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My first impression upon seeing the hero was ‘a refreshingly cool hunk’.

When I left the inn, I could immediately find where the castle was. Or rather, since it was the largest and the tallest building in this whole country, perhaps it could be seen from anywhere within this country, right? Moreover, the inn was located pretty close to the castle. I could immediately arrived at the castle’s entrance after walking for several minutes.

After that, I told the gatekeepers that I wanted to meet the hero, but unfortunately they didn’t allow me to meet him. And when I tried to deceive them using my eloquence, luckily the hero appeared here himself.

“Are you perhaps, the hero?”

“Yes, I’m the hero!”

Since he hurriedly ran here, perhaps he saw me from somewhere, didn’t he? Even though I wore nothing but this gakuran, but if he saw this clothes, I was sure he would immediately understand that I also similarly came from another world, after all.

Even if he was well welcomed here as hero, but the people around him were still nothing but people from another world, after all.

From the bottom of his heart, there’s no way he wouldn’t feel a nostalgic feeling from this. As long as he still has any lingering feeling for his former world, though.

That’s why, if he saw me, I thought that perhaps he would immediately came out. Seems like my luck is pretty good here.

“Ah, umm… by any chance… umm….”

There, the spirit he had when he first appeared here has been diminished, and he acts in flusters.

Well, inquiring someone whether he is an other worlder or not is pretty hard, after all.

Because, if I say that I’m someone from this world, then that would be very embarrassing, after all.

“I don’t know from which world you came, but… earth or japan, do you know any of it?”

“!! Y, yes, I know it! That means… you too?”

“Yup, that’s right. I’m also similarly an ( – – ) as you.”

When I directly say that I’m also an other worlder in our native language, I and the hero, seems like we can pretty much grasp that we came from the same world.

He immediately floats a full face smile, and let out a sigh in relief.

“So there’s someone with same circumstance as me here, huh… sorry but, it slightly put me in relief.”

“Well, I came to this world earlier than you, though.”

“Is that so? … umm… is it okay if I inquire your name?”

“My name is Kitsune, to make it more familiar, you may also add ‘senpai’ suffix at it, you know?”

Appearance-wise, he’s taller than me, our gazes won’t meet unless I look up at him. His body is firm but slim and long. His attires are the one from this world, but since he has long limbs so it suits him well.

But, since his face looks pretty young, I think he’s younger than me, isn’t he? I came here earlier, after all, so I’m sure that I’m the senior here.

“Hahaha, you’re right… then, I’ll gladly refer you at such, Kitsune-senpai.”

“Ah, you really call me so, huh… by the way, how old are you?”

“I’m 17.”

“Good, even age-wise I’m the senior here.”

If he were older than me, I was wondering what should I do. Being called senpai by someone older is a bit awkward, after all.

Or rather, this hero seems pretty friendly, huh. Seems like he has a considerably high communication ability. At our former world, seems like he was a person who would live a normal fags life, wasn’t he? It would be good if he just blow himself up and die, though.

“Umm… and then, why are you here, Kitsune-senpai?”

“Ah, I come here because I have some business with you.”

“With me?”

Hero-kun inclines his head and folds his arms.

Well, since our circumstance here are distance apart, it can’t be helped if you think so.

Different from you who have the goal to subjugate the demon lord, my goal is nothing but to return to our former world, after all.

“Well… at least, I want to have a thorough chat with you, but, do you have any time?”

Anyhow, as long as we don’t have a chat, nothing would begin, after all.

He, who was summoned here as hero, and me, who suddenly at this world upon my death, what’s the difference between us, also, whether he know a way for me to return to our former world—

—please don’t betray my expectation, hero-kun.

“…got it, I’m intending to go to the guild later, so… could you wait for me there?”

“Fine. Well then, see you later.”


After that, I leave that place. Having decided our rendezvous place, I go to the guild. We return to where we came from respectively, I walk through the city street, and he walks toward the castle.

With this, I’ve got an appointment to have a chat with the hero. This is a great step. After listening to the story he has, what kind of decision I’ll make… who knows.


After walking for a while, I turn only my face. The one I’m looking at is, the back of the hero who is walking toward the castle.

“—what an intimidating air, as expected of a hero, right?”

