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The Difference Between Miko And Red Night.

Opening my eyes, the first one appears at my sight is Leila-chan. Moreover, very close. Or rather, she’s gradually getting closer. Since it’s unpleasant so I hold and push her face away.

“Aha, you’re awake? Ufufu, ufufufu… but, that’s not good, the day is almost over after all, so… *Kiss*.”

“Nmu… puha… I see, so that’s the case, huh….”

Seems like she just arbitrarily took today’s kiss quota. Well, I’ve promised after all so it can’t be helped.

After kissing, I think she’s satisfied already so I sit upright, but Leila-chan is still sitting atop my legs. The so called facing each other position.

“Move aside, Leila-chan.”

“Ya~… only if you let me lick you.”


“Ufufufu… which part should I lick, I wonder?”

Lewdly licks her lips, Leila-chan fascinatingly smiles. Looking closely, her eyes are red and there are heart marks on it, her cheeks are also blushing. And If I should put it too, she’s drooling, and her miasma is also leaking out. I can also feel her hot breath.

What’s up is it? To face the fully in heat Leila-chan, the moment I wake up, what kind of nightmare, is it?

More importantly, where are we? The one I’m lying at is seemingly a bed, but, where are Finia-chan and the other? According to Leila-chan, seems like it’s already around evening, but I know nothing but that. I’m lacking information.

“Leila-chan, where are the other?”

“Taking bath.”

“Eh, taking bath?”

The unexpected bath.

Actually, ever since I come to this world, I haven’t taken any bath at all. Honestly speaking, I disliked how reek of sweat I become, but since Ayla-san said that bath were supposed to only be used by nobles and wealthy people so I’ve given up on it, but Leila-chan just said that there’s bath here?

And then, Finia-chan and the other are currently in it? Eh, that means, Rishe-chan and Lulu-chan are also there, right? Of course they’re naked there, right?

“Okay, Leila-chan, let’s go to the bath!”

“Eh, are we going to enter it together? Ufufu, ufufu… fine, let’s go… I’ll wash every nooks of your body, Kitsune-kun… with my tongue.”

“Are you an idiot? Girls are currently taking a bath, you know? It’s a matter of course that we’re going there to peek them!”

“Huh? Somehow, you’re different than usual….”

After telling Leila-chan my majestic reason to go to the bath, I stand up and brush Leila-chan aside.

I feel like Leila-chan is unusually drawn aback, but right now isn’t the time to bother about it. Bath, and with girls using it, it’s a matter of course we have to peek them, right? Ever since I was thrown into girls changing room at my third year of grade school, I just can’t resist such temptation after all. At that time, I was beaten into pulp by all girls there, but since I was at my puberty, it made me want to enter it again. When I laughed it off and apologize, they would forgive me, after all.

I’ve grown up using the bullying I received at my past as the fuel.

I’ve turned all of those experiences as the fuel of my growth!

“Come on, let’s go, before they’re finished.”

“Eh~… but Finia-chan and the other are already there since quite a time ago, you know?”

Simultaneously with Leila-chan saying so, the door of the room is opened. The one entering is Rishe-chan and the other whose hairs are still wet after taking a bath. Seems like they’ve finished. I fall to my knee, and turn all fours there in despair.

Why I was sleeping! Even though there was such a marvelous chance presented!!

“What’s up Kitsune? Making such gloomy face.”

“Kitsune-san, Kitsune-san! It was very amazing! It was very vast, and the water was hot!”

“Sorry, Finia-chan. I feel like I understand what you mean, but I don’t understand it at all.”

“Kitsune-sama… are you alright?”

Lulu-chan is squatting beside me; who am in all fours in despair; and worriedly calling out to me. Sorry, for you to be worried at me, it feels a bit that, but since I’m just frustrated for unable to peek at you girls taking a bath, the feeling of guilt is too heavy.

Well, it’s already happened so let’s just let it be….

For now, let’s ask them what happened at the guild since then first. It might even explain where we currently are, after all.


◇ ◇ ◇


“I see, so at that time, that girl was mad at Mia-chan, huh.”

“No, it was at you, right?”

According to them, seems like I was fainted after receiving that right straight punch from that big-boobed loli named Runa Sylphine. Even if I didn’t feel any pain, if my mind was shaken then I’d naturally fainted, so it couldn’t be helped.

Then, seems like Rishe-chan finished the completion procedure and received the reward.

After receiving 20% of the reward, seems like woman B immediately went somewhere. Well, I’m sure she didn’t want to be together with Leila-chan any longer, so that’s a matter of course, huh.

“And then, taking the fainted you along, we searched for an inn… since most of it was booked already, so in the end we decided to rent one triple room here.”

“How about the bath?”

