Isekai ni Kanaderu Densetsu – 32

Their Respective Strength.

After the fight against Ex Bovart, Kanade and co. mentally worn out and forgotten the possibility about another existence, and sat down there. Then, they reminisce about Lexa’s connection ability.

“Somehow we could do it successfully without any proper preparation but, didn’t you think the possibility for us to failing?”

“I didn’t think we would be able to do it that smoothly! And I also won’t be able to do it without both of you. Moreover since we desperately fought that monster, I didn’t have any time to think about failure.”

“With connection ability, as long as you could come near the target, almost certainly you would able to transmit damage to its internal body… desu. That is amazing… desu.”

“But it would be hard against enemy which excel at long ranged attack, you’re too exaggerate it.”

“As off all you shouldn’t burden everything at yourself. That’s why we make a party right?”

“You’re right! In the future, we’re going to become the strongest party at Asgard right!  (Then, someday we would make the strongest clan… ehehe)”

The strongest at Asgard right~. We didn’t even know how many continent at this world in the first place. The Regulus Continent we currently at was also seems considerably big, maybe we should become the continent’s strongest party first right. Well, the way she easily get excited is very Lexa-like so it is cute though.

“Did both of your level raised… desu?”

“Come to think of it, we haven’t check it out yet, right?”

“Yes, I also haven’t check it yet”

Remembered that they haven’t checked their statuses, the three of them start to look at their respective space in front of them.

Saotome Kanade | Man | Celestial Being | 16 years old

Level                         : 6

HP                              : 125

MP                             : 147

Attack Power         : 118 (+1)

Defense Power      : 106

Agility                       : 124

Charm                      : 60

Luck                          : 50


Weapon                   : Broken Bronze Sword (Attack Power +1)


Ultimate Ability

Time Stop (10s)

Special Ability

Identify, Almighty Infinite Box, Empty(3)




Other Worlder, Hero, Grandson of The Ultimate God,

Gekokujou (Junior who surpass senior (下剋上))


Ohh!? I don’t know where I should start to retort….

At least, my status growth is as abnormal as usual. It is abnormally contradictive. Okay then next.

At last the stopped time extended! Your grandson have growth, god old man. Did you see it? Perhaps did reaching level 5 first was the requirement?

I almost overlook it but, my title also increased. It’s called Gekokujou.  There isn’t any need to <Identify> the acquisition requirement but, just in case let do it as part of the promise.


It was a title that given to someone who defeated an enemy with over 40 levels difference higher. When you face against an enemy which level higher than you, you would be blessed by +100 attack power.

That was quite an amazing effect right. By +100 is a considerable number for a normal human. If you use my standard as celestial being, it may drive you crazy so let’s don’t think about it. This title may be very significant for Runoir and Lexa.

Or perhaps, just realized it at this late of time but, since we fought it together as a party so it seems all of us got an amount of experience.  It seem it wasn’t just given to the person who finish it off. This time, was it because everyone participated to attacking it? Since me who hard to leveled up was raised by two levels, just how much Lexa and Runoir’s level may raised? I can just simply <Identify > it but, let’s do that after received their permission. If I act like a gentleman then both of their impression would… mufufu.

Just in case, let’s <Identify> the experience distribution as a party.

Experience Distribution for a number of people.

The experience distribution requirement were participating on attacking and able to give damage to the enemy. While fighting, no matter how close the distance, the person that didn’t give any damage to the enemy won’t get any share of the experience. There was also no bonus to the one who finish it off.

I see, so that why at the fight against Don Kokkopipo the experience wasn’t distributed. But, if that was the case then the person that act as the party’s tanker (shield), would be at disadvantage right. That means, even though that was the most dangerous role…. I think that would be very few people that want to become a tanker as long as he wasn’t a M right?

Come to think of it, uncle Jack with that high defense ability, and even use that elegant armor, didn’t bring any shield. I think he only brought a big axe.

