Isekai ni Kanaderu Densetsu – 30

Something is There

Currently, Kanade and co., to subjugate the remaining five from ten Kokkopipos to finish the quest, walking through the forest again.

“But, I was surprised that even a Don Kokkopipo to be appeared. If I was alone I might already been killed.”

“That monster normally wasn’t supposed to be appeared at this shallow area of the forest though… desu.”

“So that means the situation wasn’t normal right. But I am quite happy with the fact that we would get a big reward though. Since there are the case about subjugating the B rank monster, was it running away from the high leveled adventurer that come inside the forest?”

This time, in a part of the subjugation proofs there are also Don Kokkopipo’s tusk and claws, when we finished the quest our reward seems will become quite higher. Hooray!

By the way, this Don Kokkopipo as a monster was ranked as D but for a newbie adventurers it seems to be so dreadful to fight against. That’s why, if I didn’t use my <Time Stop>, and if I received a direct hit from that skewer attack there was a high possibility that I might die. In game it may something that referred as newbie killer.

“In this vast forest, I don’t think it come out because of the adventurers though. Even if the possibility is low but, if it was because their territory was attacked by the B rank monster, that maybe quite interesting.”

“Not interesting at all.”

Watching a fight between monsters, as a man I’m quite interested in it but, it seems she can’t accept that. Am I the strange one?

“Come to think of it, when we were attack by the Kokkopipos, we were at the explanation about your <Connection ability> right?”

“Yes! That’s right!”

“I also curious about what kind of ability it is… desu.”

I hope we won’t get disturbed again while I’m explaining it.

“Lexa’s special ability was only able to show its fullest capability by in contact with the target first.”

“Contact… is that mean touching?”

“It depend on how you use it. Well, rather than explain it by words it would be much faster by putting it into practice. Here, try to hold my hand.”

“Ho, ho, ho, holding your hand!? It, it’s still too early for that!”

“Just Lexa-san is, unfair… desu.”

“What are both of you talking about? It’s for Lexa’s ability sake.”

That was what I said but, my heart is also beating like crazy right now. But, it can’t be helped right! Thus far, I was never holding hands with a girl after all.

Nevertheless, since it isn’t shown at my face, I’m surprised about it myself. Or rather, even if just touching is actually good enough! So please just let it be my self benefit.

Not good, not good! At this rate what I’m thinking would be exposed to Lexa! Let’s just focused at one thing. Okay, let’s go with that!

Twin tail twin tail twin tail twin tail cute twin tail twin tail cute—

“…Lexa, quickly hold my hand.”

“I, I understand. Is, is it good with this?”

With face bright right, Lexa holds Kanade’s hand.



Both of them holding hand silently. Even after 30 seconds elapsed there were no sign that they would move. Then, because of worried Runoir call to both of them.

“Are, are you okay… desu?”

“…Yes, we are alright Runo-chan.”

“Runoir, no problem, we’re alright.”

Even while saying they were alright, their state were clearly strange so Runoir inclined her head, then Lexa ask to Kanade first.

“Kanade, are you have twin tail fetish?”

“…is that bad?”

After aware about Kanade’s unexpected side, Lexa become quiet with face blushed red. It make a very subtle situation.

Then, this time Kanade said something to Lexa.

“It seems Lexa has a quite favorable impression about me.”


Since both of them clad with an innocent couple like mood, Runoir who was accompanying them, looked at them with a dead fish like eyes.

“Both of you, you shouldn’t flirting inside the giant forest… desu. That’s dangerous… desu.”

“So, sorry Runo-chan! But we aren’t flirting!”

“I’m sorry, Runoir. Since I only think about twin tail….”

Runoir gave a warning to both of them, and when they were reflecting to it, she threw a bomb.

“If you want to flirting then I want you to include me too… desu.”

Runoir is still the deplorable Runoir as usual.


After they aware of Kanade’s twin tail fetish, since it seems impossible to immediately able to apply the connection ability, they decided to use their free time to train it. Then, the three of them walked through the forest to search for Kokkopipo again.


Walking while sometimes took a break, the deeper they went the weaker sunlight that shine through the forest. The humidity increased, and the trees were far thicker. That mean, they were already walking far away from the shallow part of the forest. Then, after Kanade and co. entered the giant forest, around four hours has elapsed.

“To not encounter any Kokkopipo after walking this far from the shallow area, it’s strange… desu.”

According to Runoir, Aside from Kokkochief, the Kokkopipo were usually appeared at the shallow part of the forest. The Kokkochief just now, it seems there was really something that make it appeared at the shallow area.

Even if we call it shallow part, since the forest was so vast, there are still a lot area that we haven’t search yet, it might be better to search at the other area.

At the time he think like that while gazing at a far away place.


There is something that collapsed near that giant tree, wait, isn’t that a Kokkopipo?

“Say, both of you.”

“What’s the matter?”


It seems both of them haven’t realized it.

“Isn’t the one that collapsed there a Kokkopipo?”

“Ah, you’re right! Nevertheless, why was it collapsed at that kind of place? And it didn’t look like it was eaten.”

“Was it killed by an adventurer… desu? There was already not at the shallow area… desu.”

“For now, let’s just check it out.”

While walking toward the Kokkopipo’s place, I could immediately understand that they were already dead. With a big hole at their chest….moreover, all of the subjugation proof was remained there. Did the one that killed it wasn’t an adventurer?

“Killed by a monster… desu?”

“Do you know any monster that able to make a big hole like this, Runo-chan?”

“No, it’s the first time I saw a corpse like this… desu.”

“It’s better to stay vigilance. For now, let’s take the subjugation proof first.”

“It’s unfair but, well, I also agree though.”

“Strip it off… desu?”

After finished strip it off, the three of them discussed about what to do next, they judge that it was too dangerous to go further, and decided to return to the shallow area. When they were returning, Lexa look at a far place, and didn’t moved from there.

“What’s up Lexa?”

“Say, aren’t that adventurers and Kokkopipo?”

Lexa said that while pointing at the opposite direction from where we come from.

“You’re right. Moreover there are some of it…”

“I could feel blood scent… desu.”

Looking at the place where Lexa pointed, indeed we could see some human and Kokkopipo collapsed there. I feel a bad premonition there.

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