“Ah, at Grandile Kingdom, since bath is installed even at common house, so for an inn to providing one is something usual.”

I see… hmm? That means, are we going to sleep together in this room? There are three beds, leaving Finia-chan aside, there should be two person who are sharing bed, right?

Of course, we’ll let Leila-chan sleep alone, that’s a matter of course right? Sleeping together with her is nothing but suicide, after all.

“How’s the bedding order?”

“Hmm, ah… just in case, we’ll have Leila sleep by herself… then, Kitsune with Finia, and Lulu with me. As, as expected, for me to sleep together with you is embarrassing, after all….”

Seemingly has a similar thought as mine, Rishe-chan decides to put Leila-chan to sleep alone, and Finia; who has been together with me for the longest time; sleep with me. Well, that’s a sound decision, with her size, she won’t take too much space of the bed, after all.

However, Rishe-chan is unexpectedly quite a maiden herself, huh. Perhaps imagining sleeping together with me, she’s scratching her somewhat blushing face. I think that’s pretty cute.

“I see, well, fine by me.”

“Ahem… so, what’s our plan for tomorrow?”

And then, since we’ve decided our bedding order, we discuss about tomorrow’s plan.

Since meeting the hero is my main objective going here, so thinking a way to meet him takes the priority, but… I have some thoughts in mind. If he’s a Japanese, if I state my name when I ask permission to meet him, I think I’ll be able to meet him, right? Since there’s no other person with Japanese name at this world, after all.

That’s why, first of all, I’m planning to go to the castle with Finia-chan, but… I don’t feel like have any other thing I want to do here, after all.

“…I’m intending to go to the castle with Finia-chan. Meeting the hero is my objective, after all. And I don’t have any other objective in my mind, so… yup, Rishe-chan, you can just sightseeing or anything as you like, taking a request in the guild is also fine.”

“To the castle, huh… I don’t know whether you’ll be able to meet him or not, but… we won’t know it before we try it, huh… but, why don’t we all go there together?”

“Ahaha, the one who want to meet the hero is only me, after all, it’s fine, it’s fine. If possible, I want you to take Lulu-chan to some fun places, though.”

When I pat Lulu-chan’s ;who sits beside me; head, I can feel the slightly wet sensation from her light brown hair. Lulu-chan is pleasantly squinting and tilting her head. I think she doesn’t understand what I just said, right?

Even if she’s my family, she’s formerly a slave. Moreover, at my former world, she’s at her playing age, so I want to let her have fun as much as possible. It’s a good opportunity, after all, should I go and play with her after meeting the hero, I wonder?

“Tomorrow, play as much as you want with Rishe-chan.”

“Is that okay?”

“Yup, no problem, just enjoy it without the need to reserve.”

Lulu-chan is fixedly staring at me for a while, before losing the strain at her face and gone smiling.

“Ehehe… understood.”

Yup yup, it’s good to be honest. Right now, Lulu-chan is the only one, who could soothe me down like this.

Finia-chan with her abusive words, rather than soothing down, she’s a fun one, after all, Rishe-chan is somewhat too earnest, and Leila-chan is out of question. Lulu-chan is my sole healer, I’ll bestow her a title, Lulu the oasis.

“Kitsune-kun~, how about me~?”

“How about return to the forest?”

“Ufufufufu, as long as I’m together with you, I don’t mind going anywhere.”

“Fine, then, just go along with Rishe-chan and Lulu-chan. Protect them from anyone who try to entangle them… tonight, I’ll let you lick my left arm as much as you pleased, after all.”

When I ask Leila-chan to become Lulu-chan’s guard, she sends me a gaze that’s asking for reward, so for now, I’ll let her to lick my left arm tonight. What a selfish girl, don’t just arbitrarily go lustful.

“Yaaay, ufufufu… but, but, if I lick you all night long, I think I might ended up broken… ehehehe….”

Ah, the time I woke up tomorrow, I’ll be all sticky huh, how depressing, or rather, it would be great if you could just break yourself, though. After that, I could simply put you inside some bag, and throw you away into a deserted forest or mountain, after all.

Well, be that as it may, I finally have arrived at the grandile kingdom where the hero resides in. The hero is seemingly at the castle, but I don’t know whether I’ll be able to meet him or not, though….

I’ve come a bit closer. An existence that perhaps know some clues, if this hero is someone from the same world as mine, I believe I should be able to get some useful informations from him. Like the state when he come here, or the thing about ever since he come here.

Either way… it’s all decided tomorrow. Today, I’ll rest my body properly for tomorrow’s sake, and tomorrow, I’ll go and meet the hero.

“Well then, I think it’s something like that… for now, how about we go to bed?”


“Yup, please sleep quickly, Kitsune-kun.”

“Got it.”


