I Kinda Came to Another World – 49

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When I wake up, the very first thing I feel is a weight of someone around my waist, and my wet left arm that feels cold the moment morning wind touches it.

Still laying down, when I turn my face toward my left arm, I can see my left arm that has become sticky because of the sticking drool around it. When I swing my left arm to shake off the drool, some of it splatters at my face. I unintentionally let out a sigh.

“Huh… just as I thought.”

When I sit straight, exactly just as I thought, around my waist, there’s Leila-chan who is burying her face on it.

Her face is bright red and her flushed body is covered by sweats. Moreover, her expression has gone blank, her red eyes are blankly wide open, and her red tongue is slovenly sticking out from her opened mouth. When I see her convulsing in agony, this is the result huh, or so I thought.

“Ahee… ehehehe… amazing… you were very amazing, Kitsune-kun… I, I, I thought I was going to break… ufufu, ufufufu….”

“It would be the best if you just go break yourself as it is, though.”


Pulling out my legs that are under the feebly laying Leila-chan, I get off the bed and stand up. In doing so, Leila-chan’s body crumbled to the bed, she lets out some flirtatious voices but I decided to ignore her. I’m sure she’ll recover soon, after all.

When I look around, seems like everyone other than I and Leila-chan are still sleeping. I usually woke up pretty early, but since yesterday I’d slept when I was fainted, seems like I wake up earlier than usual. Even the sky is still dim, clock-wise, perhaps it’s around 4:30 AM.

“Well then… what should I do, I wonder… kuu~… haa.”

I’ve woke up already so it can’t be helped, I stretch my body while murmuring so.

And suddenly, I remember that there’s bath in this inn. Also, the fact that I haven’t entered it yesterday.

“Bath, shall I take one, I wonder.”

I don’t know whether we are allowed to enter it at this kind of time, but since like this I have nothing to do after all, so I think it won’t be hurts to go there and ascertain it. It would be good if I can enter it, and even if I can’t, well, at least I can use it to keep myself awake. I’ve heard that taking a bath right after woke up was bad for health, but since I’ve never enter it even once thus far, well, it shouldn’t be that bad, I think.

“Ah, I’m going as well.”

“Your recovery is too fast, just laying down there for a bit longer.”

“Ya~, since you won’t let me to rest all night long, my body is dripping with sweat.”

“Not not letting you to rest, but you just licked me all night long, didn’t you? At least, I was sleeping this whole time.”

What kind of joke is this lustful demon says.

Nevertheless, even if I tell her to stay here, I’m sure she’ll still follow me there. Even if she’s a demon, as a girl, seems like she still dislike to be reeks of sweat, doesn’t she?

Men and women bath are separated, after all, so there should be no problem, right?

“Haa… fine, let’s go to the bath then.”

“Yaay, Taking bath with Kitsune-kun.”

Going to the bathroom, I and Leila-chan leave the room.

Since I don’t know where the bathroom is, so for now I’ll just wander around the hallway. It’s wider than the one at Miniera, as expected, the difference of the countries, I think? Perhaps the territory is also vast, right? It’s a military country, after all.

“Say, say, Kitsune-kun.”

“What is it?”

“Is hero strong? Even stronger than me?”

“Who knows… well, since it seems like he has the prowess to slay the demon lord, so perhaps he may even be able to defeat you, Leila-chan.”

Or rather, just kill her already.

Well, it hasn’t even been one month ever since the hero came to this world, after all, so perhaps he still isn’t that strong, right? Even at my first week here, I hadn’t become any much stronger, after all. As long as he doesn’t have an absurdly high initial specs, I think right now he’s still considerably weak.

Currently, I’m sure Leila-chan is still way stronger than him, right?

“Hmm… looking forward to meet him.”

“… ah, seems like it’s here.”

While chatting about that, I finally find the bathroom. As I thought, men and women are separated, I think I’ve never felt this happy to know the fact that the men and women’s bath are separated.

Seems like the bath is open 24/7, we can even enter it right now. How lucky.

“Well then, Leila-chan, you go to be women’s bath. I’ll go to the men’s bath.”

“Eh~, I want to enter it together with you, Kitsune-kun. Around this time, there should be no one around, after all, right?”

“No means no, that would lead to trouble, after all.”

“What kind of trouble is there?!”

“Moral trouble!”

I’ll abide the rule, sure, taking bath together with a cutie like Leila-chan is a fascinating temptation, but I’ll still abiding the rule. As an earnest and proper man, I’ll strictly follow the rule.

Well, to be honest, I simply don’t want to enter it together with Leila-chan, though.

“Come on, just obediently enter there.”

