Isekai ni Kanaderu Densetsu – 25

Advices from an elder and a new ability.

When we were accepting Kokkopipo’s subjugation request at the right end counter, suddenly the 10 minutes of plate updating was already passed. When we come to Mizari’s place, with a smile she said “The update was completed. I’ll looking forward to your party’s achievements!”, and passing our plates.

Well, if Mizari-san is looking forward to it then let’s work hard! Today, she has a nice smile too! I can’t feel any trace of business smile. But It might be because I’m just an easy person though!

While saying “we’re going” to the dog eared Mizari-san, we left the guild, when we’re walking toward the west gate, I was called by Lexa. What’s up?

“We should go buy some foods and water first. Then, Kanade, rather than equipping just a stick at that belt, I think it would better if you buy a sword too.”

“I see, that’s indeed right.”

When doing a request that located outside the town, food was an absolute necessity but, we also need to do a weapon maintenance. Since I have this stick, I forgot about the weapon’s necessity but, it’s just goblin’s stick after all. I feel sorry to the goblin that used it but, it’s extremely unreliable. After all, it’s just a wooden stick….

“Since I and Runo-chan are going to buy the foods, Kanade, you go buy a sword that made form a bronze or iron at weapon shop, so let’s part for a while. Then let’s meet again around 30 minutes later here.

Because of that, I went to a weapon shop that was also located at west area same as adventurer guild but, the granny shopkeeper was sleeping. That was also a magnificent sleep, to the point she was snoring in her sleep. If you didn’t woke up, I’m going to steal your precious weapon you know, granny. In this town, even just two silver coins would turn someone into a villain you know, granny. Please woke up.

Kanade was, after choosing a bronze sword that plunged inside a barrel which labelled one silver coin each, he thought about what should he do while gazing at the fast asleep granny. Is there any amusing way to wake her up.

In the end, Kanade decided to just wake her up normally by shaking her.

“Wh, what’s up, inside the dreamland just now. Just a bit more and I would be able to come to the place where grandfather reside though, up above the sky.”

After waking her up for several times, she’s indeed awake but, she’s still completely half asleep. Or rather, isn’t that dream quite dangerous, granny! In this world, there might be no Sanzu river but, isn’t it similar to that?

Since that make me worried, I wake her up once again, it seems she was properly awake by now.

Why I must this restless at a weapon shop…. But, if I think it as saving this granny, then it’s would be far more satisfactory.

“Oh, there’s a customer. Did you the one who wake me up?”

“Well, yes. I want to buy this sword but.”

Thanks God, it seems she’s all right. I thought what should I do if she was still half asleep….

“Thanks for woke me up. As thanks for waking me up, you could take that sword for free.”

“I’m grateful but, at least please just put it just as a discount. As expected, It’s bad to take it for free.”

“Hou, You know it well even though you’re still young, If that’s the case how about 30 copper coins?”

“If that’s the case…”

At first I thought what to do but, after I conversed with her it seems she is a good granny.

“From the plate that hung at your neck, it seems you’re an adventurer.”

“I’m still F rank though, since I just become an adventurer yesterday.”

“You should be careful when you’re going to the giant forest at the west. Since it seems there was an appearance of a B rank monster there.”

“I’ll bear it in my mind.”

Geh! We’re going to go to that giant forest at the west though…

Could it be, the reason why there’re many adventurers at this town was to subjugate it? That possibility was high. If that’s the case, it might be isn’t the time to hunt Kokkopipo…. No, since it was called a giant forest, it should be a forest that considerably vast. So the possibility to encounter it was considerably low. Just in case, let’s warn Lexa and Runoir too.

“Young adventurer, there were many of them” that died pursuing strength by blindly challenged any monster without knowing its ability. You should bear it in your mind too. Since everything would be over if you’re dead. Absolutely don’t ever you die.”

“Yes, thanks for your advices. I’ll convey it to my comrades too. After I complete this quest, I’ll come to this store again.”

“Is that so, I’m looking forward to it.”

Our conversation finished, after bought the bronze sword, Kanade left the store while recall his conversation with the granny.

Whether you’ll take that sort of story from an elder seriously, or just take it as half a joke and ignore it, it might be something concerning with your life and death at a distant future. Of course, I’m the former.

Then, at last I said that I’ll come that store again but, it might be something that was called as triggering a flag. Well, I think we’ll be able to manage it somehow or another. It’s best not to overthink it.

After finished shopping ahead of time, Kanade waiting for Lexa and Runoir at the west gate, and eventually the two of them were visible walking toward there slowly. Carrying a considerable amount of luggage….

“You bought quite considerable amount of it…. We’re just going to the giant forest right. Would it be all right?”

“It- it’s all right! Since we just bought a bit more than what we had estimated….”

“After dividing into two groups we bought things as we pleased and become like this… desu.”

These two, it might be they are a bit airheaded girls…. We’re just going to the giant forest but, what should we do.

Haa… at this kind of time, if there was some pouch that could freely save whatever we put in. We also aren’t going to stay at this town forever, and I want to travel as comfortable as possible! I want that kind of special ability. Absolutely want it. It would be great if my second ability would be that dream like special ability. I beg you!

Could it be… this is….

Is it arrived? Did my strong desire was transmitted?

When I check my status, my special ability was increased.

The ability was….

It was written as absolute infinite box.

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