Isekai ni Kichatta – 19

Lulu the slave girl.

After waited for a while, Mia-chan returned to the room while brought a small pouch. I think perhaps the money was inserted inside that pouch.

Nonetheless, if you could get a considerable amount of money by just offering an information like this, didn’t that means you may still be able to get money even with a false information? I asked Mia-chan about it but, she said that there was a magic tool to detect lies. Seems like it was used to detect any false information. Well, since that was something considerably expensive, so it seems like that wasn’t a magic tool which used everywhere.

That means, the guild which has this magic tool was able to easily classify any information. Whether it was true, or false.

“Then, this is the purchasing money. Is that all the information you have?”

“Yes. I certainly accept it.”

“For now, I’m going to report it to the guild leader, we are going to immediately send an intelligence unit to confirm whether “Red Night” is still inside the forest or not. Thank you for offering us the information.”

Then Mia-chan bows her head, and opens the door. Maybe that means I should leave right. I, with Finia-chan at my shoulder, stood up. Since I have received the money, let’s buy a slave as per what I have said to Finia-chan. If possible I want it to be a girl but, as long as it understood the common sense of this world, If that the case, a man is also okay.

Nonetheless, I don’t know whether slavery is accepted at this world or not. What should I do, I know that slavery isn’t a crime but…. Let’s try to ask Mia-chan.

“Say, Mia-chan.”

“What is it?’

“Does this country is approving slavery?”

“Let’s see… it isn’t approved but, it isn’t prohibited either. You are permitted to employ a slave but, the master must provide the minimum living necessity for the slave. When you treat your slave harshly, you might receive a punishment from the knight of this country.”

“I see.”

It seems we are allowed to buy a slave in this country. I don’t have any intention to oppress someone either, since I’m confidence that I may lose to even a kid after all. Attack power wise.

Nonetheless, different with this country, there may be a country which prosecute slave. Well, I’ll think about that later.

Well, I don’t have intention to leave this country soon anyway, when I leave this country, let’s just think about it that time. Since I’m weak after all, so I might just stood still if I was glared by an influential people or a high leveled adventurers.

“Are Kitsune-sama going to buy a slave?”

“Yes, I could buy a food at the inn but it would cost quite a sum after all. If that’s the case, doesn’t it would be cheaper to just hire someone who is able to cook? So I thought to buy a slave.”

“Are Kitsune-sama unable to cook?”

“I can but… ah that, since I would be exhausted when I returned after finishing a quest, I won’t feel like make it myself right?”

“I see….”

Since Mia-chan is somehow looking at me dubiously, I adequately swindle her. Since I used to trick Shiori-chan by told her a lie, so I was quite fond to it. Since there was already no magic tool around, my lie won’t be exposed.

Or rather, Mia-chan’s expression is somehow meek but… she didn’t use the magic tool right? It’s alright, right?

Returning through the entrance, we returned to the usual lively hall through the counter. The adventurers are somehow gazing dubiously to us but, it is nothing like you’re thinking, you know. If you’re too obstinate, you might be turned into charcoal you know, by Finia-chan. You won’t be forgiven you know, by Finia-chan!

“Then, I’m leaving. Seems like I won’t have any time to take a request today.”

“Yes, then I’ll wait for your next visit.”

“See you later Mia-chan! Please don’t get angry again!”

“I am not angry.”

Finia-chan, don’t say an unnecessary thing. Doesn’t Mia-chan’s eyes become aren’t smiling at all again. Don’t summon it back, good grief.

Ah, by the way, regarding “Right Night”, since the search party couldn’t find it at the discovery place, so they tried to search it at another place, and it seems like they didn’t demand for the information reward. That is what I heard.

But well, since my business here is already finished, let’s disperse, disperse.

◇ ◇ ◇

After left the guild, firstly we went to search for a slave dealer’s shop. We go to the place where we encountered the fierce-looked man who carried some slaves some time ago, and after we aimlessly searched for it around there, we finally found it. There was the cart which was used to carrying those slave outside a certain building. Since this country wasn’t approving slavery, so that’s why they didn’t open the shop at the main street, right.

When I tried to check at the background area, somehow I found a slave shop-like building. It seems like being hidden but, since we could easily find it if we turn into the back area, I think you couldn’t say it was hidden, right?

But, I’m grateful to that. I hope I won’t become its first costumer, though.

“Excuse me.”

“Oh, welcome. What kind of business do you have here?”

When I tried to enter and checked the surroundings, there was a lobby-like wide room with a counter, similarly like at a hotel at my original world. I couldn’t see any slave there. Well, since the one who come here were at least a knight-sama level after all. As expected they sure thoughtful with that.

“I want to buy a slave but, may I?”

“Yes, of course! What kind of slave you wish for? Sex slave? Labor slave? Or perhaps battle slave?”

Uwah, he is obviously a suspicious man. His expression immediately changed when he know that I’m a customer. How scary, very underground organization-like. Well, I don’t like how he is always staring at Finia-cha but, since our current position are merchant and customer, so for now let’s just let him be.

“Well, I won’t inquire the appearance, I just want a slave which healthy physically and would be able to work immediately. My budget is around one gold coin.”

“I see… if that’s the case, let’s see… it would be faster by seeing the slave directly right, please come inside?”

Opening the counter’s door, he invites me toward the inside. It looked very shady, different than at the time with Mia-chan. Well, whatever though.

I walk through the counter as per his invitation, and I was being lead to the inner part. How should I say it, at my original world—

–it feels like a pet shop.