At my word, everyone agrees and go into their respective beds. Leila-chan is standing while breathing roughly beside my bed, but let’s don’t bother with it. I hope she won’t go too far till I woke up tomorrow.

I’m sure the hero sleeps at a much better bed, and getting told ‘good night’ by a cute girl, right? Goddammit.

“…good night.”

“Good night.”

If it’s not you, I’m sure it would feel great, Leila-chan.


◇ ◇ ◇


On the other side, the hero.

After his audience with the king, Nagi went to do his regular practice, and then arranging his preparation for the journey together with Cecil.

Nonetheless, since most of the necessity was prepared by the castle already, he didn’t need to go shopping, he just had to collect anything he might need on the journey. Even if Cecil was ordered to aid him, she only told him what and how many things everyone usually need.

Moreover, he had received a magic tool, ‘item pouch’. Even with size that could be carried by one hand, it was a convenient item with maximum capacity equal to its holder magic capacity, that’s why his luggage wasn’t that bulky.

And like that, the preparation was quickly finished.

After that he did some independent training, removing his sweat, and after taking a bath, night eventually came. Actually, at first, the hero, Serizawa Nagi was surprised,

—by the miko, Cecil, who was in the same room as he was.

Offering her body and soul to the hero, to do her role as his supporter, she was in the same room as he was, so that she could be any help the moment needed.

That’s why, at first Nagi was fluttered and unable to sleep because of her sleeping breath, but right now he had somewhat used to it and able to sleep. But since Cecil’s nightwear was pretty thin, his heart was still pounding heavily though.

Moreover, since Nagi was usually woke up five minutes earlier than her, and was asked to wake her up by then, he inevitably saw her sleeping face, and since Cecil was quite a wild sleeper, her yukata was usually ended up in messed up state and exposed her pure and vivacious skin.

Each morning, Nagi tried his best to steel up his will and desire so that he wouldn’t have a nosebleed. He even ended up had a wrong idea that ‘Is this also a training to become a hero…?!’.

With that being the case, night.

“Nagi-sama, is there anything wrong?”

“N, no… nothing. Let’s sleep immediately.”

“Ah, yes… tomorrow we need to wake up early, after all, right?”

Two days after her body was seen by the hero, whenever she met the hero, her face would be blushing and she would avert her eyes, but seems like currently she had tried her best and somehow overcome it.

However, even though her nightwear was that thin, why did she was fine with it? Or so Nagi thought. Woman’s thought sure was hard to understood.

“Tomorrow, before we make our departure, let’s go to adventurer guild first.”

“Adventurer guild?”

“Yes, since there are countries that couldn’t be entered just for being a hero, I think having adventurer card that could be used as universal entry pass would be convenient.”

“Hee… so there’s a guild at this country?”

“Of course, there is. Since there are guilds located at every countries, after all.”

Hearing about adventurer guild, Nagi recalled a RPG game that was recommended by his friend to him at his former world. He already knew that that was a place to accept and order request, but since he never thought that he would really see the real thing, he was slightly anticipating it.

“I see… are adventurers strong?”

“I don’t know… but there are people who are stronger that the current you, Nagi-sama. Since an S rank adventurer has prowess equaling a country, they’re capable to fight against an A rank demon by themselves.”

“Amazing… will I be able to meet them along the journey, I wonder?”

“I’m not sure about it… but, if you’re getting more and more stronger, I’m sure you will eventually meet them.”

Nagi honestly hold respect toward S rank adventurers.

‘Red Night’, the demon Cecil mentioned some time ago was an A rank, and she judged that Nagi, the hero himself would have a hard time to defeat it.

The one who could surely and easily defeat it was someone way stronger than him, an extent that normally couldn’t be reached. However, Nagi thought that he wanted to chase after them.

“I’m looking forward to it.”

“You sure are strange, Nagi-sama.”

“Ahaha! Well, perhaps can say that, but thinking about demon lord over and over again surely would tiring you, right? We’re especially going to a journey, so let’s enjoy it.”

“…really, you sure are strange.”

Nagi floated a childish smile, seeing that, Cecil unintentionally chuckled.

And then, discussing about the journey they were about to had, Nagi talked excitedly about the world he hadn’t seen, and Cecil floated a smile while listening to him.

They looked like a parent and child before an excursion, but while they were chatting, Nagi fell asleep. Perhaps he was worn out after excitedly chatting with Cecil.

Cecil gently smiled toward such Nagi.

And then, approaching the sleeping Nagi, Cecil placed the bed cover around Nagi properly, and after that she looked gently at him while gently caressing his head.

“Good night, Nagi-sama.”

Cecil’s eyes when saying so were filed with a warmness as if looking at an adorable thing, and her face was slightly blushing.

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