“Muu… got it.”

Reluctantly, Leila-chan enters the women’s bath. Confirming that, I enter the men’s bath.

The dressing room is unexpectedly spacious, and it seems like there’s no one here when I look around. There’s no clothes put there so there should be no one there, right?

At once, I take off my clothes, and then go to the bath area.

When I enter it, the room is pretty vast. There’s no shower but there’s a place with waterway to wash our body. There’re even buckets provided by the inn, after using soap onto our body and hair, we can rinse it off with the water from the waterway.

Since it uses the same water as the bathtub, so I think that there might be some foams there, but, it seems like, using a magic tool with purification effect, they keep the water at the bathtub and the one that is used to wash our body to be still in clean condition and ready to use anytime. Amazing, as expected of fantasy world.

“For now, let’s wash my body first.”

Sitting on the stool at the area to wash our body, I wash my body with the soap that has been provided there. Perhaps since I haven’t taken any bath for more than a week, with the oil and dust that have been accumulated at my sticky hair and body, I feel like I need to wash it two or three times over, but once I’m done on it, my body feels very refreshed.

‘Kitsune-kun, are you there~?’


And then, I can hear Leila-chan’s voice that come from the women’s area that is separated by a wall from men’s area. Well, since the part above the wall is connected, so it isn’t strange that I can hear it, huh.

Perhaps, there’s only Leila-chan at the other side, right? For now, let’s just ignore her.

‘what, if you’re there then you should just answer me.”

“… how could you know?”

‘Aha, if I spread my miasma, I can sense the area around me to a certain extent.”

“What’s up with that enemy detection ability.”

When I look closely, I can surely see black miasma blended in the steam. She sensed my presence here with it, huh.

‘…the backward is it has no vision ability though~….’

“Don’t say it as if that’s really something disappointing.”

If it has vision ability, wouldn’t it become the ultimate peeping skill?


For now, I’ll just ignore Leila-chan and enter the bathtub. Feeling the sensation that my accumulated fatigue is being washed off, I unintentionally let out a sigh.

Entering the bathtub till my mouth height, I exhale and make *bukubuku* sounds.

I think that’s quite a bit bad manner, but here I’m all alone after all, so it’s fine, right?


With Leila-chan’s voices as the BGM, I enjoy this soothing time. The time I hardly could get in my broken daily live, it feels very great.


“What’s up, Kitsune-kun, are you sleepy?”

“…why are you here?”

Before I noticed it, Leila-chan is suddenly at my side already. I think she jumped across the wall using her absurdly high physical ability, but I really hope her to don’t ever do it, though.

Do you realize it, I wonder? The one that tired me to most were you, Leila-chan. So please don’t disturb my hard to get soothing time.

“Aha, we’re all alone together….”

“…seems like you’re unusually not in heat, aren’t you?”

“I’ve enjoyed you all night long after all, so for now I’ll endure myself.”

“Hmm… well, good to hear that.”

The so called refractory time, huh. After licking my left arm all night long, for the time being her desire has been satisfied, huh. Well, anyhow, I’m sure she’ll return to her lustful self in no time, after all. I hope she’ll stay docile around this bathing time, though.

“It feels great, right, Kitsune-kun?”

“…you’re right.”

Even though Leila-chan is right next to me, there’s no slight thought to take a peek at her. Perhaps it isn’t because she’s a monster, but because my body wants to fully enjoy this rare relaxing time, right?

After that, I and Leila-chan continue to stay inside the bathtub for a little longer in silence.

Ah, somehow, I feel like I really want to pet Lulu-chan.


When we return to our room, Rishe-chan and Lulu-chan are already awake. Seemingly preparing for today’s plan, Lulu-chan is sticking her hand into her tunic’s sleeve, and Rishe-chan is tying up Lulu-chan’s hair into round.

When both of them notice my presence, they bashfully float strained smiles.

“So you just took a bath, Kitsune.”

“Welcome back, Kitsune-sama.”

“Yes, I’m back.”

“It was great~.”

Greeting them briefly, I approach Finia-chan who’s still asleep.

And then, I call out to her while poking her stomach with my finger. Finia-chan won’t wake up unless I do so, after all.

“Finia-chan, wake up.”

“I… who… who am I?! Ha!… morning! Kitsune-san!”

“Yo, morning.”

Today’s story is about a man who lost his memories, huh. Finia-chan, you sure got numerous strange dreams every night, huh.

Nevertheless, with this everyone is awake. Should I go meet the hero immediately, I wonder? I don’t know when he would leave this country after all, so I better go and meet him as soon as possible.

