthworm sense it instinctively.

It tries to run away toward the hole where it appeared from.

“I won’t let you!”

However, not Leila-chan, Finia-chan is the one that doesn’t allow it. Similarly like when we subjugated the spider before, along with tornado of fire, she attacks the earthworm directly. Advancing like a fire drill, a sound of air being burnt, and a fricative sound of the air, are thunderously reverberating.

And then, the tornado of fire that flows in through its mouth is making shaving sounds while burning its flesh wherever Finia-chan flies to. As if a rotating blade of fire.

As if leaving the tornado of fire inside the earthworm’s body, Finia-chan flies out from it.

The one remaining is, the meat of the earthworm that has been nicely roasted, a burnt smell, and heat from the burnt air.

“Ahn… hm~, roasted meat also look appetizing.”

Leila-chan takes some meats that has been burnt by Finia-chan, eats it, and floats an ecstasy expression.

Or rather, I already aware that her miasma could be turned into an object, but it even able to be turned into a guillotine, too, huh… isn’t that a bit too unfair? Also, if we inhale it then we’ll get infected, right? It’s virus, after all… as expected of an S rank, huh.

“…too strong….”

“Hm, you’re right~… rather than a cooperation, it looks like they were simply attacking it the time they saw an opening, but… rather than a poor cooperation, attacking at their own pace is way more stronger, after all.”

“But… that white haired woman sure is a monster!? To kill and eat human is….!”

Woman B floats a face that says impossible after seeing that battle. And then, she says so about Leila-chan at my word.

Yup, yup, I fully understand it. I also think so, after all.

You aren’t wrong at all, she’s a demon, a murderer, and also my stalker.

“Yup, I also… hope I can do something about her, you know….”

“…you also, um… have it rough, huh.”

Remembering it makes me want to cry. Dropping my shoulder, I sincerely say so, and woman B cheers me while floating a very awkward expression.

Like really, why always me? Why must I always be the one who go through such unpleasant thing? What kind of sin I’ve made before that make me deserve to experience all of it.

But, well, it’s already too late, I think.

“With that, the subjugation of that earthworm has over, so… let’s continue.”

Removing the flesh of the earthworm using Leila-chan’s miasma, the wagons start moving again. The slave trades seems like were surprised by the appearance of the earthworm, but seems like they’ve become considerable in relief after knowing our prowess. Seems like some sense of relief has born inside their mind.

And then, after that the wagons advancing again for a while, and slightly past noon, we finally arrive at Grandile Kingdom.

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