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Anywhere, Receptionists Are All The Same.

The moment Kitsune arrived at Grandile Kingdom, the hero, Nagi, was standing before the one who ordered the summoning of him into this world, the king of this country. Even though they were at the throne room, there was no other person than the king; the hero, Nagi; and the Miko, Cecil.

Compared to the moment when he was first summoned to this world, Nagi had become far stronger. So strong to the point there was no one who could match him at this country. Statuses-wise, there were several people who were comparable to him, but as a hero, he had an ability to overwhelm all of them.

With the fact of his capability of becoming such strong in just a week time, combined with his nature, he received trust and hope from the citizens.

That was why, right now was the suitable time.

“Don’t you think, it’s almost the time you need to begin your journey to subjugate the demon lord.”

“Hmm, I see… indeed, I can’t stay inside this country for a too prolonged time, after all… got it, your highness.”

“Good… including Cecil, take some people as your companions. Hero-dono, you’ve only been learning about the way to fight, and I think you aren’t too knowledgeable about Journeying, so I think having them would make this journey a bit easier for you, right?”

“Ah, thank you. Seems like I do need it”

Right, it was almost the time the hero departed on his journey to subjugate the demon lord. Putting the preparation in order, then left this country along with his companions. He had to go to the Dark Continent where demons and demon lord resided. That was his duty, that was the way to return to his former world.

However, he never thought it such. He never thought it as his duty nor his way to return to his former world.

He did it simply because he thought that he had the ability to save people, there were many people who were suffering because of the demon lord, that was why he wanted to save them.

“The departure is tomorrow, today, you shall make your preparation for this journey. Cecil, assist Hero-dono.”


“That’s all I have to say, Hero-dono… I’ll say it once again, please save this world.”

“…yes… I’ll save it with all I have.”

The king bowed his head, Nagi answered him with while puffing out his chest, with that the conversation ended and silence submerged in that room. Rising his face, the King met his eyes with Nagi’s, and then he floated a smile.


◇ ◇ ◇


Arriving at Grandile Kingdom, we asked the slave merchant to sign our request application. Mia-chan said it after all, that if they didn’t sign it then we won’t be able to receive the reward.

After that, separating ourselves from the slave traders, we go toward this country’s guild. By the way, woman B is together with us.

Holding hand with Lulu-chan, I walk through this lively street. Rishe-chan and Leila-chan are boldly walking, but as far as I’m concerned, I feel that the gazes that are sent toward Lulu-chan are very irritating.

It didn’t happen at Miniera, but seems like slaves really aren’t well received in this country. If I take her choker off then she won’t look like a slave, but since it seems like very precious to Lulu-chan so I can’t take it off, though.

“Somehow, I feel like we’re being stared at a lot! Could it be you’re famous even here, Kitsune-san?!”

“No no no, the one being stared at is Lulu-chan, you know? We don’t think her as such, but appearance-wise, Lulu-chan is a slave, after all….”

“I see, should I burn them?”

“Wait, it’s still too early to take that conclusion.”

Finia-chan wants to burn anything, or perhaps she only wants to burn anything she displeased with, either way she’s simply going to burn anything, though. Well, I do feel like I want to give her green light, but if she does it here then it would only increase the gazes further so I hope she doesn’t do it, though.

“Nonetheless… no matter where I look, warmongers are everywhere, huh. There’s even a macho female knight, after all… the epitome of the Eden of warmongers sure suits it well.”

“The one that named it as such was you, though, Kitsune-san.”

“Is that so? As expected of me.”

“There’s a limit of self-praise, you know?! As expected of Kitsune-san, so intolerant!”

“Ah, you even won’t let self-praise at this level, huh.”

Finia-chan’s like abusive language has revived. Her bad relation with Leila-chan seems like has considerably calmed down, so perhaps that’s why she has slightly returned to her usual self, I think.

Oops, where’s the guild, I wonder? I asked Leila-chan to guide us there since it seems like she used to live here, but will it be alright, I wonder? Honestly speaking, I’m very anxious, though.

“Here we are.”

“Ah, yes.”

When I think about it, seems like we properly arrive there. It’s about twice as large as Miniera’s guild. But, since the letter at the signboard is the usual ‘Adventurer Guild’ character, so I think it’s really here, right?

Leila-chan is looking at me with eyes asking for praise, so I thrust my index finger to her mouth. She happily licks it, but since she might accidentally bites it off so I pull my finger back after several seconds.

“Well then, let’s enter.”

Saying so, I open the guild’s door.

When we enter it, similarly like at Miniera’s guild, all the gazes of adventurers are all gathered at us. I feel that the assessment gazes here are comparably higher than at Miniera. Honestly speaking, I thought that they were nothing but muscle-head, though.

“Th, these gazes are a bit too heavy, I think.”

“You don’t need to be so frightened like that, Rishe-chan. It isn’t like they’re going to catch and bite you, you know?”

“But… everyone here are all considered as top class at Miniera, you know? Or rather, it’s way more strange for an H rank like you to boldly walk under these gazes.”

“Then, try to look there, at that girl.”


Rishe-chan is seemingly very frightened, so I point my finger at one of the receptionist girl, and then Rishe-chan shifts her gaze toward that girl.

Noticing that I’m pointing at her, the receptionist girl is looking at us with a dubious expression.

“Her chest isn’t nearly as big as Mia-chan’s, right?”

The air inside the guild is suddenly frozen.

This is something I will know later, but it seems like the seating order of the receptionist are decided by their position.

Mia-chan’s seat was at the center point of the receptionist’s seat, that means a seat straight through the entrance. That’s the seat of the most popular receptionist, the so called Ace receptionist, that means, Mia-chan is the most popular receptionist at Miniera’s guild.

