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Anger, And then…

“That means, you’re currently searching for a way to return to our former world, right, Kitsune-senpai?”

“That’s right.”

After that, after waiting for a while, opening the guild’s door, the hero arrived here. In doing so, the adventurers inside the guild were all surprised and put their hands on their respective weapons, that was quite a memorable moment there. In a certain sense, even I also got an intense urge to hit his face after all, the moment I saw the beautiful miko who appeared after him, that’s it.

Then, since that beauty is currently registering themselves as adventurers, so it’s decided that I’ll have a chat with the hero at this moment.

And then, right now, after explaining my circumstance, I successfully tell him that currently I’m searching for a way to return to our former world.

“So, like the moment when you were summoned here, I was wondering whether you know anything about a way to return, or I so thought.”

“Hmm… the moment I was summoned here, it happened very sudden after all… when I was coming home from school, I was wrapped in light, and before I noticed it I was already here. Ah, come to think of it, I’ve heard that to summon here, seems like they had to sacrifice one person’s life…”

“One, person’s life?”

Does that means, to return to our world, I also have to sacrifice one person’s life, I wonder? If that’s really the case, how troublesome, that means I’d have to sacrifice someone around me, right?

Moreover, he said that before he noticed it he was already here, that couldn’t be used as reference at all.

Does he really have no proper information, I wonder? How useless.

“…is there anything else you know?”

“Hmm… hmm… sorry but, I don’t think I have any other useful information. Ever since I came here, I did nothing but practice after all, and I’ve never investigated about this matter either.”

“I see, well, it can’t be helped then.”

It can’t be helped my ass, isn’t that means that this hero is plainly and genuinely useless? I’ve fully understood that he doesn’t hold any clue at all, my efforts coming here are all in vain.

However, even though this hero seems like doesn’t know anything, the royal family who know the summoned ritual smell pretty fishy. First, how did they know about the existence of another world, then how did they find a way to connect this world to that another world, there are many things that bother me.

Could it be, perhaps inside that giant castle, there’re books that recorded about such stuff? That means I have to stealthily infiltrate the castle, but… there’re gatekeepers after all, so I think achieving that would be pretty hard.

“May I also ask you about something?”

“Hmm, I don’t mind.”

“What have you been doing up until now, Kitsune-senpai? Unlike me, you weren’t summoned here, were you?”

That’s right, I have no recollection ever being summoned here, being warmly welcomed and living comfortably like you, after all.

“Since I was awaken inside a forest full of magical beast, I desperately tried to stay alive, you see.”


“My initial spec was exactly just as a normal high school boys were, and since I had no weapon so I was almost died many times, you know? … I’ve met a boar sized wolf, giant spider, and lastly I’ve even got attacked by ‘Red Night’… I honestly feel that this difference in treatment is too unfair.”

When I sternly staring at the hero, out of words, the hero makes a face as if feeling bad about it. Honestly speaking, I think he feels a great sense of guilt about the great difference of our circumstances. Seems like this hero holds quite a sense of justice after all, that’s why I think that he’d surely feel so.

Moreover, seems like his and my initial specs are also distant apart. I can easily understand it by looking at his status.




Name                        : Serizawa Nagi

Gender                     : Male Lv. 60

Strength                   : 8740

Stamina                    : 9500

Resistance               : 310:STOP!

Agility                       : 6800

Magic Power          : 2600


Title                           :『Hero』

Skill                            : 『Sword Art Lv.6』『Body Reinforcement Lv.4』 『Swift』『Overpower』 『Magic Manipulation Lv.3』『Natural Gift』『Intuition Lv.2』『Fortitude』

Innate skill              : 『Ray of Hope』

PT Member             : Cecil (Human)



Is he a monster or something, I wonder? Doesn’t it means that his ability is even comparable to an A rank? Moreover, despite his level is lower than that esteemed uncle’s, but his statuses are by far surpassed esteemed uncle’s. Resistance-wise mine is still higher, but it’s a bit irritating that his offensive power is damn too high. Well, status-wise, Leila-chan’s is still higher, though.

“B, but… ‘Red Night’ is A rank demon, right? I’m surprised you could survive from it, Kitsune-senpai.”

“Hmm, well… many things happened, you see… my left eye was eaten, but I was somehow left alive.”

I can’t tell him that she has actually become my stalker, right? But, I’m sure this hero doesn’t know that not a mere A rank anymore, she has evolved into an unreachable monster of S rank, doesn’t he? Well, we never said a word about it, so right now everyone other than I and my comrades are all thinking that she’s still an A rank demon. Well, I have no obligation to tell him about this, so let’s just keep quiet about it for now.

