Isekai ni Kanaderu Densetsu – 31

Vs Ex Bovart

A little distance away from Kanade and co., to ascertain whether there were no other existence aside from the collapsed adventurers and kokkopipo, they moved there.

“Uwah, isn’t it awful….”

“All of them have a hole at their chest… desu.”

“…their condition are same like the Kokkopipo just now.”

What Kanade and Co. saw there were the corpse of adventurers and Kokkopipo with a hole at their chest, similar like the Kokkopipo just now. The victim were four adventurers, and six Kokkopipo. Looking from the adventurer’s blue plate, they were C rank similar like Runoir.

When Kanade saw the condition of the adventurers who died cruelly, he thought something.

It’s my first time seeing a dead person but, as I thought it is a bit hard mentally…. This world is completely different from the peace Japan, death is always very close around us. Moreover for someone who work as an adventurer, I think they should be prepared for it. Just make little mistake, and we might become one of them. It’s like what the weapon shop’s granny said, we should come back safely.

“I’ll take their status cards and plates first. Runo-chan please look out the surroundings, and Kanade please strip the Kokkopipo off.”

“Roger… desu.”


Status card? What’s that?

Which reminds me, around the adventurers there are some grey cards that dropped there. Okay, if there’s something I don’t understand, <Identify> it first.

Status Card

It was a card that would be forced out from a person body when they died. There was written the status of the dead person. It even contain the status of Charm, luck and title which usually couldn’t be found out by appraisal.

Ooh, so that mean if by any chance I die, it will show my true identity to everyone… that is, I can’t afford to die no matter what. If I was found out for being the grandson of the Ultimate God, that would make an uproar. There was even a possibility that they may worship my corpse, I feel like vomiting just to imagine it.

After that, without any attack from something that killed all of them(corpse), Kanade and co. finished collecting the cards and plates, and also stripped off the monster, and then to report about the matter of these adventurers and the completion of the quest to the guild, they intended to return quickly.




A scream could be heard from somewhere. It sound like human’s scream…

“How’s it? There is a possibility something dangerous is here.”

“Maybe that was adventurer’s scream right. If we go there to reinforce…”

“If the one attacking was the B rank monster, with our level it would be nothing than suicide… desu.”

“It might come back here, let’s hide somewhere quickly.”

“I agree.”

“I agree too desu. Bravery and reckless are different… desu.”

Kanade and co. hide behind a thick tree near there, and observe how the situation may progress.

Around ten minutes since they hide, it show up itself.

With height around two meters tall. Its whole body was covered by tough looking violet fur, with a log like long and big arms, and it walked with its two legs. With a gorilla-like face, two sharp fang popped out from its mouth, it was indeed looked so ferocious. That monster walked toward the Kokkopipo’s corpse, at began to devour it.

It’s so disgusting… is it a carnivorous? It didn’t start by eat the adventurers first maybe because the armors are hinder so it postponed them for later. Shit, it is outside the range of <Identify>, I can’t see the status of that violet gorilla. What should I do….

When Kanade glanced at Lexa and Runoir, both of them looked so surprised at the spectacle. Lexa was purely surprised by the appearance of the B rank monster, she also looked surprised but, it seems Runoir has a different reasons.

“It’s strange. That monster shouldn’t has any attack that could open up a hole at the chest desu. If I should say it, I heard it was a monster that usually crush its opponents with brute strength desu. What is the meaning of it desu…? Could it be, there’s a possibility that there are any other B rank monster than that one desu. I should convey it to Kanade-san and Lexa-san.”

When Runoir thought about that, suddenly there are someone that hold Kanade and Runoir’s hands. Of course, that was Lexa.

Since Lexa was a connection ability user, she used telepathy to both of them.

Is it go smoothly, can both of you hear me?”

Yes, I am. As I thought, that ability is convenient.”

“I can hear it desu. Amazing desu.”

“Kanade, can you see its status from here?”

“No, I can’t. I can’t see it if the distance was over ten meters.”

“Is that so? Since it’s Kanade so I thought something like restriction is has nothing to do with you.”

“What would you expect from a human?”

“Both of you, do you have a minutes desu? There’s something bothering me desu.”

Runoir explained to both of them about the thing she realized before. About the possibility of any other existence there.

“Was this giant forest really such a dangerous place? I hope there’s only one of it but…”

“It’s bad right…. Isn’t it dangerous to hide at this distance to that monster?”

“Could it be, to gather human and monsters, is it possibly leave the corpse there on purpose?”

“What a terrifying idea but, that way of thinking maybe quite realistic.”

“Wait! Could it be a trap to lure us human?”

“That means it is quite an intelligent monster. That is a very efficient way of hunting.”

“It isn’t the time to admire it! What should we do!”

When the three of them discussing about the possibility of any other trap, that happened.


Suddenly, the gorilla-like monster that was eating the Kokkopipo’s corpses, charging as fast as possible toward Kanade and co.

“Both of you, Jump aside!!”