If, when there was a person that act as a tanker at a party, did that person somehow have no chance to do an attack that may inflict some damage? As I thought, each person able to avoid any attack by themselves is the best.

“Kanade, Runo-chan… at last I could surpassed level 10! Now I won’t be called useless by Kanade again! And I even got a title!”

“Oy, I didn’t remember ever said something like that you know.”

“Lexa-san, congratulation-desu! My level was raised considerably too… desu! I also got a title desu!”

“Thanks Runo-chan! Congratulation Runo-chan!”

“Hello hello?”

They didn’t listened to me. You even show your girls friendship here huh.

O Lexa-san. When did I ever said something as cruel as useless to you? Don’t say as if I’m a savage. I only like to tease you a bit!

And then, inside Lexa’s head, it seems my level was already surpassed level 10. For Lexa’s sake, let’s keeps silent about my level that even by now was still at one digit level.

“Come to think of it, just how high did your level become, Kanade? If I remember it correctly, you never said it even once right?”

“Indeed, Kanade-san has too many mysteries… desu. It also same with his special ability’s case… desu.”


Gee. It happened just after I swear to keep silent about it! I indeed thought that they would want to know about it soon or later but….

Well, I think something like this was also bound to happen, so I’ve think about some way to avoid it.

“Why do you keep silent there… could it be!”

“What’s up?”

“You keep silent about it was because your level was too high right! And so you are being considerate to us who has low level…. We did something bad right, sorry Kanade. We will also do our best to catch up with your level! With an objective nearby, my motivation is burning up!”

“Is that so? But, with that I could consent with that attack that can’t even be followed by eyes… desu! I also would do my best to catch up to Master… desu!”

“…yes, both of you, do your best.”

Hmm? By following these two selfish misunderstanding… I felt like I’ve experienced yesterday but, was that just my imagination? Well, I also saved by their selfish misunderstanding so there’s no problem though.

Currently, I never said that I was a high leveled person myself, and they just innocently determined it.

Ah, come to think of it, I haven’t <Identify> their status yet right.

“Say, may I <Identify> both of your status? For our party’s action from now onward, I thought as the leader I should understand our situation first.”

“No problem. You’re too honest to even ask just to see it.”

“Please, just see it as much as you want… desu.”

“Then, without any reservation.”


Lexa Redford | Woman | Human | 15 years old

Level                         : 14

HP                              : 120

MP                             : 62


Attack Power         : 115 (+5)

Defense Power      : 101

Agility                       : 107

Charm                      : 35

Luck                          : 20


Weapon                   : Dual Iron Sword (Attack Power +5)


Special Ability

Connection Ability







Runo Vinoir | Woman | Cat Beastman |  14 years old


Level                         : 23

HP                              : 158

MP                             : 54


Attack Power         : 146 (+13)

Defense Power      : 114

Agility                       : 205

Charm                      : 33

Luck                          : 15 (-10)


Weapon                   : Stone Dagger of The Black Fox (Attack Power +13)


Special Ability

Presence Interception




Unfortunate, Gekokujou


They were absurdly raised! Normally there’s no way to be increased like this!?

After looking at this, I and Lexa was relatively balanced type, as for Runoir was agility based type.

“Ho, how’s that? What’s your impression after seeing mine?”

“Does mine, isn’t strange… desu?”

“They’re incredibly raised. As the party leader, I’m very proud to both of you.”

Did their word felt so erotic is just because I’m a pervert? Am I really that horny? Nay! Don’t ever think that I’m actually a pervert. It was something that would be felt by any man. Yes. There was no mistaking about it. Please be that was really the case.

“To, to say that you proud of us is, Kanade, you’re too exaggerate it! But, thank you.”

“Thanks God, it seems I still able to be any of use this way onward… desu!”

Ah, I’m really a lucky man. Since I could make a party with these good girls.

When Kanade thought something like that….

Runoir’s cat ears suddenly twitched.

And then—

“There are several peoples coming… desu.”

Briefly say that.

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