I’ve felt it ever since he was before me, the intimidating air of a hero. Even though he’s pretty tall already, I feel like he looks even greater in my eyes. Even right now is the same, his leaving back is, greatly standing firm as if a giant.

How scary, as expected of hero… our airs are greatly different, right?


“I’m fine, shall we go, Finia-chan.”

Before I met the hero, I asked Finia-chan to return inside the mask, and now she has appeared here again and dubiously calling out to me. I’m sure a fairy is very rare for him, that’s why I asked her to hide so that I could have a calm conversation with him.

I answer her with my usual faint smile. Turning my face, I continue to walk again. For now, let’s go to adventurer guild first.


◇ ◇ ◇


After walking for a while, I finally arrived at the guild. Since it was the place Leila-can led us to before, I was a bit lost before arriving here. It was quite an ordeal since I didn’t know the location where our inn was either.

Well, I’ve somehow arrived here, so let’s don’t fret about it too much.

Opening the door, I enter the guild. Everyone here are all unfamiliar faces, but those seemingly strong adventurer’s gazes are all gathered at me.

And then,



The person who suddenly appeared before me is, laying a kick at my head.



The one touching my head is, the sensation of hard boots. Together with someone’s scream of fighting spirit, I’m horizontally blown away from the entrance toward the wall.

And then, from the place I was there just a moment ago, I can hear a sound of someone is landing there. Even the clatter inside the guild is settled down to the point I can hear that landing sound.

“…what happens?”

“Kitsune-san, are you okay?”

“Yes, I’m fine, but… what happens?”

While answering Finia-chan’s words, I’m bewildered. And then, to grasp the situation, I look toward where the landing sound comes from.

There, a familiar girl is standing there. Wearing similar uniform as Mia-chan, even though she has a petite body, she possess voluptuous breasts, and she’s staring at me a determined eyes. Since there are veins popping out at her forehead, no matter how you look at it, she’s angry.

Ah right, I remember her. She’s the ace receptionist here… Runa-chan. She was enraged because of my remark, wasn’t she? So she’s still angry, huh, what an avengeful girl. How troublesome.

“Umm… are you still angry because of what I said yesterday?”

“That’s a matter of course! After making a fool of me that much, there’s no way I’ll forgive you that easily, don’t I?”

“Even though you’re a receptionist, what a belligerent girl you are.”

“At this country, it’s already a common sense that even the receptionist are strong, or rather, if you can’t beat a receptionist, then there’s no way you’ll be able to survive here, you know?”

Are the receptionists here really that strong? As expected of military country, huh. Lair of battles junkies, there’s nothing but muscle brain here, huh. Well, that’s exactly why they’re strong, right?

Nonetheless, what should I do about her anger, I wonder? … it doesn’t seems like she’d forgive me if I apologize either, after all… well, whatever, even if she won’t forgive me. My reason coming here is to meet the hero, after all.

“How troublesome… this girl.”

“What did you say?!”

“Haa… ah, is it okay if I sit here?”

“Eh? Ah, I don’t mind, but….”


Ignoring Runa-chan who’s stomping her feet, I sit at the nearby open seat. I’ve asked permission to the muscled adventurer who sit there, after all, so let’s just sit there while waiting for the hero to be arriving here.

When I thought so, Runa-chan’s hand is placed atop my shoulder.

“Do you need something?”

“You see… I—“

“Sorry, I already have someone I love, so… sorry, I can’t answer your feeling.”

“Why did you make it as if I were going to confess to you!!”

What, it wasn’t a confession, huh. Since you were calling out to me while hanging your head, so I thought all of your angry acts thus far were to hide your embarrassment, though. I’m somewhat shocked here, I feel like I just got betrayed.

“You traitor!”

“Do you really want to die that badly?!”

“Say, Finia-chan… I thought that finally there was a girl who was going to confess to me, you know? But it all comes to this… what the hell is this?”

“Please don’t be too overconfident, Kitsune-san! Just think about it logically, there’s no way you’ll ever be confessed to by a human, right?”

“Finia-chan, you just gave me the finishing blow there.”

If it isn’t a confession then I’m not interested at all. Taking care of troublesome girl, Leila-chan is more than enough for me already, so please don’t bother me that much.