The monster charged toward the tree where Kanade and co.’s hide with all its might and crush the tree apart, and then suddenly stopped a bit ahead from there. When it was charging, since it could cover Forty meters distance at just three seconds, it was nothing than a threat. Then, after noticed that there was no one killed at that charge, it slowly turned away from Kanade and co. its eyes, whether it’s just an imagination, when it looked at Kanade and co., somehow it felt as if it was sneering.

That was dangerous! That was so surprising since it happened so suddenly! You gorilla!

Kanade instantly used his <Identify> and checked its status.


Ex Bovart | Female

Level                         : 59

HP                              : 390

MP                             : 21


Attack Power         : 236

Defense Power      : 212

Agility                       : 189

Charm                      : 11

Luck                          : 23


Ability                       : Reckless, Mow Down, Smash, Smell


“It seems it was called as Exe Bovart, level 59.”

“I, I thought I would die. Haa, as I thought Bovart wait, 59!?”

“This, I think we better be prepared… desu.”

“The reason it noticed us maybe because of its smell ability.”

“Did Bovart has that kind of ability, Runo-chan?”

“It shouldn’t, if it’s just an ordinary bovart… desu. It named Ex then that means it’s some kind of variant … desu.”

 When three of them discussed about it, they could see that Ex Bovart was preparing to charge again. Simultaneously, it show its fang to intimidate them. Then, it seems it’s targeting Lexa first, since Bovart’s eyes were looking at Lexa.

“To targeting Lexa… what a screw fellow.”

Kanade calmly stopped the time.

Then, confident with his just raised attack power, he consecutively stab at both Bovart’s eyes. As long as the place wasn’t covered by its fur and skin, no matter how high the defense power may be the attack still may through. Moreover if that was a soft place like its eyes. He intended to slash through its brain but, his sword obstructed by it hard bone inside its eyes. But, against a monster with much higher level, the one that able to almost completely stole its visibility maybe Kanade only. He was really a cheat existence.

At the last one second, Kanade stabbed its neck with all his might but, repelled by the hard skin, the bronze sword was broken. As expected a bronze sword won’t be able to pierce through skin of a B rank monster.

And then, when the remaining stopped time become 0, the time flowing again.

When the remaining time become 0, Kanade immediately stepped away from the monster, and start observing the situation.

Ex Bovart, when its field of vision suddenly become pitch black, with tremendous pain at the eyes, screamed in confusion, and start to swing violently its long arms. The surrounding trees was cruelly smashed and flying midair.

“J-just now Kanade!? We really can’t understand what happened.”

“As expected… master desu.”

As I thought it would be hard with just its eyes…. Nevertheless, you looked so energetic right, gorilla-san

“The remaining HP is 240. What should we do? It’s impossible to give it a damage with just an ordinary attack.”

“Kanade, you said that my ability was possible to be applied at fighting right?”

“Yes. I was. Since it could transmit everything after all….”

“There’s something I want to try but, may I have your time for a seconds?”

When Lexa told both of them about the strategy, the Bovart was frantically suppress the pain, even with both of eyes’ eyesight were stolen, it still able to understand the location of the three of them, and it looked like it would charge at Lexa once again.

After hearing Lexa’s strategy, both Kanade and Runoir, moved with intention to stop Bovart’s movement.

Kanade took out the forcibly put stick at his belt, moved toward Bovart, and threw it as hard as he can. While vigorously rotate, the stick flying toward Bovart and directly hit its head. Its movement seems become duller since it was unable to see.

The stick was crushed but, it successfully turn Bovart’s consciousness toward Kanade, Kanade thanked the goblin from the bottom of his heart. Since the time he coincidently come to this world, it also the very first weapon he got, so he silently offer a prayer.

At the same time, Runoir use her prided speed, at the time the stick directly struck Bovart’s head, she suddenly reached in front of its right leg. Then, stabbed the thumb at its right leg with her Stone dagger of the black wolf. Accurately, she stabbed the thumb’s flesh along with its claw but….

As the result, Bovart screamed by the pain it received from an attack at its unexpected place, this time its target changed toward Runoir but, suddenly her presence was disappeared, at the time it focusing its smell ability to one target, suddenly it leaved from Kanade’s location.

When Bovart was preoccupied by both of them, that become its biggest mistakes. Because, Lexa become completely free.

At the time Bovart suddenly realized the other one smell, everything was too late. Then Lexa changed place with Runoir, approaching Bovart’s chest area, and prepared her dual sword. Then, Lexa consecutively attacked Bovart’s chest with her dual sword.

Normally, that kind of attack won’t be able to would Bovart. But, you can’t forget. She was endowed by special ability named <Connection Ability>.

After Bovart checked that there were no wounds at its chest, at the time it turned toward Lexa, the situation suddenly changed.

Bovart suddenly vomiting so much blood and fell to its knees. Moreover, while grasping its chest….

“Kanade! I did it! This is something like special moves right! I named it soul slash! (内斬剣)”

“There’s no problem to be delighted but, please do that after you finish it off.”

“I, I know.”

Saying that, Lexa slashed at the Bovart neck that was groaning while fell on its knees. After that, without any blood spurted out from its neck, Ex Bovart dead.

Suddenly, they could hear the sound notification of levels up inside their heads.

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