Is there no concept of glass? There are some animal’s cage-ish things which are neatly arranged, the slave who are confined inside it are wearing a miserably tattered cloth, their expression are looked so gloomy.

The slaves who are lined up neatly, they have shackles at their arms and legs, seems like it’s so that they won’t make any havoc. There are various slaves here, a male human with a strong looking tight muscle, a beautiful female human with a good figure and even a bigger boobs than Mia-chan, young boys and girl with promising future, there are also some other than human, like cat eared and dog eared beastman, a trained low class magical beast, etc. Seems like there are many kind of it.

I’m feel like vomiting, here.

“Since every slaves here had been properly trained to be obedient to their master, so after you buy them, they would immediately obeying you.”


“But, for such a trained slave… one gold coin is a bit….”

This man sure is underhanded. For a merchant that is something natural but, as expected even by just a bit, he want to squeeze out every possible sum, huh. But well I have the budget, for now let’s try to ask about how much money he want. The negotiation will be started from there.

“Approximately how much is it?”

“Let’s see… Perhaps, around three gold coins.”


He splendidly guessed my budget, this man. As expected from a merchant, his experience is by far different than an amateur like me. Nonetheless, I don’t mind to pay it if it’s just at three gold coins. Did this place supposed to pay it at full? Even if I try my poor price negotiation here, my eloquence won’t stand a chance against him.

“Then I’ll buy that big boobed beautiful woman at three gold coins.”

“Since slave like her is popular so it is around ten gold coins….”

“…Then I’ll buy that macho muscle at three gold coins.”

“Since he is a valuable manpower so it is around eight gold coins….”

“…Then I’ll buy that young girl with promising future at three gold coins.”

“Since she has a promising future so it is around seven gold coins….”

What’s the meaning of it. This man didn’t has any intention to sell them at all, at least he didn’t have any intention to sell a human slave. If that’s the case then the beastman girl huh… nonetheless beatman’s livelihood are similar like human but, seems like their treatment are greatly different… how complicated.

Thereupon, the slave merchant man is asking me with a complacent smile.

“If you are troubled with money, then how about it? Why don’t you sell that fairy over there?”


“Oh dear, these days, since there were many customers who fond with fairies, I would buy it at twenty gold coins, how is it?”

This man, what is he talking about? Is he an idiot?

—Selling Finia-chan you say?

“Don’t get too cocky.”

I’ve greatly understand it, this man is my enemy.


I can feel that Eerie Constitutionskill is activated. But I don’t mind it, this man is an enemy. I don’t mind to blow up this place, by Finia-chan.

But, in the end I’m just a customer who come here to buy a slave. I should refrain myself from any conspicuous act. So that I won’t kill him.

“A…. ka…!?”

“That beastman girl, I could buy her at three gold coins, right?”

“…! …!”

I judge that it doesn’t matter even if she is a beastman. Moreover, I don’t want to overstay at this kind of place.

When I said that, the slave merchant man was shrieking without any voice and vigorously nodded. It seems like since my level had raised, the effect of Eerie Constitutionis also increased. When Coercionwas activated, his face was becoming very pale and looked like he may fainted at any given moment. What a good sensation.

“Then, please.”

“Haa…! Haa…!”

After canceling the skill, I returned to the counter just now by myself. Finia-chan is looked very mad, to the point I could clearly see magic is gushing out from her body. It is the first time Finia-chan is angry like this.

But, she excellently endure it. Since it would be bad if we make a ruckus here.

“Thanks Finia-chan, to endure it.”

“Yes… but, I hate that kind of people. Kitsune-san won’t sell me right?”

“I won’t, since Finia-chan is my one and only partner after all.”


Since Finia-chan is floating a sunflower-like smile, I could calmed myself down like this. Because I really love that smile.

◇ ◇ ◇

After that, Kitsune was safely buy the beastman girl slave from the frightened slave merchant man. Whether it was a custom, the man hand over a contract choker to Kitsune. With a magic tool named Slavery Choker, seems like by attaching that choker, the master and servant relation would be established. Seems like it was intended so that the slave who use the choker can’t attack the master who attach it.

As for Kitsune, he takes the choker but, he has no intention to attach it. Even if she’s a slave, he desn’t has any intention to treat her like one.

“…Then, wear it first.”

After they left left the store, Kitsune give the school uniform which he wear to the girl who he just bought. Since looking at her wearing a tattered cloth isn’t very pleasant after all. Kitsune was crouching and carefully give the cloth.

Previously, he just buy that girl on a whim but, if you looked at her closely, that girl was quite well-featured.

A light brown hair which extend to her buttock, a dog like ear at her head, and also a tail which covered by hair. Her eyes were lack of energy and looked like a dead eyes but, it were a jade like beautiful eyes. Her ages perhaps around twelve years old, her height, whether she was given a minimum food since she was a slave, I think she is quite small for her ages. Her body looked very frail.


Being given the school uniform, the girl was gazing at Kitsune with bewilderment but, as expected there was no energy at her eyes. But, she obediently follow him when he lead her by hands, for now Kitsune was going to return to the inn. He thought that he may need to rent for one additional room.

“Ah, that’s right… you, what’s your name?”

“…Lulu Soleil.” (ルル・ソレイユ)

“Lulu-chan right, it’s good and easy to call.”

Kitsune didn’t say anything further. The difficult thing, they should just discuss every of it at the inn. Now he was just walking while holding hand with a girl named Lulu, leading her toward the inn.

But, Kitsune didn’t know, yet. That by buying that girl, it would lead him into his despair at the future….

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