Ignoring the screaming and squealing Runa-chan, I rest my chin atop my hand while waiting for the hero.

Come to think of it, how’s Lulu-chan and the others doing, I wonder?

It’s good as long as they’re having fun, but I’m a bit worried about whether Leila-chan properly guard them or not. That girl is pretty much always at her own pace and moreover a selfish one, after all.


“What is it? You’ve been so noisy ever since a moment ago, you know?”

“Gu… that’s because you’ve been ignoring me, don’t you?”

“That’s because you’ve been doing something that makes me want to ignore you, don’t you?”

“That’s because you’ve been doing something that makes me want to do something that makes you want to ignore me, don’t you?”

“Ahaha, what is that supposed to mean?”

“I really want to hit you!!”

I really just laughing because I don’t understand what she says. This feels as if playing around with a kid, well, in her case, her playful power isn’t something to be laughed at, though. But she sure is someone that makes me want to tease her. I have no intention to befriend her, though.

Runa-chan’s face is bright red and glaring at me with resentment, but she reluctantly return to her seat after being called by the other receptionist. She keeps glaring at me to the bitter ends, but I honestly think that I didn’t do anything wrong. At least, today I haven’t done anything wrong, I think.

Ah, the gazes from the surrounding are hurt.


◇ ◇ ◇


After parting with Kitsune, Nagi immediately returned to his room.

Immediately woke the sleeping Cecil up, he started his preparation to go out. He was in high spirit and could only think about his urge to meet and had a chat with Kitsune as soon as possible.

Looking at such Nagi, Cecil couldn’t understand what happened, but looking at him nimbly finishing his preparations, she also hurriedly started preparing herself.

And then, after preparing himself for a while, Nagi already equipped his armor atop his clothes, and placed the sword at his waist, and then he immediately took the luggage they had prepared the day before. After wearing her usual miko clothes, Cecil immediately let out her mind.

“What happened to be in that hurry, Nagi-sama?”

“Hmm, ah… I just met a pretty interesting person. And we’ve promised to have a chat in the guild later.”

“Hee… I see.”

“Seems like he has something to discuss about with me, and since I also want to have a chat with him so I want to go there as soon as possible.”

Nagi left the room with an excited expression. Cecil walked following him. Seemingly wanted to go to the guild as soon as possible, he walked briskly through the hallway.

Looking at that, Cecil thought about it a bit, and then calling out to a maid nearby.

“Umm, do you have a second?”

“Ah, yes, is there anything I can help you with?”

“I and Hero-sama are going to go to the guild ahead, so please tell Silphy and Jik to meet us there.”

“Certainly, please be careful.”

Silphy and Jik, those two were the persons who were prepared by the king to aid the hero to subjugate the demon lord on this journey. An A rank magician, Silphy, and an A rank swordsman, Jik, both of them were people with pretty outstanding prowess.

The initial plan was they were going to departure from the castle together, but since Nagi unexpectedly wanted to departure earlier, so it was decided that they were going to meet them at the guild later.

Acknowledging that, the maid bowed her head, and Cecil hurriedly ran after Nagi.

“Please wait for me, Nagi-sama.”


“I do understand that you’re excited about it, but please calm yourself a bit. If you’ve promised to meet again then, I’m sure he wouldn’t go anywhere. Moreover, do you even know the way toward the guild is?”

“Ah… you’re right, sorry.”

Getting cautioned by Cecil, Nagi suppressed his excitement. Feeling a bit apologetic, he scratched his head, and dejectedly dropped his shoulders. As if a child that got scolded by his parent.

“Fufufu… well then, shall we get going. I’ll guide you till the adventurer guild.”

Looking as such Nagi, Cecil chuckled as if looking at something funny, and then walked before Nagi. When she grabbed the dejected Nagi’s hand, he started walking again after pulling himself together.

Even though he was a hero, he was somewhat childish, however still a kind man. That was Serizawa Nagi.

“I’ll be relying on you, Cecil.”

“Please leave it to me, because I’m your miko, after all.”

It was just a bit more than a week ever since he came to this world, however, within such a short period, a bound was surely had been built between the two of them.



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