Isekai ni Kanaderu Densetsu – 27

Runoir’s strength.

After Lexa declared the she would become a good girl, and Runoir’s menace calmed down, the luggage which was the original purpose was being put inside the gate. As if being sucked in, the luggage vanished into the dark space.

“That’s amazing! The luggage were really enter it!”

“The food was eaten by the darkness… desu!”

That’s, it seems Runoir was still frightened about it. We should just make her used to it. Soon or later, she would be entranced by this ability’s convenient. After all, it’s very convenient.

“But, won’t it be suspicious to just bring this amount of luggage?”

Currently, Kanade’s party’s luggage is, at Lexa and Runoir, both of them are bringing quite a big pouch at their waist, that’s all.

“We’re planning to go to the giant forest on a day trip, the adventurers that take the quest were also considerable so it’s all right, as long as we bring back the subjugation proof. The adventurers that subjugating overnight, would bring a considerable amount of luggage though.”

At Lexa’s words, Runoir said.

“Moreover, when carrying out a quest, adventurers were have no time to care about other adventurers… desu.”

“Is that so.”

Oh, if I think about that’s indeed exactly the case. Since everyone would focused on their own quest after all. It seems like, I’m too self-conscious about it. Oh no, that’s so embarrassing.

“But, since aside from subjugation proof there were also other things like its fur, so there were many adventurer with considerable luggage too, even if they do it on a day trip.”

“In the end it depend on each adventurer… desu.”

“I see.”

Hmm hmm, so that’s mean we shouldn’t worry about it! Roger!

“There’s no point to keep chatting here, so how about let’s get going?”

“That’s right! Just you wait, Kokkopipo!”

“Let’s go… desu!”


Orleo giant Forest. It already existed since the ancient times, there were various kind of living being lived there, and a place with abundant of natures. And thus, even now majority of this forest was still unexplored. But, no one know, a long time ago, there was a demon lived there.

“Isn’t a B rank monster very dangerous! It isn’t time for kokkopipo!”

“But, the chance to encounter it is low… desu.”

Currently, Kanade and co. were already before the giant forest, and he told them about the appearance of a B rank monster there. Before entered the giant forest, Kanade told them about the information that he got at the weapon shop.

Normally, B rank monster, they need at least two B rank party to subjugate it. A newbie adventurer’s party with level below 10 was, if by any chance they encountered it then it would become their game-over.

By the way, the 10 Kokkopipos that Kanade and co. would subjugate today were a D rank monsters. Currently, since Runoir was a C rank adventurer, they could take the quest.

“Certainly, the chance to encounter would be low in this vast giant forest. But, with this I could finally understand the reason why there were so many adventurers at the town, what a relieve.”

“I didn’t understand the reason about that too but, now I understand it… desu.”

Hmm, watching their conversation, it seems they’re able to settle it down.

“Alright then, let’s go.”

Thus, Kanade’s party stepped in to Orleo giant forest.

Inside the giant forest, the sunlight could shine through it properly, it was a relatively bright place.

Since it was at Asgard, he can’t imagine the appearance but, he could heard various bird-like chirps all over the place.

To search for Kokkopipo, Kanade and co. was walking through the forest while paid full attention to their surroundings.

About 30 minutes since the time they enter the forest, Runoir who act as the vanguard, suddenly halt her legs. Since Runoir’s sense of hearing was considerably sharp, she could notice the alteration of the situations immediately. Her cute cat ears were twitching, it seems she was observing the state of her surroundings.

And then with a single word.

She muttered “The front… desu.”

Several seconds later, it show itself from the gap between the trees in front of them, it has a bluish body, beak like a goblin and has a sharp claws. It was exactly similar with the description, it has a fancy name.

Let’s <Identify> its status.


Male Kokkopipo


Level                         : 10

HP                              : 42

MP                             : 0


Attack power         : 28

Defense power      : 19

Agility                       : 18

Charm                      : 4

Luck                          : 9


Ability                       : Cutting.


Different from goblin, it didn’t brought any weapon. Well, it looked like it didn’t had one but, according to its ability, it seems its sharp claws were its greatest weapon.

For now, I want to see Runoir’s fight.

“Runoir, can I leave it to you?”

“Roger… desu.”

The result was, the kokkopipo was killed instantly.

The Kokkopipo, after confirming our existences, charging while shrieking “Kieiiiiii” with a really strange voice. The result was, Kanade felt a disgust similar like with the goblin to it.

Watching it was thrusting her way, Runoir gazed at it with cold eyes, unexpectedly she could easily evade the Kokkopipo’s fast cut attack, in that instant she come to the back of the Kokkopipo, and cut its head. With bluish blood vigorously spurt out from its neck, the kokkopipo crumbled to the ground, and ceased to moved again.

In just one hit. Moreover, perhaps that was an overkill.

Kanade and Lexa, while silently watching that scene, honestly think like this.

Isn’t Runoir so strong?

Then, Kanade and Lexa were seriously determined.

Let’s raise up our levels.

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