Isekai ni Kanaderu Densetsu – 35

Expressionless Savage VS Plunderer Scum

Rather than suddenly attacking, Mars didn’t moved from there at all.

“Say, why didn’t you affected by my <Overrule>? It’s strange even though it was already ten minutes since we met.”


Then, he started talking while seemed sulky.

“Do you really think I was blabbering that much without any intention? Even though I used that to buy some time so that I could dominate you like these adventurers…. How boring, after manipulate you, I intended to start to easily kill those adventurers but. Haa…. Since it’s getting irritating, how about we kill this person who seems quite in good terms with you first?”

After said that, Mars was stabbing at Jack’s heart who stood still there. He didn’t seems even bothered by the armor, he might intended to make a hole at Jack’s chest with his special ability, similar like the deceased adventurers….

At that instant, I unhesitatingly activate <Time Stop>.

The stopped time was ten seconds. It isn’t the time to hesitate.

“You scum….”

I quickly closed my distance with Mars, I vigorously cut off his right arm which hold the sword first with the stone sword of the black wolf. With gekokujou title in effect, since my attack power become practically even with Mars’ Defense power, I could easily cut off the part that isn’t covered by the skin armor.

I was quite worried with the hardening ability but, it seems it’s a freely activated type. And he seems didn’t activated it yet.

After he cut off Mars’ wrist, bloods endlessly flowed out. Then he snatch the sword after Mars lost his grip’s strength, and with his attack power raised further he stabbed Mars neck with the snatched sword. Thus far the used time was seven seconds.

With the remaining three seconds, he quickly slashed both of Mars eyes consecutively. Since the opponent HP won’t be reduced inside the stopped time, there were still an insecurity.

When the stopped time finished, Mars was soundlessly screamed and then collapsed. Eyes, throat, right arm’s wrist, blood flowed out from those parts. Even with that much wounds, his HP was miraculously remained by two.

Mars seems frantically wanted to say something but, since his vocal cord was severed he could only open and close his mouth.

“What, happen… ed? Why, I was… collapsed? Am I going to die? Me, the chosen one…. Impossible! I’m someone who is loved by the goddess…. It hurts, I don’t want to die, don’t joke with me! Someone…. Someone please save me….! I don’t want it….”

Mars, even while lying collapsed, mustering his last strength and reached out his hand toward the sky as if wanted to grab something. Of course, there was no one who grabbed that hand. Several seconds later, Mars’ hand feebly fallen to the ground.

Inside the air filled with blood scent, after make sure that Mars was already dead from a distance away, I hurriedly come to uncle Jack and the other’s place.

“Uncle Jack, are you alright?”

“Ah, I’m alright. I didn’t quite understand it but you did it magnificently!”

When I <Identify> uncle’s status, the ability had properly returned. I don’t know what should I do if the ability didn’t returned. Or rather, did uncle was watching?

“What, did you still conscious?”

“That’s because it’s just my body that didn’t want to act as I want after all. Well, how should I say it, thanks! I seriously thought that I would die.”

“There’s nothing more important as long as you’re safe.”

Afterwards, the adventurers behind uncle unanimously said their thanks too. Then, they were surprised when they know that I was just at an F rank adventurer. That’s of course, they won’t think that I was as a rookie. We even challenged a B rank monster after all.

But, I’m really glad that they’re alright. In the end, I didn’t understand the details of Overrule though. Why it didn’t affect me? Then, it seems our level won’t be raised by killing someone. Since I didn’t hear any sound inside my head.

Ah… a murderer huh. According the situation that was inevitable but, as I thought it’s hard mentally…. No matter how scumbag the opponent was, if you calmly think you may be able to found some other way. In this world, it seems like the dead of a villain was something natural, I also must got used to it, soon or later I think I may won’t think over about it again. Even if that’s the case, what should I do.

When I was thinking about such a thing, suddenly a telepathy come from inside the almighty infinite box.

“Kanade, are you alright!?”

“Master! Please reply… desu.”

“Yes, I’m alright. There are many think I want to retort but I will take you out from the almighty infinite box first. Wait a seconds.”

For an instant, he thought about should he summon it in front of uncle Jack and the others but, he remembered that they were already saw it so, he didn’t care about that anymore.

When the gate was summoned and the came out permission was given, suddenly both of them appeared from the gate. Then, both of them, after observing the situation, vigorously rush out from the gate and start to touch his whole body.

“Kanade! Thanks god that you’re alright! Do you get any injury!?”

“We are worried… desu!”

Oh! Currently, my body is being touched by girls! I’m so happy! It feels the best! Now isn’t the time to worry. From the result, I could protect my precious persons. Is there any better result than this? No, there isn’t!

“It seems I’ve make both of you worried right? It’s alright since everything was over.”

“Thanks god. Since I can’t understand the situation from inside that space after all….”

“If it’s Master, I believe you would win… desu.”

To be so worried like this, what a good girls! Runoir seems completely call me as Master. Well, let’s let her do as she pleased.

Leaving that aside, there are something I want to retort.

“Nevertheless, how did the telepathy could reach me from inside the box?”

“Ah, about that. Since we were so curious about your condition so I and Runo-chan investigated inside the box but, there was nothing aside the gate. And then when I try to touch the door, I could successfully send telepathy to you!”

“Something like that… desu.”

“I see… I don’t understand it at all.”

It seems when she touched the gate inside the box there was something that connected it with me. Is that mean the gate is a part of me? There’s no doubt since this is my special ability. Well, let’s don’t overthink trivial matter like this.

This time uncle Jack called to us.

“I don’t mind if you want to flirt but, there’s one think that I want to ask.”

“What’s up?”

I didn’t pay any attention to Lexa who was protesting and said that we weren’t flirting with red face.

“What will you do to carry that B rank monster to the town? It seems Bovart is a whole raw materials you know. Moreover since that is a variant so you should be able to get a considerable amount of money.”

“Ah, about that.”

I walk till before the Bovart’s corpse, and then summoned the gate of almighty infinite box. Then, as expected Bovart’s corpse that was bigger than the gate was sucked inside the box. Yup, it was really almighty.

I ignored uncle Jack was surprised and murmured “Did everything could enter it huh, that box…”.

Then, I put the adventurers and Mars corpses inside the box too, and then together we returned to Dyle Town.

On the way return, he felt a little discomfort. Therefore, he checked his status to confirm if there was something strange there.


Saotome Kanade | Man | Celestial | 16 Years old

Level                         : 6

HP                              : 125

MP                             : 147


Attack Power         : 118 (+1)

Defense Power      : 106

Agility                       : 124

Charm                      : 60

Luck                          : 50


Weapon                   : Broken bronze sword (Attack Power +1)


Ultimate Ability

Time Stop (10s)

Special Ability

Identify, Almighty Infinite Box, Pierce, Breath Underwater, Trace, Mouth lock, Double gained experience, Clairvoyance, Empty(3)




Other Worlder, Hero, Grandson of the Ultimate god, Gekokujou, Judge



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