Isekai ni Kanaderu Densetsu – 36

Hello there (again)!

Well, I indeed said that I dropped this series but somehow there was someone who donated for this series around one week ago you see, but I just checked and aware of it just now after I released the MM, though!.

Well, luckily I had translated a part of it sometime ago so I can somehow managed to finish this chapter by now.

Sorry for the wait and thanks for you support ^_^.

PS: Just what the fuck with today’s workload? I even need to sit and keep translating for around 10 hours already today (moreover almost non-stop), I can feel my back and stomach are aching by now.

Liked it? Each dollar support from you would be greatly welcomed ^_^
  • so not gonna continue?

    • Passifista

      Well, there’s only two chapter left, after all.
      Sp rather than stopping on a cliff I think stopping here would be better for health.
      Well, personally I have no intention to continue it, but if it’s must do thing then I’ll do it, though.

      • I-it’s not like I’ll be happy or anything if you continued kay?!

      • hecate

        did the author drop this title ??

        • Passifista

          it was said to be hiatus, but for having no update for these past few years, we could take it as a dropped series.

          • hecate

            aw T-T and i like one, hidden pervert mc with always cool face is pretty rare right ?

  • WinterWolf

    Thanks for the chapter