Isekai ni Kichatta – 22

Unallowed slave’s greed.

It’s one week already since we arrived at this country, Miniera, and now we’re passing through its entrance gate to go outside. Lulu-chan looks somewhat restless to go outside, but being led by hand by me, even if slowly, she is following me passing through the gate.

The medicinal herb which is our objective at this request, if I remember it correctly it is “Hirashina Grass” which grow around this country, the minimum quota is fifty. With one week time limit, perhaps that is supposed to be quite an amount.

For the client, the fact that an H rank requests isn’t too popular among the adventurers is already become a well-known fact, or rather an H rank adventurer like me is approximately as rare as an S rank adventurer after all.

Therefore, by giving one week time limit, they hoped that a G rank adventurers or above would take this request at their spare times. If there’s none who take their request, they have no choice but to do it by themselves though. So that means there’s nothing better than when there’s someone who would take it huh.

Well, I’m here at this country after all. The Naginata Kitsune (H rank adventurer) who always enthusiastically take an odd job request. The Me who have 100% request completion rate!

“Hmm, it’s around here right?”

“Yes! Here is Hirashina grass’ growing area! Since we’ve came here before, there’s no doubt about it!”

The amount of the request which I’ve took at this one week is 17 requests. Among it, there were five request to collect some medicinal herbs, and among it there were two request to collect Hirashina grass similar like this time. At that time, we stumbled upon this place where Hirashina grass are growing in mass after all.

In exchange that there are many of it growing here, the bad side is the fact that there are many magical beasts appeared here, but Finia-chan’s magic sure is handy. Well, because of that at the time we trained with Rishe-chan, I forgot about the existence called weapon though.

“Well then, Lulu-chan.”


“Fifty medicinal herbs like this one, can you help me to collect it?”

To Lulu-chan who is also looking for the Hirashina grass next to me, I said that to her while showing one of the Hirashina grass which I pick.

The servile character is sure stuck deep inside her. Considering that, there is a possibility that she is a child who would go anxiety if she doesn’t get any order.

If that’s the case, I think asking a favor to her would be better here.

“I understand.”

And then, Lulu-chan starts to collect Hirashina herbs as per my request. Squatting there, she skillfully collect it. At this rate, we would be able to fulfill the quota at one hour.

When we finish it, should we go leveling by hunting some small fry magical beasts? Come to think of it, what happen with her weakened state? Today she looks somewhat lively different than yesterday but.

Status, status.



Name                        : Lulu Soleil

Gender                     : Female Lv. 1

Strength                   : 150

Stamina                    : 100

Resistance               : 50

Magic Power          : 100


Title                           :Slave

Skill                            : None

Innate skill              : ???

PT Member             : Naginata Kitsune, Finia (Fairy)



Oh? The weakened state from yesterday has disappeared. The recovery is quite fast isn’t it, is it also demi-human’s trait? An ability which isn’t reflected on status, perhaps something like that is also exist huh? I’m somewhat interested about her title, and I also interested with her innate skill which is still enigmatically written. Not yet, I have a hunch that there’s a potential which still hidden from us.



Therefore, well, it should be something that would be very useful to us someday. For now, let’s just do what we can.

Before us, there are three wild boar shaped magical beasts appear. They are similarly small fry like those wolfs, with my current status, an attack around their level won’t affect me at all.

It may looks reckless, since their charge attack looks somewhat frightening, but that level of attack isn’t a big deal after all. Seems like those wild boars, compared to their size, their strength aren’t that great.


“No problem, Lulu-chan. You should just collect the medicinal herbs like that, since we’ll do something about them after all.”

What a good timing, let’s show it here to Lulu-chan. Just how great her master is. Those wild boars, let’s beat them up in an instant.

“Bring it on, you little piglet.”

By Finia-chan!


◇ ◇ ◇


Being led by Kitsune-sama, I (Lulu) was brought to a grassland outside the country to collect the medicinal herbs which is stated at the request.