Or so I thought, but, hearing my words, seems like it lit the hero’s curiousness.

“That means… did you see it? ‘Red Night’’s appearance…?”

“I saw it. It was covered by dark miasma, but I can see red eyes inside that dark miasma. It has consciousness, but words wouldn’t reach it, though.”

“Y, you seem quite knowledgeable about it.”

“Many things happened, you see.”

I can confidently say it, that in this world, there’s no human that know her better than me.

“Nagi-sama, it’s finished.”

“Ah, Cecil. Thank you.”

“Not at all, please accept it… this is your guild card, Nagi-sama.”


And, the cutie who wears miko clothes comes approaching us. Well, she came together with hero-kun, so she must be the Cecil that I just as saw in his status as his party member, right? Why must always the hero who is blessed by such devoted cutie? Please exchange her with Leila-chan.

“Kitsune-san, is the talk over?”

“Hmm, Finia-chan, sorry, it isn’t over yet.”

“I see, pretty long isn’t it!?”

There, Finia-chan who I asked to hide inside the mask again, comes out because she gets tired of waiting. Well, it’s fine already huh, there’s already no reason to hide Finia-chan further either after all, and since it’s cramped there so it should be fine to let her comes out, right.

Thinking so, coming out from the mask, Finia-chan sits on the table.

“Kitsune-senpai… who is that girl?”

“Hmm, my companion, Fairy, Finia-chan.”

“Could it be… an idea kind?”

Hero-kun is surprised upon seeing Finia-chan, so I introduce her to him, but the miko beside him floats a more surprised face and asks so. Of course, it would make an uproar if it is exposed to the surroundings, so she asks it in low tone, though.

Well, she comes out from the mask after all, it can’t be helped if she thinks so. Or rather, that’s very obvious, isn’t it?

“…well, something like that.”

“That’s… amazing…!”

When I answer so, she opens her eyes wide and hold her mouth with her hand. As I though, seems like idea kind sure is rare, huh. Finia-chan also said so, and being able to meet one could already be considered as lucky after all.

And then, doesn’t grasp the situation, hero-kun opens his mouth.

“Umm… Cecil, what is idea kind?”

“Ah, umm… to put it simply, fairy are generally divided into nature kind and idea kind, and idea kind is a very rare kind that are only several dozens of it exist in this world.”

“I see… so, this girl also one if it?”

“Yes… idea kinds were born through an article that hold a deep feeling in it, I’m sure that’s also the case with that mask.”

Hero-kun and Cecil-chan’s gazes are sent toward my mask. Don’t look at it, I won’t give it to you even if you want it, after all. Because this is my treasure, after all.

Or rather, I don’t like how that miko-chan looking at Finia-chan with such greedy gazes.

Moreover, perhaps it’s because she’s before the hero, but… her gaze toward me, or rather at all adventurers here other that the hero, I can see that she’s looking down on us on it.

Perhaps she think that she’s skillfully hidden it, but surprisingly I can see it, you know? Because I’m used to such gazes, after all.

“Hee… is there any difference between nature kind and idea kind?”

“There is. Idea kinds possess much more power than nature kind. Because all idea kind possess prowess comparable to an A rank demon, after all.”

“That means… this girl also the same?”

“Currently, I’m not sure about it, but I believe that she surely will be in the future… however, either way fairy is a gentle race, so I believe there should be no reason to make a war against them, right?”

Somehow they’ve entered their own world. Aren’t I just an air here? That’s a bit unpleasant, could they just explode themselves, I wonder?

Seems like Finia-chan also thinks so, she shows me a face as of looking at something very unpleasant. I also think so, that’s what I tell her with my nod. I feel like there’s some kind of bond that born between I and Finia-chan.


“What’s the matter?”

And then, this time hero’s gaze is facing at the guild’s entrance. Seems like there’s someone entered here.

I spontaneously turn my gaze there. The one there is a female adventurer with slanted eyes as if looking at a pig, and a male slave who is pulled by that woman. At his neck, there’s a ‘slavery choker’ similarly like the one Lulu-chan wears, but with chain on it.

There are many beating scars on that male slave’s body, it’s easy to tell that he’s received many abusement in a glance. Hero’s face is slightly distorted.

“…Cecil, what is that?”

“That’s a slave, what’s the matter about it?”

“Is that a natural spectacle in this country?”

“Umm… is there anything strange from it…?”

