Isekai ni Kanaderu – 21

Hello there, nice to meet you and thanks for visiting this site.

firstly, let me tell you that I can’t read japanesse and english isn’t my native language either, also I’m a full fledged beginner on JP-Eg translation (So that I’m using machine to support me) and on web management.

By no means bragging, but I need around six hours just to finish this chapter (which just around 1000 words), so that I can make sure that there won’t be any god like speed release. I would just release it immediatelly after I finish translating a chapter, thats all. but, well, at least I’ll to make two or three chapters a week (if there’s nothing happened).

And so, feel free to tell me if there’s some weird or wrong translation.

well, without further ado you could read the directly or take 5s detour there.

PS: If it’s your first time here, please don’t ask about who is kanade again, since I’ve explain it at the post of chapter 24, yup post, not the page. thanks.

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    Thanks for picking up the project. I don’t want to sound like I’m trying to put you down but the main character name has been “Sou” for the first 20 chapters so if you want to change it that’s cool either way I’m rooting for you great job!

    • ah sorry and thanks for the correction. it seems i’ve made a wrong interpretation about the name. but, sine the romaji said it’s read as ‘kanade’ (カナデ) so I thought that it’s the MC’s name (it’s been long time since the last time I read this novel). well, I’ll try to search for any possible meaning.

  • Silver

    Thanks, but i thought the author was on hiatus on this one.

    • Yup, that’s exatly why I pick up this novel. since it’s only has 17 chapter left, so that it would become a good material for my translation training before I try to pick up another title.

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    how do you get past adfly?

    • simply wait for 5 seconds and then klick the skip button at the top right corner.

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        I tried to do that but lots o pop ups so thanks for answering in the least

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