Isekai ni Kanaderu Densetsu – 28

Connection Ability

After Runoir instantly killed the subjugate target which was the Kokkopipo, the three of them tore off some part of the tusk and claws from its corpse as the subjugation proof.

“Like this, you could strip it easily if you cut it this way.”

“The trick is by quickly cut it from its joint desu….”

“…like this?”

What they were doing right now was, Lexa and Runoir gave a lesson to Kanade about how to strip off the subjugation proof. Receiving lesson about it from the very beginning from the both cutie, he was a very lucky man. If there were any man that looked at him, there was no doubt about it that they would clicked their tongue in envy.

“Aren’t you quite skillful! Even me at first, started from the part that wasn’t too disgusting to touch.”

“At this rate you would be able to master quickly… desu.”

“I’m glad to hear that. Both of you, thanks for teaching me how to do it.”

“It- it isn’t that a big deal you know!”

“Yo- you’re welcome, desu….”

When I utter my thanks, Lexa turn like a cat again.

A real cute cat girl and a cute girl who sometimes turns like a cat… isn’t that wonderful! At the time at earth, there was a time I wanted to try it by all means so I come to a cat café once but, the healing power is different than at that time! In conclusion, you could say that cat + cute girl are the best.

No, wait a minutes? The fact that the dog eared girl Mizari-san is cute too is also a well know truth. So that, since my imagination is lacking so I don’t particularly know but how about, rabbit ear + cute girl and fox ear + cute little girl, maybe horn + cute girl is maybe cute too! No matter what we add to a cute girl, the girl would become cuter, how nice!

Isn’t there are an infinite possibility about cuteness spread through this world? It’s bad! To just meet with those girls, my motivation to journey through Asgard is increased by five of or maybe ten folds. Even if my main purpose is to search for my mom’s whereabouts, isn’t it would be nice to journeying while try to discover any cute girls in this world! Okay, it’s decided then!

But, unexpectedly that Lexa was poor at stripping the proof at first. She even said “Isn’t fine to just cut off this kind of thing!”, I though she is good with it from the very beginning but… as expected Lexa was also has a girlish side on her too.

“Kanade… you’re thinking about something rude again right?”

“…Not at all.”

“Kanade-san, you’re smattering desu….”


Guh… even Runoir is supporting Lexa!

Why, am I found out? It’s been a long time since I think about it but I think it’s already the time to confirm it. The reason behind her sharp intuition!

“Say, Lexa.”

“What’s it.”

“It isn’t like I’m thinking about something rude to Lexa, that’s an undeniable truth but, did Lexa has a sharp intuition? No, I’m absolutely not thinking about something rude, I just a bit curious about it.”

“Your way of talking is too suspicious!”

Guh…! I try to ask it as natural as possible but, she’s completely suspect me. Not bad, Lexa! I’ll recognize you as my rival.

I need to polish my inquiring skill further, so that the person in question can’t notice it, and they won’t notice your real intention.

“Please don’t suspect me that much, I just a bit curious about it.”

“Well, fine. Come to think of it, there was still something about my special ability that I haven’t said it yet. When I was being told about the ability at my status with Kanade’s ability, somehow I suddenly realized it though.”

“That special ability, is it has any relation with Lexa’s sharp intuition?”

“Yes, but unlike Kanade and Runo-chan, it isn’t such an amazing ability though.”

I never thought it would lead to discuss about her special ability, Runoir’s ears are inclined.

“Connection ability right?”

“That’s right, my special ability is connection ability. I think it’s something similar like weak telepathy.”

“Telepathy… desu?”

“Yes, for example if I want to know Runoir’s feelings, veguely, it’s just at vague level but, I could feel her feeling.”

“Does that mean, Lexa want to know my feeling.”

“Um… It- it isn’t like that.”

Such a thing, what’s the meaning of it Lexa-san. Since she looked so cute so whatever though.

Nevertheless, telepathy…. It’s indeed isn’t strange if such an ability existed. What if it’s a powerful telepathy, my mufufu imaginations would be known by Lexa…. How terrifying! Just a little mistake, and my relationships with Lexa would be very cloudy! Well, the fact about my love to twin tail is, it seems there’s no problem even if she know about it though.

But, to Lexa herself isn’t particularly understand her own ability, this is, since I’ve heard the ability from its holder, I should be able to see the detail about the connection ability with <Identify>.

 “Lexa, I’m going to <Identify> the detail of your ability but, is it okay?”

“Identify? Ah, which reminds me since you heard this ability from me, you should be able to do it by now right. Oh well… there’s a possibility that we may discover something new so, please.”

“Okay. Please wait a minutes.”

“I’ll wait no matter how long it is.”

“I will watch out the surroundings… desu.”

“Thanks… Runo-chan.”

Then, let’s <Identify> it.

<Connection Ability>

Could be freely activated type. It was an ability that specialized to transmit something to someone. It was also possible to understand what the other person want to transmit. To fully activate it, there’s a need to touch the target. If this ability was activated while without touching the target, the ability’s effectiveness would only displayed around 10%.

This is… it isn’t just at telepathy level.

Depend on the way you use it, this ability would become quite amazing. If, you could transmit anything, the battle from now on would become far much easier…., since it was an ability that can’t exhibit its full ability without touching the target, it seems that’s the reason that make Lexa hard to understand it.

Since Lexa didn’t use her ability too frequently, it seems it was because she was quite worried about it, I should tell her the detail of the ability quickly! Then, she must be very delighted! Please show your sun like smile to me and Runoir.

Even if he said that he liked blonde twin-tail, even if that’s indeed wonderful, in the end the thing he liked the most was Lexa’s smile, that was what Kanade slovenly thought.

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