Isekai ni Kanaderu Densetsu – 29

Kanade Vs Kokkochief

After Kanade <Identified> the details about Lexa’s ability, he glanced at her face before told her about it, and she looked like unable to hide her unusual anxiety feeling.

She was very restless. Too restless, to the point she did something that she usually never did it in front of Kanade, she continuously stroke her hair with her nail. She continuously whirl the tip of her twin-tail with her fingertips.

I absolutely want to take a picture of that but, I want take a video of it more, after recording the video, then I will show it to Lexa. Then, with her face dyed red she would angrily said “When did you take such a thing!”, I could easily imagine it.

As I thought, Lexa was very fun to tease right!

Oops, it isn’t the time to imagining such a thing. I should tell Lexa about her ability.

“Lexa, I’ve understood the details of your ability.”

“Ho- how was it? Could it be really wasn’t something useful after all?”

“No, according to my conjecture, if you use it properly you also could use this ability in battle.”

“For real!? Please tell me the detail about it!”

Oh, at last she smiled. This is the smile I want to see!

“Of course, Lexa’s connection ability was….”

At the time Kanade almost told Lexa about its details.

“There are several Kokkopipos come… desu!”

Runoir who looked out the surrounding was shouting, noticing that there were some Kokkopipos were getting closer.

“Mou, even though it’s at the interesting part! Runo-chan, where do they come from?”

“From behind Lexa-san… desu. The distance is around 30 meters… desu.”

Runoir even able to estimate the distance. She is so capable.

The kokko group is still a distance away. Since we want to raise our level too, so it should be the time I and Lexa deal with them.

“Lexa, we will take care of them. Runoir, you stay away for now. When there’s an alteration of the situation, I’ll leave the backing to you.”

“Fine then! Let’s do it!”

“Roger… desu. Please be careful… desu.”

While we’re waiting for them to appeared, they’re gazing at us from between the gaps of the trees, we could confirm the appearance of four Kokkopipos.

“Wai, there are four of it! I’ll take care the two at the left!”

“Roger. If it’s too hard for you then just tell me. I’ll definitely come to save you.”

“T- thank you. It isn’t the time for chatting!”

“They’re coming.”

Finally the Kokko groups are finally coming out of the tree’s shadow, and make a move toward here.

…the one at the right end looked far bigger than the ordinary Kokkopipo.

Since I was bothered by it so I <Identify> it.


Don Kokkopipo | Male


Level                         : 26

HP                              : 105

MP                             : 0


Attack Power         : 54

Defense Power      : 35

Agility                       : 49

Charm                      : 6

Luck                          : 14


Ability                       : Cut, skewer


What! Don Kokkopipo!

Its level isn’t even comparable to an ordinary Kokkopipo.

“Kanade-san! That monster is the boss of these kokko… desu!”

Boss, is it something like their leader? And called as Kokkochief.



Without overlook the instant opportunity when I’m <Identifying> it, Don Kokkopipo bend its body and stick out its tusk. Then, with a powerful kick to the ground, charging like a rocket, it approaching my chest.

“Kanade! Watch out!”

“Avoid it desu!”


Lexa’s POV




Without me and Runo-chan noticed it, Don Kokkopipo is already in front of Kanade, and while writhe in suffer it rolled over to the ground. Bluish blood flowed out from both its eyes and neck…. What happened?

Since the other Kokkopipo seems didn’t understand what happened either, they stopped their leg.

Then Kanade calmly stab his bronze sword at Don Kokkopipo’s chest, and finish it off.

“There are still three left, don’t let your guard down Lexa.”

Wait! It isn’t like I’m letting my guard down, it’s just there are too many thing to retort about! Isn’t Runo-chan dumbfounded too!

“The remaining three, as planned I’ll take care two if it, and the last one should be dealt by Runo-chan. Kanade please just stand firmly there.”


Afterward, without any much resistance, the remaining three Kokkos were subjugated by Lexa and Runoir.


Kanade’s POV


“Then, Kanade, what are you doing at that time? For me, it looked like the Don Kokkopipo was suddenly collapsed though….”

“I didn’t understand what happened too… desu. I’m curious about it… desu.”

After subjugating all of the Kokko and stripped the Don Kokkopipo, Lexa and Runoir throw that questions to Kanade.

What should I do. I just stopped the time and then stab the kokkochief’s eyes and neck with sword but…. <Time stop>, since I could easily aim at my opponent’s weakness so it’s very convenient. Then, it would be perfect if I could extend the stopped time though.

Is it okay if I just say “I stopped the time”? I already have quite trust at Lexa and Runoir, I even consider them as my comrades. But, this and that are something different. As a mysterious man, quiet and cool, now let’s just tell them that it’s just something like special moves.

“That was something like my special moves that only could be used once in five minutes.”

“Special moves?”

“What is it… desu?”

What, is there no concept of special moves at this world?

“In the first place, it was similar like at the first time I met you right Lexa.”

“Ah, was that about the time you killed those two goblins instantly?”

“That’s right.”

“At that time I was too focused to fight the goblin, so actually I didn’t see it. And so practically it was the first time I see it.”

“An attack with… speed that can’t be followed by eyes… nodesu?”

Lexa, you once confidently said that you see it right. Well, whatever.

But I’m grateful that both Lexa and Runoir are misunderstand about it. This, it’s better to just follow this flow.

“That’s right, that was an attack that can’t even be followed by eyes. It’s okay if you want to praise me.”

“As I thought Kanade is amazing!”

“Amazing… desu! Master(Shishou)!”

Both of them really believe it. They’re too easy which even make me worry.

What Runoir said, she said Master but, regarding our statuses, Runoir’s status is still higher than mine. The world sure mysterious.

At this rate, it seems they would be easily fooled by a bad person.

Ah, come to think of it, after I subjugated the Kokkochief, I heard a sound notification that my level was raised.

Come out, status.


Saotome Kanade | Male | Celestial Being | 16 years old


Level                         : 4

HP                              : 72

MP                             : 94


Attack Power         : 55 (+2) (+4)

Defense Power      : 48

Agility                       : 59

Charm                      : 60

Luck                          : 50


Weapons                 : Stick (Attack Power +2)

                                      Bronze Sword (Attack Power +4)


Ultimate Ability

Time Stop (5s)

Special Ability

Identify, Almighty Infinite Box, Empty(3)




Other Worlder, Hero, Grandson of The Ultimate God.


Is seems my level was increased by two. What? Outside my prediction, my statuses values increased considerably high. Even with Celestial Being’s effect the increase was amazing. Did the status’s growth isn’t constant? Like when my level increased from level one to level two, I though the growth would be the same but it seems that isn’t the case. Could it be, is it depend to any monster we subjugate?

Rather than leveling up by killing a lot of small fries, there’s a possibility that by defeating a strong opponent your status would be raised higher. Maybe it’s similar like a prize after clearing a trial. How’s that Dr. <Identify>. Please give me your enlightenment.

The statuses growth at each levels up

When you leveled up, your condition, place, luck etc, there were many elements that may affect your statuses growth. And, the stronger the monster you defeat, the higher your statuses may growth.


I see….

At least, it’s already a certain that the stronger the monster, the higher your status would be raised! Thank you very much, Doctor.

Nevertheless, five seconds limit of the stopped time is very strict! Depend on its holder’s growth, when it would extended?

There was no one reply at Kanade’s question.

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