Isekai ni Kanaderu Densetsu – 22

Presence Interception

Runoir who was crying while being hugged by Lexa eventually stopped crying, and the dish that she had ordered was delivered to the table. Both Kanade and Lexa’s dishes had become a bit cold, since Runoir’s dish was just delivered it was still freshly hot so she felt a bit apologetic for it, and then they started to eat each of their own dish.

The drink that the three of them ordered was water. In Asgard, when a person turned 15 years old, they were already considered an adult. Since alcohol was a self-responsibility, aside from babies, there was no age limitation for drinking it. But, there was barely anyone below 15 years old who drank alcohol. The reason was, there were a lot of case when a youth that tried to drink alcohol, then went outside town while being excitedly drunk got killed by monsters.

After the three of them discussed about it, it was decided that the first time they would drink alcohol would be at the time when their party successfully completed their first quest.

Hmm, in this world it seems like I’ve already become an adult. Ah, Lexa too, right. At the time in japan, I thought that becoming an adult is something that still a long way to go.

“Umm, Kanade-san, and Lexa-san, there’s something I want to ask both of you… desu.”


When the three of them almost finished eating their own dish, Runoir was asking both Kanade and Lexa with a serious expression.

“Are both of you staying in an inn… desu? Or perhaps, are you renting a house… desu?”

“If you left this restaurant, you’ll be able to immediatelly see the inn which both of us stay in. Oh right, how about the place you are staying at, Runo-chan? Since I think you weren’t stay at that inn….”

“If I use my <Presence Interception> ability, I can sleep outside without being noticed by monsters desu…. Thus far, because of [Unfortunate], I couldn’t live at a place with a lot of people… desu.”

“Runo-chan was always sleeping outside alone!? But <Presence Interception> is it? For being unnable to be noticed by monsters was indeed amazing right.”

It seems like Runoir was far stronger than what we thought. That’s an obvious result after living alone since the age of 11.

But, <Presence Interception>, can I <Identify> it by now?

<Presence Interception>

Could be freely activated type. With this ability, as long as its user didn’t seen directly, their presence would be impossible to be noticed. But, if you made a sound, there was a possibility that your presence would be noticed. If you were  noticed by the opponent while using this ability, as long as you could stay out of their sight, that would still make you quite hard to be found.

Right… it’s an ability that is very suited for assassination. As long as you could hide without making any sound, there was no way you would be noticed. The strongest at hide-and-seek! But I don’t know whether hide-and-seek existed in this world or not. I don’t particularly care but let’s try to <Identify> it.


I don’t quite understand what you’re saying desu.

… Eh!?

What’s this, what happened!?

Is it a bug? I could feel the will of <Identify> sensei! The tone was quite different from every responses thus far! It must be mad because I’m asking about something so trivial…. Let’s just apologize.

I’m really sorry for asking about something so trivial.

No response. But if it’s giving me a response, that would be quite scary on its own way. For now, I think it’s better to apologize once more after securing an inn later.

But, now I’m sure about something, if I want to <Identify> the ability on someone’s status, it seems I have to hear the ability or title’s name first from the person that holds it. If there’s an enemy that nonchalantly told me the name of their ability, I might be able to understand that ability better than its own holder. Well, that’s only applies when such enemy appeared. Moreover, even if you understand it, there would be still some possibility that it can’t be avoided.

“If I’m using the <Presence Interception>, people in this restaurant would be unable to notice me… desu.”

“Hee~! With that ability you won’t need to worrie about any irritating gazes right! It’s so useful, and it could be used to easily run away after eating without paying.”

Without me noticing it, both Lexa and Runoir were currently talking about <Presence Interception> ability. Lexa… to think about something like that, that’s exactly the same thing I thought. If you don’t want the manager to come here, I think you should a bit more careful with your words. Even without being cautioned by me.

Also, I don’t know whether she already opened up her heart to us or not but, I think Runoir’s tone become a bit more smooth. At first she looked like shy and hesitant, but gradually she was able to talk smoothly. Is the ‘desu’ word at the end of each of her sentences some kind of habit? Well, as long as it’s cute, whatever though.

“I’ve never think about using it that way… desu.”

“I-It isn’t like I’m saying it seriously, you know? I never ate and then run away without paying!”

Runoir… that idea was dangerous so forget it immediately! You should always live rightfully! Don’t imitate the behavior of that blonde twin tail!

For who did Lexa made that excuse? Said “I never ate and then run away without paying!” loudly, since that’s something so obvious.

While chatting about something like that, we finished our meal, paid for the dish that we had ordered and then left the restaurant. The total bill for the three of us was 40 coppers. At the bill, the salad the she thought to be quite cheap was actually the most expensive one made Lexa shocked. The price was written right….

In the inn, next to my room on the right side was Lexa’s room, as for the left side it was Runoir’s room. Actually, it would be better to be in the same room as Runoir but, sleeping in the same room after just met a day would be quite hard. Even if it’s the neighboring room, since the distance isn’t that far, I think there should be no problem with the misfortune.

And then, after promising to go to the guild tomorrow early in the morning, we returned to our respective rooms..

Kanade returned to his room too, noticing that his body wasn’t feeling comfortable, he decided to come to the receptionist to ask for some hot water and cloth. When he did that, it seems like Lexa and Runoir also thought the same thing. They didn’t think that they would met again after just bidding farewell by saying “see you tomorrow” around five minutes ago. That caused a really awkward situation.

And then, while the three of them were waiting for the hot water quietly, somehow Keimi-chan was laughing at the three of them, laughing to the point of hugging her own stomach…. Umm~, keimi-chan? The hot water….

The hot water wasn’t brought out for quite a while.

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