Isekai ni Kanaderu Densetsu – 26

Almighty infinite box

The second special ability, after receiving the absolute infinite box, Kanade deiced to <Identify> its detail first.

< Almighty Infinite Box>

Always activated type. There was no limitation, it was an ability to make an infinite space box. Whether it were human or object, raw materials and foods, you could store all of them inside it. Inside the box, the time was far slower than outside. It was possible to store the raw materials and foods at different space inside the box. When a person enter the box, at the time they want to come out from the box, they need permission from the Almighty infinite box’s holder. But, the holder himself can’t come inside the box.

Amazing… it’s too almighty, to the point my tears would flow out! It didn’t though.

At least, that was the point of its worth.

The fact that a person can enter it, let’s keep it as secret from Lexa and Runoir. Runoir maybe would be all right but, once Lexa enter the box, most certainly she won’t come out again, and just lazing around inside it, I bet 2 gold coins. There was a high possibility that she would said “With that ability, then we won’t need to walk again right!”.

Since I can’t come inside the box, the one that inevitably walk would be me by myself.

That was, already like traveling alone right.

Journeying toward our destination, I walk silently by myself. Then, while drinking inside the box, Lexa would ask “Will we arrived soon?”, then I said “Not yet.” and Runoir would said “Too slow… desu.”

That was the worst… I absolutely don’t want that kind of development. But, let’s stop such negative thinking!

Well, in actuality there were no way Lexa and Runoir would do such a thing though! Since they’re a nice persons! I believe it! I believe it but, as expected it isn’t the time to tell them about the fact that a person could enter it yet. There’s still many thing we need to test out.

Then, even if this ability is convenient there’s also a risk on it.

To put it extremely, by seizing someone inside the box, then it would become an eternal prison without any way to come out. Since as long as I don’t permit it, there’s no other way to come out. Which mean this space also could be used to do a crime… ah, scary, scary.

Well then, let’s tell Lexa and Runoir that it’s just a convenient special ability that could store things inside it.

“Both of you, please listen to me. I might be able to do something about those luggage. Since I don’t want someone to overhear it, for now let’s leave the gate and walk away for a bit.”

“To do something is…. If you could do something about it then that would be a big help but. Somehow Kanade is, seems like he would say something outrageous! Runo-chan, have you prepared?”

“No problem… desu! Even if Kanade-san was actually already has a child, I’m alright… desu!”

Sometimes Lexa was, strangely has a sharp intuition. Is it something that called telepathic? Could it be that’s proof of our good relationship. We did it!

And Runoir-san… what are you talking about. Who’s the one that already has a child! I haven’t experienced it but already become a father is, that’s a pattern where someone would never experience it for his whole life. If that’s the case then let’s make a dairy about a virgin father.

The three of them, walked for a while toward the giant forest after leaving the gate, and stopped after they make sure that there were no other person around them.

“There are no other person around here right. Then, it alright Kanade! No matter what’s it, I would still accept it!”

“Go on… desu!”

At Lexa’s statement just now, it’s just a bit but I could feel some eros in it. Let’s be broad minded, even if she looked like a good girl, actually she is just curious about it right. I could understand it by seeing at her sparkling eyes, are you a kid!

For now, no fooling around and let’s just say it quickly.

“Then I’ll say it, that is my special ability isn’t just one.”


Oh, they’re surprised.

“My second special ability, that’s….”

“Th- that’s?”

“Wh-what’s it… desu?”

Seeing these two, make me want to tease them.

It can’t be helped since their reactions was so cute!

“It’s Almighty infinite box.”


“Infinite box… desu?”

These two are tilting their head. Well, they won’t understand it just by knowing its name right.

“I’ll explain as simple as possible so that even a kid would be able to understand it, to put it simply it’s a box that could store anything.”

“It sounds like you’re asking for a fight but, I’ll let it away for now. Store anything is, is it really anything?”

“We could store all these foods too… desu?”

“Yes, it’s absolutely possible. Since it seems it has infinite space.”

Receiving the foods from Runoir, I’m imagining a box appeared.

Suddenly, in front of Kanade, at the place where his status usually appears, a dark gate of empty space was appeared.

Both Lexa and Runoir’s are surprised to the point their eyes were wide opened but, Kanade was thinking about something different.

That was, you can’t call something like that as a box.

A gate… it’s just as if it want to prove that a person could enter it isn’t it! Wait! What happened!

Sure enough, Lexa tried to enter the opened gate just now, and leave out the essential luggage….



With a dull sound Lexa was obstructed by an invisible wall.

It seems like even if the gate was opened, she couldn’t enter it.

That’s right. It need box’s holder’s permission right… What a close call, it seems I’ve underestimating Lexa’s curiosity. Truly, entering such unknown thing is…. You’re too reckless, Lexa.




Continuously, I could hear such dull sounds.

Please give up! Lexa….

It seems she’s really want to enter it, she keeps charging at the invisible wall with teary eyes.

Since she looked so pitiful, so I give an advice to her.

“If you become a good girl, then I’ll let you enter it.”

Suddenly, sparkles are returning at Lexa’s eyes!, and declaring “I’ll become a good girl!”. She’s really an easy to deal girl, so cute.

Incidentally, Runoir was, at the time the gate was opened, she was saying “Fusha-!” with her tail stood still menacing while facing the gate. That’s an eerily scary gate right. It can’t be helper right. So cute.

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