Isekai ni Kanaderu Densetsu – 34

To Hunt a Haughty Person.

When Mars was talking by himself, Kanade was thinking about something.

Ah~ what should I do. I’ve found the culprit….

Or rather, why does he has that much special abilities? That is an amount that even may overshadow the hero. There is even <Overrule> that sounds so dangerous…. I also bothered by why uncle Jack and those adventurers are just silent and hung their heads since just now. In that case, did he just do something?

But, there was an ability that enable you to gain double experience huh…. Quite enviable but, now isn’t the time for that. The <Hardening> ability he has is similar like uncle Jacks.

Could it be…. I need to <Identify> uncle’s status.

Uwah, uncle jack’s special ability is disappeared…. As I though, it’s just as his <Plunderer> title huh. So that means, it seems the special ability that able to steal another special ability is <Avarice> right. That’s what I could think from its name.

What should I do, if I could hear the <Avarice> from himself, I could <Identify> what would happen with the stolen special ability but…. Here, I don’t know whether the special ability may returned to its owner even if I kill him. Well, it’s a certain that I can’t just let him be either. Then, let’s pray that he’s just a fool.

When Kanade finished his thought, at last he take a posture to listen to Mar’s words.

“—how’s that? You must be have some kind of charm ability right? I also want that kind of ability. What a lucky day today! To be able to get three new abilities!”

Mars was still blabbering.

“Hmm? Do you guys the one who defeated that B rank monster? Could it be, those cute girls behind you also have some strong special abilities? Ahh… the goddess must be very loving me. There’s no doubt about it! From the very beginning—“

Mmm~, somehow when I didn’t listen to him, it seems the story had advanced quite extremely. He is dangerous. It may be better to shelter Lexa and Runoir first. I can’t let this dangerous person come near them.

Ah! Didn’t I have a very suitable shelter!

I immediately glance at Lexa and Runoir who were behind me. Then, I secretly showing both of my palm to both of them as if I want them to touch it.

Lexa and Runoir immediately understand my intention, and then secretly touch my palm.

“You mean this right?”

“Yes, it’s good that both of you could understand it. I’m sorry since it so sudden but, I will summon the <Almighty Infinite Box>. When the gate is appeared, both of you please quickly enter it. Lexa, this time you would be able to properly enter it so there’s no problem. Runoir too, please try to not be afraid of it.”

“Eh!? Wasn’t the enter condition is if I become a good girl?”

“Now isn’t the time for that. I’ll explain it properly afterward so, please.”

“If Kanade even said it to that extent then, does that mean that pervert is quite dangerous? I understand. If you will explain it afterward, then I will obediently enter it. I, I won’t forgive you if you are injured!”

“Master! Beat that pervert-san desu! But, please be careful desu.”

“Just leave it to me.”

Immediately after the three of them finished their discussion, the gate was appeared. Then, as per Kanade said, both of them quickly entered the gate.

Just before entering the gate, Runoir gave her the stone dagger of the black wolf to Kanade, he kept it as secret that he actually forgotten that his weapon was broken.

After make sure that both of them had entered it, I quickly close the gate and facing Mars.

Mars was currently stare in surprise with that spectacle.

“What? What was that just now? Where did those cute girls go?”

“There’s no way I’ll answer that right?”

“Could it be you’re also have multiple ability? …. Ahahahaha!”


Uwah, now he suddenly burst into laughter huh. Not just a pervert, he’s quite an eccentric person.

“More and more, the luck sure smiling to me! Up until now I have suppress my urge to beat you into verge of death after stole your ability though, since I didn’t want to show this side of mine to those girls. I also don’t know where they may went so, it can’t be helped then. Well, there’s no change to what I should do though! If I kill you, there’s a possibility that they may appeared again!”

“Before that, may I confirm something first?”

“Hmm? What’s it? I’ve been itching wanted to kill you though. And I want to crush that calm expression of yours. Well, since you’re almost die soon, if it’s something I can answer, I don’t mind to answering it.”

“Why thank you. Then first, did you the one who killed those adventurers who had a hole at their chest?”

Almost certainly he was the one who did that though.

“Of course! After I stole their ability with my strongest special ability <Avarice>, I killed them! Whether I will kill them or not was according my mood though! Those dead adventurers were sure lucky though. Since they were killed by me. After that, I will kill these adventurer I brought along too. As expected, it’s so troubling since I can’t just kill someone inside the town. But, I was sure lucky! Since I could use the ruckus about the appearance of a B rank monster! If I said that those adventurers were in pinch, then they will panic and follow me! It’s really the best that I even able to steal the ability from the person called Jack among them! I intended to kill them before the <Overrule> effect vanished but, to be killed at the same place as his friends, don’t you think I’m a good person? If I should say my only miscalculation was the appearance of you guys. Well, but I’m also glad though!”

“I understand. That’s enough.”

“What? It’s just the first part though?”

“Enough I said.”

After I <Identify> the details of <Avarice>, if the person who got his ability stolen was still alive, it seems the ability may returned to its owner if the thief was killed.

After come to this world, I’ve estimated that this kind of time may come but, to think that my first would be this scum. I can’t hesitate. If I hesitate here, if it may cause my precious persons were in danger someday, I think I may regret it. I don’t need that kind of ending.

“I’ll brutally kill you to the point at the verge of your death you would regret that you were born to this world!”

“I was born at earth. Idiot.”


Mars was didn’t know. The existence of a real cheater.

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