Isekai ni Kanaderu Densetsu – 33

The whereabouts of the Disappeared Abilities.

Before long the one who appeared in front of Kanade and co. was an adventurers’ group which consist with ten adventurers who respectively brought along a weapon.

Then, among them—


There was Jack Hamilton who wore an armor he had saw, and brought along a giant axe that he ever saw too.

“Youngsters! Are you alright!?”

When uncle Jack saw our presence, asked our condition in confusion. It seems he come here hurriedly, his shoulder is strongly swaying up and down.

“Yes, somehow.”

“We’re as you can see alright but, these people are….”

While saying that, Lexa glanced at the collapsed adventurers a bit distance away from there.

“I remember compete with them at rank since we were still young. As an adventurer they were indeed skilled but… good grief, even though everything would be over when you died, you were too reckless….”

Everyone there stand quiet.

Were they perhaps uncle Jack’s acquaintances….?

“Nevertheless the youngsters are alive. But it’s really the worst, I heard from the weapon shop granny that there were some rookies whose went to the giant forest but… to think that they were you youngsters.”

So did that mean they weren’t come here to save us?

“Jack-san, this is their plate cards that we have collected.”

“Mmm? Oh, did you collected it? Thanks.”

“That was something natural as an adventurer.”

“Even if that was natural thing, there are… wait, what? Why his special ability is blank? If I remember it correctly, he should be had an ability called <Clairvoyance>.”

“Is that so? But, the status card should have recorded all information about the deceased person right? Did that person really had the ability called <Clairvoyance>?”

“Yes, no doubt about it. Since I’ve actually saw his ability myself. It seems an ability that able to see a faraway place you know.”

What’s the meaning of this? Is it possible to lose the special ability you have? I hope there’s nothing like that. Was it possible that your special ability to suddenly disappeared? Please enlighten me, Dr. <Identify>.

The possibility of the disappearance of a special ability

Expect from external factor, there was no possibility that your special ability might disappeared. If we include the external factor, there were a high possibility to be able to meddle with other special ability and its owner.

That means…. Special ability that able to meddle with another special ability right?

If that was the case, then that means there was someone who meddled with the <Clairvoyance> somewhere. Geh, the situation turn into something dangerous. Will it come to the development where the culprit was someone among them? Since I’m not too excel at reasoning so I want to ask Lexa and Runoir but, they also have quite a deplorable side in them after all.

Well, since this case isn’t settled yet so let’s hold it for now.

In the first place, why did uncle and the other come to this place? Then, how did they able to come here? Inside this vast forest, was it possible to pinpoint this place?

“Mmm~. No matter how many times I think about it with my head, I can’t resolve the mystery why his ability was disappeared. How about you, Runo-chan?”

“I am not very good at something like that… desu.”

“Then, at a time like this we have no other way than rely on Kanade right! Do your best!”


O Lexa-san, it isn’t at level that you could decide it that unreasonably. If I don’t have <Identify> I won’t be able to resolve it myself after all.

Well, but whether it mysteries or whatever I still would be able to find its solutions with <identify> though. For now, let’s just pretend like I was thinking about its solution. Then, their impression toward me must be increased.

“Youngster, do you know something?”

“Well, firstly, there’s no doubt about it that there was something that make the <Clairvoyance> was disappeared.”

“Why did your expression suddenly become serious…? Or could it be, as I thought! Do you want to say that you have understand the reason why the ability was disappeared?”

“There’s no doubt about it that the disappearance of the special ability was because of external factor. It was because there was no way a special ability to naturally disappeared.”

There, Lexa touch my hand and use her telepathy. Seems she was getting used to it.

“Where did you know that kind of information!? Even though you didn’t even know how to strip the subjugation proof just now.”

“…. I did that on purpose. Since I must stay vigilance with the thing that may hide somewhere. I also did it four your sake.”

“F, for my sake!? Then, it can’t be helped.”


Please forgive me! Lexa! Man is an existence that want to act cool whenever the given times.

“Is it impossible to be disappeared naturally? Then, that external factor was…”

“Yes, no doubt about it that there was something that did it.”

It’s settled then!

I didn’t even think about it but, somehow it felt like I have settled it.

“You must be joking right….”

When uncle Jack surprised, Uncle and the other adventurers who come here seem agitated.

“Then, this time I’m the one who want to ask but, why did uncle Jack and the other come here?”

“Ah, that was….”

When Jack was almost answering Kanade’s question, suddenly there was someone who interrupted it.

“I am the one who brought all of them here.”

Suddenly, there was a voice from someone among that group, and a blonde haired gentle looking man step front. Then, he stand beside uncle Jack.

To come out at this kind of timing, just who in the world is he?

“What do you mean?”

“Before I continue the explanation, let me introduce myself first.”


“My name is Mars Chenbas. Nice to meet you, hunk-san. But, you seem very intelligent right. I honestly respect you! And you even seem like have some girls too, your ability….”

No no, I didn’t even ask your name in the first place. Just quickly continue the explanation! Nevertheless, why does he introduce himself with such an overbearing way? Is it bad if uncle Jack continue the explanation? He is a very suspicious person. His impression, somehow… isn’t particularly feel good.

Moreover, he is always talking by himself…. Is he a dangerous person?

At least, let’s <Identify> his status for now. I don’t want to regret it later after all.

Mars Chenbas | Man | Human | 24 years old

Level                         : 53

HP                              : 257

MP                             : 185


Attack Power         : 284 (+24)

Defense Power      : 243 (23)

Agility                       : 265

Charm                      : 31

Luck                          : 29

Weapon                   : Reda Sword (Attack Power +24) (レダの剣)

Armor                       : Merzes’ skin armor (Defense Power +23)


Special Ability

Avarice, Pierce, lock on target, breath underwater, trace, charge, free walk, Overrule, mouth lock, instigate, increase magic power (medium), doubled gained experience, clairvoyance, hardening


Elementary water magic, intermediate wind magic, intermediate earth magic


Plunderer, Slaughterer, Haughty


Ah, the culprit is found.

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