Isekai ni Kanaderu Densetsu – 23


This and that before departure

Early in the morning, while bathing with sunlight that shine through the window, Kanade woke up in his fluffy bed. As usual, he dazes away around three minutes before finally starts his day.

I know that it’s already morning but, what time is it? Let’s try if we can <Identify> it?


6:00 AM

Ohh! It’s possible….

Very convenient. Yesterday, about the Hide-and-Seek incident, did It already forgive me since I apologized once more time after returning to the inn.

But, since the date and time at Asgard was the same as earth it’s very help me. When I just came to this world, there was some time difference but, I’ve already used to it, unexpectedly I was someone who could adapting quickly. Even I was quite often forgot about it myself, even if I’m like this actually I’m a celestial being.

While I was thinking about something like that, the door was knocked.

This pattern is….

“Kanade, you’ve awake right? Let’s go register our party!”


As I thought, Lexa just barging in without waiting for my answer. Well, it isn’t something surprising though. Since I’ve already used to it. But, different from the time when camping outside, she could properly woke up at this kind of time.  Well~ Well done, well done.

“Wh-what’s it, staring at my face like that, is there something stuck on my face?”

“Well, I just think that you actually could woke up properly.”

“What kind of idea do you have about me!”

“Well, since it’s Lexa….”

“Are you asking a fight at early in the morning!? Bring it on!”

All right, it’s still the usual Lexa! Thanks God.

“…then, the truth was?”


“Did you really woke up by yourself?”


Just being pressed a bit, Lexa was silent, and suspiciously averting her eyes.


“… woke up… by myself…”

“Did you know? When a person tell a lie, it seems like their life span would be reduced by a day (it’s a lie though).”

“That’s! How I could take it back!?”



I want to bestow [Deplorable twin tail] title to Lexa. Since you’re a too honest person, even when you told a lie you can’t even face them directly. But since it’s interesting so I won’t tell her though….. Well, that kind of thing is that make her cute though!

“Just left the joking around this for this time, you must be asked Runoir to wake you up right?”

“If you know that from the very beginning, then please don’t persistently pressing me like that!”

“Since the way you desperately trying to conceal it was interesting so I couldn’t resist it….”

“You expressionless savage! Just prepare up quickly! Idiot~ idiot!”

While insulting like a grade schooler to me, Lexa left my room. Expressionless savage is…. Maybe, even though she insult me like that, it seems like she isn’t used to insulting someone.

What a good girl~

After finished preparing, the three of us went down to the first floor, Uncle Jack was chatting with a girl who I haven’t see. Then, when uncle Jack seeing us, he call to us while grinning.

“Oi, youngsters. Yesterday, it seems like you were come to the adventurer guild but forgot to register your party right?”

“Wh- why you, why did uncJack know about that!”

Lexa… I know that you’re confused but, merging uncle and Jack is, that would make a strange name you know! What’s up with [uncJack]. But it’s quite vexing that that was quite funny.

“Who is UncJack! I’m Jack! Then, the reason why I know it was simply because this young Miss voices was too loud.”

“It isn’t loud!”

Well, Lexa’s voices was indeed loud, but that’s a cute voices though. This tsun-tsun feeling… somehow it feels like I’ve heard similar voice before somewhere, I can’t remember it though….

“Come on, don’t tease the youngster too much! Good grief, that childish behavior even make me your wife surprised.”

“Guh, Lumia…it hurts! Please don’t stab a fork between my armor’s gap.”

His wife she said!? This person is uncle Jack’s wife!  Stabbing using a fork, it seem she’s rather extreme person. Her red hair was being tied up highly behind, right, it’s called ponytail. Her posture was tall, with young and beautiful face. Not bad, uncle! Even if he looked like being dominated, but I know that uncle was very happy. Even if she act like that, I thinks inside she’s still a good wife.

But, to be being hurt while using such armor, but since his HP wasn’t reduced, it seems like pain and damage wasn’t always happened simultaneously. Even it’s just a trivial daily life it could use it as a reference.

When I defeat a goblin, head, chest, arms or legs, I’ve test where I could deal more damage, and the result was the head and chest. As I though, for a living being, anything were have some weakness. Maybe, I think almost all of living being, chest was one of its weakness, it seems. If we aim for its legs or arms, even if the damage was small, it could be used to restrict its movement.

And then, it depend of your instinct while fighting.

“Kanade-san, let’s go… desu.”


When I was silently thinking about something like that, Runoir was pulling my sleeve. What a cute gesture! Aargh, I want to take a picture of it! But it can’t be helped, I’ll just burn it into my head.

“Your shoulder part was torn up… desu.”

“Ah, this… I’ve forgot about it.”

“Let’s go buy some cloths after completing a quest… desu.”

“Would you choose it for me, Runoir?”

“If- if you don’t have any objection with me then, I’ll gladly choose it… desu!.”

I just ask it on a whim but, getting her to choose my clothes is! Getting a girl to choose you a cloth was something that would make you very happy! I hope it isn’t peak stage of my life.

 If you look closely, her inner ear part, a bit of its white fur was spring out and it make her much cuter. Then, I want to touch that triangular cat ears someday.

Somehow, nowadays I think I’ve always saying cute at it and that. Well whatever though!

“Come on, both of you, let’s quickly go to the guild!”

Oops, we’re being called by Lexa. I think we should go there soon.

While being sent off by uncle Jack and Lumia, we left the inn and go to the guild.

Today, it’s the day we would take a quest as a party for the first time.

Let’s work hard!

Aah… I want to level up quickly.

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