Even since I wake up late this morning, I thought that I was a failure as a slave. To wake up later than my master is, as a slave that is an unforgivable mistake. At the time I wake myself up, my drowsiness was disappeared in an instant, and then I apologized while I could felt that my face was growing pale.

In the end I was forgiven by Kitsune-sama, but I thought I should recover it.

After we ate breakfast, Kitsune-sama gave me an old clothes from the inn’s landlady. With a green color and easy to move, and above all it was produced from a fine cloth, a cute clothes which I never wear even once. I thought as a slave, was it okay to wear such a clothes, but since Kitsune-sama praised me by said that I was cute, that was embarrassing but I gratefully received it.

After that, I was aware that Kitsune-sama is an adventurer. Being brought along to the adventurer guild, I got a caution before we entered it.

I should stayed strong when someone was calling to me, and when there was someone who raised a hand, I should hit his groin. I firmly craved that into my heart.

When we entered it, like Kitsune-sama said, there was a big man came calling to us. Fairy-sama was transferring to my shoulder, I was very nervous, but Fairy-sama gave me an advice.

“Lulu-chan, Lulu-chan, now is the time you should act strong! Step to in front of that man, and then repeat what I’m going to say!”

Fairy-sama was giving me a chance to recover my mistake. I also remembered what Kitsune-sama told me in front of the guild, I indeed thought that I had no choice but to tried my best there. I stepped forward between Kitsune-sama and that man, strongly stared to that man. And then, Fairy-sama whispered to my ear. After I heard it, I repeated it.

“Sh, shut up, you ball-less bastard.”

I didn’t know what that means, but since Fairy-sama praised me that I had did it well, so with this it should be good right.

And then, the man was shouting while looking down one me. I was frightened, but Fairy-sama whispered to me again. Stay strong, stay strong…!

“Shut up, don’t talk to me! Guh, it stinks….!”

When I said that, the man was standing still as if shocked. I felt as if just did something bad, but since Fairy-sama praised me that I had did it well, so I thought with this it should be good right.

After that, the man was raising his hand and wiped his face.

“Raising his hand” and wiped his face.

I suddenly remembered the order which had been said by Kitsune-sama. When there was someone who raised his hand then hit his groin. I should put that on practice.

I formed a fist, and then punched the man’s groin. There was a strange squish sensation at my fist, but my heart was filled with a sense of accomplishment. I did it, I did it as per Kitsune-sama’s order. With this I was able to recover my mistake this morning! So I thought.

“Kitsune-sama… I, I did it.”

When I said that, Kitsune-sama praised me. If I could be any help for Kitsune-sama like this, I will surely receive more praise. I didn’t know the reason yet, but somehow Kitsune-sama was very kind to his slave (me). With this pace, perhaps I won’t be thrown away.

And then right now. I, who was brought along to this grassland, am collecting the medicinal herbs as per Kitsune-sama’s order. But, my hands is halted.

That’s because, the spectacle before me is unbelievable.

“Finia-chan! Do it quickly! Die! I’m going to die!”

“Leave it to me! I’m going to blow it off altogether after all.”

“Isn’t that means I’m going to die too!?”

Kitsune-sama was calmly challenging the three wild boar shaped magical beasts. His figure was as if a hero from fairy-tale, I thought that he was cool.

But, distant apart from fairy-tale, Kitsune-sama is currently being squashed by those three magical beasts. Being squashed by the three magical beasts which are charging at him at once. He seems like doesn’t has any injury, but Kitsune-sama is frantically struggling while suppressing the upcoming bites from those wild boars.

I nervously thought whether is he alright, but as soon as Fairy-sama put both of her hand in front of her, the magical beasts are blown away in an instant.

At a glance, at their bodies there are a shining divine light which are stuck at their forehead, just by looking at it I can understand that those magical beasts have died. Perhaps magic, but three at once, moreover with a terrific accuracy, there’s no doubt that Fairy-sama’s magic skill is high.

“Fuu… well, that was an easy victory right?”