Listening to that conversation, perhaps I and hero hold a similar thought. Disgust toward a thought that oppressing slaves is a matter of course at this country.

But, well, but that’s something we couldn’t do anything about. The weak to be oppressed is, something we couldn’t do anything about, hero-kun. Because I was also the same, after all.


Seems like he couldn’t consent with it, hero-kun. What a sense of justice he holds there. However, even if he saves that male slave right here right now, it doesn’t necessarily means he would save all slaves around. If you do nothing but saving the one before you, then that isn’t justice, but simply self-satisfaction.

“…say, Kitsune-senpai.”

“What is it?”

“Kitsune-senpai, do you… also consider that as normal?”


Toward that question, I intend to give him my own thought about the matter. However, I can’t say it to the end.


“…Lulu-chan, Rishe-chan and Leila-chan, too.”

From the rear of that female adventurer, Lulu-chan and co. appear there. Perhaps, they thought about taking a request, but, for my slave (Lulu-chan) to appears here is… a lethal fact.



I can hear Finia-chan shouting my name, and yet, I can’t answer her.

That’s because, the moment I hear her voice, I already am blown away to the outside through guild’s wall, after all.

“Ga… gu… gafu…!?”

Bouncing and rolling on the ground, I can hear sounds as if my bones and skins are cracking. While somehow rearranging my dizzy mind, I look toward the guild.

The one there, the hero, who is in a stance of swinging his fist in anger.

And then, I’ve fully grasp the situation. That I just got hit and blown away by him.


I understand the reason, that’s because I have a ‘slave’. Even if I say that she’s together with me as my family, it’s a matter of course that no one could know it just by looking. Because, she wears ‘slavery chocker’ after all. Such excuse, of course they won’t believe it.

At once, I stand up. And then, toward the just standing me, he starts walking and approaching step by step. Despite we’re quite a distant apart, I don’t feel like I’ll be able to run away.

“—you… I wished you were different… however, you’re just the same, as the adventurer before.”

He says so while glaring at me.

“Cecil floated a calm face about it, so I thought that that was a common sense at this world, that was why it couldn’t be helped… or so I thought. However, however… you’re different, aren’t you?!!”

Arriving before me, he shouts so while grabbing my collar.

“How could you do such a thing?!!”

Slavery, that’s a hard to imagine existence for us who were born in japan. However, when you see one before your own eyes, you’d be able to understand it at that instant. For us, that’s something that shouldn’t be allowed to exist, people oppressing other, that’s something you must never do after all.

That’s why, for me who brazenly do it(slavery) exactly before his own eyes, he couldn’t forgive me.

“At this world, slavery is already a common sense, you know? … I needed a slave, that was why I bought one… don’t think I’m the same as you who is soaked by everyone’s affection, you damned hero.”

That’s why, I say so. Can’t be forgiven? That should my word. Lulu-chan is indeed a slave, but she’s my family. Don’t just arbitrarily insult my family based on your selfish prejudice.

Also, for someone who are blessed with everyone’s affections, and don’t understand just how blessed you are, you have no right no say so.

“…I see, got it. I fully understand it… you’re different than me.”

“That’s right, please don’t lump me together someone who’ve never experienced death even once like you.”

Perhaps the hero doesn’t think me as similar other worlder as he is anymore, right? It’s a matter of course for someone who’s possessing slave, but for someone’s who’s willing to buy a slave, he also couldn’t forgive them.

It’s easy to explain that Lulu-chan is my family, but looking at the fact that she wears that collar, I’m sure he won’t believe it. No matter how I explain it to him, I’m sure it’s impossible to convince him.

“…such a small girl… I can’t let her to be together with the like of you.”


What the hell is he talking about?


“…What’s the matter?”

And then, before I noticed it, the miko is already beside him. The hero let off my colar, and talk to her while still facing at me.

“At this country, the strong is the right one… right?”

“…yes, that’s right.”

“…then, if I defeat him here… I’m the right one, right?”

“That’s how it would be… the victor, shall have the rights over all the loser’s belonging.”

“I see, thank you.”

Saying so, he sifts his consciousness toward me.

“Do you hear that? I challenge you to a duel with me, right here right now.”


Suddenly, he challenge me on a duel. I don’t know what he’s talking about, but I have no reason to accept it.

Moreover, even if I accept it, I don’t see any chance for me to win. So, why must I accept it?

Thinking so, the hero suddenly says something unbelievable

“If I win… I’ll take your slave.”

The one he wants to take away from me in this duel is… Lulu-chan.

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