And then, the one I’m currently pointing at is the girl that sits at the same seat as Mia-chan, Ace seat that is located straight through entrance.

That means, the most popular receptionist at this Grandile’s guild, and I also say that her chest is small.

So it should be a matter of course if the air is frozen. Well, that’s something I’ll know later so there’s nothing I can do about it right now, though.

“…hmm? What’s up with this atmosphere?”

“Idiot! Kitsune, you must not say something like her chest is small toward a girl!”

“Well… look, it was to restore your spirit, you know?”

Inside the frozen air, I float my usual faint smile and looking at my surroundings, and then Rishe-chan whispers and warn me as such.

Ah, I see, so that’s the case. But, you see, it’s as clear as day that her chest is smaller than Mia-chan’s, and I also didn’t say that her chest is small either, so it should be fine, right?

“Pfft… fufufufu…! Kitsune-san, good job…!”

And then, Finia-chan who is laughing while holding her stomach at my shoulder praises me. As I thought, I did nothing wrong.

“For now, let’s go to the receptionist immediately~, I’m getting tired… fua….”

Then, the normal Leila-chan says so while yawning. Well, along the guarding request, we didn’t get decent sleep for three days, so it can’t be helped if she lacks of sleep.

And so, inside this frozen air, I walk toward the receptionist girl that is floating business smile. The girl I pointed at before.

“Umm, please process the completion of the guarding request.”


“No, um, please process the completion of the request.”


“Completion procedure“


Not good, somehow my words won’t go through. And she even only answered with not more than four characters. What happens, I wonder? She floats a smile but her eyes aren’t smiling, similarly like the one Mia-chan once did, but this girl isn’t scary at all. That means, perhaps she isn’t angry. Could it be, is she irritated, I wonder? Or perhaps, did she get harassed by her superior, I wonder?

“Finia-chan, somehow she seems like is irritated, but… do you know why?”

“Kitsune-san, girls have subtle parts on them, you know! And those are something you must not ever touch!”

“Ah, umm… sorry.”

“I’m sure she is in her period!”

“I feel like, deja vu.”

When we’re chatting about it, the receptionist before me suddenly rises from her seat. She is hanging her head so I can’t see her face, but her shoulders are quivering.

Ah, she must be shy because just now Finia-chan said that she’s in her period. How troublesome, Finia-chan is pretty careless in those parts, after all.

“Finia-chan, even if that’s really the case, you shouldn’t say it out loud that she’s in her period, you know….”


“Sorry, Missy, she meant no ill intent, so please forgive her.”



When I’m apologizing, my field of vision suddenly takes a turn. I don’t feel any pain, but from the sensation of hitting floor and the sensation of lying on the floor, I can somehow grasp the situation.

Seems like I just got hit. Still lying on the floor, I look up, I can see the receptionist girl jumps over the counter and coming my way, and then Rishe-chan and some other adventurers try to stop her.

I sit upright.

“…what a brute girl.”

Since she was always sitting so I didn’t realize it, but this receptionist girl is very petite. Perhaps, even a bit shorter than Lulu-chan. Her chest is small compared to Mia-chan’s, but for her build, it is considerably big.

The so called big-boobed loli. Moreover she’s seemingly quite a wild one, to hit when she’s angry, what an interesting girl.

“Kitsune-kun, Kitsune-kun.”

“What’s up, Leila-chan?’

“You sure are skilled at offending people, right, Kitsune-kun?”

“No no, she was just arbitrarily angry when I talked to her, you know?”

“No matter how you look at it, it’s all bad mouth, though. But I also love such Kitsune-kun.”

Leila-chan chan squats and then talks to me who am sitting on the floor. I think I’ve never did anything wrong, but everyone were somehow angry at me. What a stray disaster.

Saying so, Leila-chan hugs me while smiling. That’s troublesome, so I stand up and shake Leila-chan off.

“Calm down! Calm down, Runa-chan! He sure is a bit that, but he has no ill intent!”

“He’s right! You’re cute, Runa-chan! Don’t worry! You aren’t inferior at all!”

“That’s right! Kitsune is always like that! So please forgive him!”

“Fu–! Fu–!”

Two male adventurers and Rishe-chan, when the three of them are trying to stop the receptionist named Runa, I walk toward her. If we make someone angry, we have to apologize, after all.

I stand before Runa-chan. And then, Runa-chan immediately stops her struggle, but her face still looks as angry as it is. Seems like she’s going to listen to what I’m going to say, right? Noticing that, the adventurers that are restraining her are unfastening their constraint.

“Please calm yourself down, Finia-chan really had no ill intent, you know? So please forgive her.”



Eh, not Finia-chan but me?

Her uppercut punch hits my jaw, and when my body is sent flying from the force, I think so.

I don’t feel any pain, but my field of vision is shaken.

For now, my field of vision is unsteady, but since my thought is still plain clear, so I calmly correct my posture, and then landing with both of my legs.

“…um, at me, huh… I see, at me, huh….”

“I won’t lose to such big only woman!”

“Do you mean, Mia-chan?”

“That’s right! There’s no way I would lose to such person!”

Seems like this girl takes Mia-chan as her rival. As a fellow receptionist, is there any kind of competition, I wonder? Like, how many adventurers that take request through her, or perhaps popularity… well, I don’t particularly care about such a thing, but at least there’s something I need to tell her.

“No no, no matter how you look at it, Mia-chan is way more beautiful and her boobs are also way bigger, right?”

At that moment, a small fist appears at my field of view, and my consciousness faded there.

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