“Did Kitsune-san do something just now?”

“I did, since I held their charge, there was perfect chance for Finia-chan to attack wasn’t it.”

“You sure are a smooth talker right! As expected from Kitsune-san, only your mouth sure is exceptional.”

“I’m still nothing compared to you who’s able to precisely pierce through someone’s heart.”

Kitsune-sama and Fairy-sama are quarrelling. But I don’t think they are on bad terms, at meal time Kitsune-sama would always splits a part from his meal for Fairy-sama, the way Kitsune-sama looking at Fairy-sama is very gentle, and the smile Fairy-sama make toward Kitsune-sama is very pure, honestly I can’t understand it.

But, looking at their spectacle, I think that I’m a bit envious of it.

“Ah… I must collect it….”

Suddenly realized it, I start to collect the medicinal herbs again. Kitsune-sama sure is gentle but, it doesn’t mean that he won’t get angry. At the time he was talking with that slave merchant man, he seemed like angry about something after all.

“Lulu-chan, have you collected it?”

Kitsune-sama asks it while looking at me. I haven’t reach the quota yet, while thinking that perhaps he would get angry at me, I spontaneously hung my head when answering.

“Not, yet… I haven’t collected it yet.”

“I see, it’s okay to do it slowly.”

“Wh, yes.”

Kitsune-sama said that, and caress my head. His hand which gently caress my head is warm and felt good. I’ve noticed it yesterday, but it seems like got my head caressed is my weakness. Feeling good from it, I unconsciously rub my head to his hand.

“Well then, since we’re going to dispose any magical beasts which are trying to come near here, so when you’ve collected it please call to us.”


Kitsune-sama withdraw his hand. Feeling that that warm hand’s sensation is going away, I was taken aback. My answer also somehow felt as if I said it absentmindedly. I must focusing my mind.

After that, for a little a while I was collecting the medicinal herbs while Kitusne-sam and Fairy-sama were fighting against the magical beast. Without me noticed it, I have surpassed the quota already, I unintentionally collected it over 100 pieces, but when I turn my head there is Kitsune-sama who is fighting his tenth magical beast. His appearance looks somewhat calm, but that is always soon changed.

When I said that I have collected it, Fairy-sama is blowing away the magical beast which is pressing over Kitsune-sama, and then they come to my place.

“Yup, seems like you’ve collected it too much right?”

“I’m sorry….”

“No no, I think the more the better. You did it well.”

“You sure are amazing Lulu-chan! Even I’m certain that I would get tired after I collected five of it!”

“I think it would be better for Finia-chan to try a bit harder though.”

Kitsune-sama and Fairy-sama are praising me. I’m happy to be praised like it, but I feel a bit uneasy by the fact that they were never angry at me.

Moreover, looking at them who are quarrelling again, I think whether will I be able to getting along well with them like that. For a slave to think about such a thing, that is an awful greed.

“Okay, well then Lulu-chan, for now let’s see how you fight.”


And then, Kitsune-sama said that to me. Fight? Against a magical beast? I’m indeed a slave, I have to follow his order….

But, I will die if I fight against a magical beast. Since I never fought it even once after all.

“N, no….”

Therefore, I reply it with a slave-like answer, and refuse his order. I think that without a doubt he would be angry. Perhaps he will say that he doesn’t need a slave which doesn’t listen to his order.

“I see, then it can’t be helped. Let’s go home.”


“Hmm? Why do you make such a confused face, Lulu-chan? I’ve said it at the very beginning right? That you don’t need to do something you don’t want to.”

Contrary to what I thought, Kitsune-sama said that to me without any trace of angry at all. He has indeed said that, I never thought that it was really okay to disobey his order. After all, isn’t that means I’m being treat not as if I’m a slave, but as if a family or friend right. Isn’t it the development which I desired, this dream-like development. Isn’t that as if I’m allowed to be greedy.

Such a thing is absolutely, unforgivable.

“Such a thing… such a thing is no good….”

Therefore, I naturally… said that.

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