“Well then… I and Finia-chan will go to the castle. The rest of you can just play around as much as you want. Well, if you want to take a request, then you can also go to the guild, though.”

“Got it.”

“Fine then, Finia-chan… shall we get going?”

“Yes! Hero hunting, right!?”

“Wait, not hunting, but meeting him.”

Finia-chan is also seemingly full of spirit. Just to make sure, she won’t really hunt him, right? I really hope she won’t do it, that’s won’t be funny even as a joke, after all.

But, well, taking along such anxiety, we start moving. The goal is to meet the person who came from another world, the hero,

Wearing my gakuran again, placing Finia-chan at my shoulder, and finally placing the fox mask at my head. After I’ve got into my usual state, I open the door again, and leave the room.

Well then, let’s meet the hero.


◇ ◇ ◇


Ever since he woke up, Serizawa Nagi was attacked by a somewhat strange feeling.

His heart wouldn’t calm down, but, rather than a bad premonition, it was more like an omen that there was something coming up. Ever since he came to this world, there were times when he felt such feeling. When he was practicing, especially when he was fully concentrating, he could somewhat sense what would happen next. He didn’t possess 『Intuition』 skill, but seems like his sixth sense was also strengthened because of the summoning effect.

There was something coming.

Slowly, he felt that there was something approaching him.

“…I’ve also felt it even in my dream.”

And then, at the dream he just had in his sleep, he even felt a similar feeling like the one he was currently facing. The subjects were pretty much something like this.

Inside a pitch black space, he could hear footsteps that were steadily approaching him from his rear, but when he turned around, there was no one there. And the moment he was bewildered, his neck was strangle by a hand. Moreover, a bone only hand without any flesh.

And then, when he turned his neck and looking at his rear, the one he saw there wasn’t a human, but a shinigami. Human’s skeleton that wore pitch black clothes, and then, its right eye was glaring at him.

Nagi felt a very intense chills and fear at his spine, and immediately woke up.

“…wh, what was that… that one-eyed shinigami….”

Murmuring so, he tried to wipe off the uneasy feeling in his heart.

Intending to change a pace, Nagi opened the curtain of his room, after that he opened the window and deeply inhaled the morning breeze. Just a bit, his feeling had calmed down.


And then, he looked down through the window.

Nagi and Cecil’s room was located at a comparatively high place. Therefore, he could see the whole town if he looked down through the window, and he also could see the castle’s entrance from there. And Nagi noticed something there.

At his back, chills ran through it similarly like the one he felt in his dream.

“Wha… that’s….”

At the end of his sight, there was a youth who wore a pitch black clothes, with his left eye covered in bandages. Walking toward castle’s entrance while floating faint smile at his face.

And then, looking at that clothes, that was something he knew about. No, rather than knew, as a student, that was a very familiar clothes for him.

“Gakuran…!? Could it be, he’s similar like me…!”

Gakuran. Nagi’s uniform was a blazer, but since it was similarly a uniform so he obviously knew about it. Ever since he came to this world, Nagi never saw anyone who wore a school uniform, but that youth suddenly appeared there right before his eyes. Nagi’s expression was, full in surprise with eyes opened wide.

And then, comprehending that, he hurriedly left the room.

The youth who wore gakuran, Nagi was excited by the thought that that youth might be someone that also came from similar world as he was.

“Haa… haa… haa…!”

From the onlookers view, Nagi was running through the hallway with an outstanding speed, however Nagi himself had a strong urge to move any second faster! Running down the stairs, he ran toward the entrance with all his might.

“Haa… haa…!”

And then, opening the giant gate, he rushed out the gate.

His balance was crumbled and almost fell upfront, but he forcefully readjusted his posture and looked at the entrance’s gate. The one there was gatekeeper knights who were quarreling with the youth who wore gakuran.

When he looked there closely to ascertain it…

“As I thought, a gakuran…!”

And then, Nagi dashed out again toward the entrance, perhaps he couldn’t control his excitement, he hurriedly ran there and stopped right before the youth who was being restrained by the gatekeepers.

Because he recklessly ran there, his breathing was rough and his chest was painful, he place his hands on his knees and then readjusting his breathing. Facing downward, sweats were dripping down from his face.

“—Are you, perhaps the hero?”

That voices that came from above his head, were words as if ascertaining whether Nagi was the hero or not.

Nagi raised his face, and looked at the youth. The one before him was a youth wearing gakuran who floated a fainted smile and had lost his left eye.

Nagi answered him while unable to endure his smile.

“Haa… haa… yes… I’m the hero!”

Naginata Kitsune and Serizawa Nagi.

The two other worlder (irregular) who came to another world at a completely different circumstances, they finally met each other.

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