Isekai ni Kanaderu Densetsu – 24

Party registration and kokkopipo.

To add Runoir into our party, the three of us at last arrived at the entrance of the adventurer guild of the west area. Now is still at 6:35 AM. Suddenly at the guild’s entrance, there were many adventurers that enter and leave the building.

“I’m going to enter while using my <Presence Interception> as usual… desu”

“If Runo-chan want to do that then it can’t be helped but, to be inevitably reserve yourself is indeed frustrating right! Even though Runo-chan do nothing wrong!”

If Runoir enter the adventurer guild normally, she would be stared suspiciously, and got many sarcasms, so it seems she always uses her <Presence Interception> when enter the guild. Since at the time she want to sell the raw material at the receptionist she must release her skill, there were a time when her presence was noticed by the adventurers, but it seems usually she was never being noticed.

For me, even if I’ll be stared suspiciously by being together with her, I won’t give a damn about it. Since the time I was still at earth, I’ve already used for being stared after all.

“No, just enter it normally.”

“Why… desu? It would cause a trouble for both of you, you know?”

“Kanade, I’m also agree to that but do you have some kind of idea?”

Idea… That’s it, it happens because she would make misfortune to anyone around her.

 “Lexa have said it too but, it’s simply because there’s no reason for us to be so reserved…. She comes to this guild every now and then, even while knowing that, there was no change at Runoir’s environment. If we able to show Runoir’s presence who peacefully together with us to others, then we may be able to change their impression to her thus far.”


“That’s right! That’s Kanade for you!”

Well, my main reason is, I just want brag about the fact that I’m together with this cute cat eared girl to the peoples here though! Since Runoir’s [Unfortunate] effect was already disappeared, and since she’s one of the cutest creature here, all men here would be very jealous to me. Thus far, all peoples who always avoid Runoir would be fell in regret. Like “Why we always give a cold treatment to such cute cat eared girl”.

Fufufu, it’s already too late to regret it. Since the man that could be together with her is someone with great luck like me after all! I know that my behavior is so childish but, I can’t stop it, I won’t stop it.

Then, instead to Runoir, all gazes would be focused on me, and I’ll become the person who’ll bear all jealous gazes from all men here.

No matter how you look at it, it’s a flawless strategy! You can’t take men’s jealousy lightly, I believe this strategy would be a big success!

And then, the most important part is to support Runoir.

“Moreover, we never think Runoir as a bother.”

“That’s right! Since Runo-chan is this cute!”

“Kanade-san, Lexa-san. I’m very happy that I met both of you… desu.”

I’ve think about it since the first time I was together with Lexa but, isn’t her way of thinking somehow quite similar with mine? I don’t know her basis of thinking but, I think it seems like Lexa also has similar idea with mine that cute is justice….

Runoir… she said that she was happy to be able to meet us, for saying such pleasant word, we also happy to be able to meet you Runoir!

“Then, let’s go.”

And like that, Kanade and co, after strengthening their mutual bond in front of the guild, enter the guild.

When Kanade and co enter the guild, behind both Kanade and Lexa, the adventurers at the guild suddenly notice the presence of Runoir. Inside the guild suddenly become quiet, before they start to murmur between themselves.

“Isn’t that Runoir… her face is indeed cute but.”

“Be careful, if you get too close with her you would get some misfortune.”

“Who is the man who together with her?”

“Hmm~ it seems there is a good man here. Make me want to eat him.”

After just entering the guild and this happened….

For an instant, I felt some terrifying shiver but what’s that?

Runoir is grasping tightly at my and Lexa’s clothes.

Both Kanade and Lexa were moving while leading Runoir, while avoiding peoples gaze they moved to Mizari’s place.

“Mizari-san, good morning.”

“Oh! Kanade-san, good morning. You come exactly as per you said yesterday right! Do you want to take a quest today? Or maybe, was there anything you forgot to register?”

 There’s nothing more reassuring than seeing your dog ear moved vigorously, Mizari-san. It’s quite hard to see it across the counter but, I could confirm it by seeing your swaying tail. Your tail is cute too.

“Yes, I come to take a quest but, before that, I think I want to register us as a party first.”

“Register as a party right? Please tell me who is the leader and who are the members.”

Eh, there was something like that? But we haven’t even deciding the leader though… Here, let’s just ask for Runoir or Lexa since they have more experiences as adventurer than me.

“The leader is Kanade! Then, the members are me, Lexa Redford, and Runo-chan.”

“Runo Venoir… desu.”

Oi! Don’t just selfishly decide the leader without even ask! Come to think of it, if I’m the leader, then there’s already no mean even if I ask both of them! And it seems even Runoir agree to it too…. It can’t be helped then.

Nevertheless, it seems like Mizari-san didn’t has any animosity toward Runoir. Even when Runoir said her name, she still act naturally. My impression of her is risen further again.

“Yes, Lexa-san and Runo-san right. And Kanade-san as the leader, you want to make a three person party, correct?”

“Absolutely correct!”

Lexa, like when you decide me as the leader, you never ask any of our opinion right. If we keep on following this momentum, it seems like she would just answer everything as she pleased.

“Then, what would this party’s name is?”

“Pa, party’s name? How is it, I haven’t think about it yet.”

There is something like party’s name too. If we just use some random flashy name just to show off then at the end we would definitely regret it.

“Since the party’s name could be changed later, so if at present you haven’t think about it yet, then it would be all right even if you hold it!”

“… How is it, Kanade?”

At this kind of time she ask me. After just selfishly answered everything as she pleased, she ask me at this kind of thing. As expected of Lexa, it seems like I’ve underestimate you.

“For now, please hold it.”

“Being hold right? Then, since I’m going to register it please let me borrow your adventurer plates for around ten minutes. Please wait a bit till the registration completed.”

Then Kanade and co gave their own adventurer plate, and while waiting, they look around adventurer board at the left corner. Just before, other adventurers suddenly go to take on a quest, and the people inside the guild was decreased significantly. As expected there won’t be anyone that drink alcohol early in the morning.

Runoir took a quest and show it to both of them.

“How about it… desu?”


“Subjugating 10 kokkopipos right! From the west gate if we just keep walk straight then we should find a big forest there, and it seems like it’s live there.”

What’s this kokkopipo? Isn’t it sound very cute. I can’t think it as something that should to be subjugated though…

What kind of thing is this kokkopipo? Please tell me DR. <Identify>.


It was a bluish monster that similar like a goblin and had a sharp claws. Its height was a bit taller than a goblin at around 140 CMs. It also more ferocious than a goblin, when it found its prey, it would attacked its prey while shrieking some strange voices. It was omnivorous but fresh meat was its favorites. Alias: bird goblin.


All right! Let’s subjugate it.

Since it sound cute so I think that its body might be so too but, it feels I’ve received a surprise attack….

Or rather who was it! Who was the one that gave it such a fancy name?! I want to meet the one whose gave it such a name. Or perhaps, since at appraisal its name was kokkopipo, so it called kokkopipo? Hmm, which one is the first? It feels like deciding which one that present first between chicken and egg. Well whatever, kokkopipo would still be a kokkopipo after all.

Ah… My head hurts, since I think about kokkopipo too much.

And then, Kanade and co party’s first quest would be subjugating kokkopipo.


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