Isekai ni Kichatta – 25

Knight Leader


“Yes, seems like recently magical beasts’ activities are become livelier. And the reason is seems like because of the revival of the demon lord… and so, Grandile nation’s higher-ups are summoning a hero.”

The next morning, when we ate our breakfast after I wake Lulu-chan who is using the choker and Finia-chan up, I thought that somehow people’s atmospheres are strange. It feels like they become more noisy.

After that we went to the guild, and then there the person who had a quarrel with me at my very first time came to the guild was coming to us. But he was stopped and flustered when Lulu-chan is suddenly takes a step forward and preparing to unleash her secret move “Golden Breaker”.

The man becomes very pale, but as expected to suddenly receive ball crusher out of the blue sure is painful right.

And then, since it isn’t like we’re being chased by time or anything so I decided to have a chat with him. After that we moved to a table which were provided by the guild, and the thing he tells me is about the hero.

“Ah… hero and demon lord… such a template.”

“Well, demon lord sure is a threat, but since the hero is already been summoned so everything should be okay.”

“Hmm, by the way, I don’t uncle’s name though.”

“Rather than the hero, you’re more interested at my name huh… I am Grimm, F rank adventurer.”

To be honest, I have no interest to such stories like hero or demon lord. Well, that would be a different story if it may become a hint for my way to return to my former world though, but demon lord must be very strong right, since that is scary so I don’t want to encounter it. But if at my very worst luck I have to fight it then it can’t be helped though.

Nevertheless, this uncle’s name is Grimm huh, I didn’t know. But sine I can gather information like this then perhaps it won’t be bad for me to try conversing with other adventurers more.

“Kitsune-san! How about the request?”

“Hmm, let’s see. The one that doesn’t require us to go outside country please.”

“Yes! Let’s go to choose it, Lulu-chan!”

“Ah, yes!”

After that, in the end Finia-chan returned after she passed to F rank. Lulu-chan is still H rank, but I feel like we make a little progress by having Finia-chan who is able to take a subjugation request as our comrade.

Moreover, perhaps thanks to putting the choker as family sign which deepened our bonds, seems like Lulu-chan and Finia-chan also have quite opened their heart to each other. Since calling her by Fairy-sama wasn’t permitted by Finia-chan, so she decided to call her by Finia-sama.

“Are those kids your party members?”

“Yes, they’re my families.”

“But the choker at her neck is slave… no, forget it.”

Grimm-san is looking dubiously when he saw the choker which is used by Lulu-chan, but perhaps since I’ve said that they’re my families so he retract his words midway. As an elder, as expected he is able to read the conversation’s mood. If he says anything further then perhaps he would receive Lulu-chan’s ball crusher.

“Nevertheless, where does that Hero come from?”

“Hmm, seems like they come from some another world, perhaps? Since the previous heroes who had been summoned to this world were also carrying many new techniques and articles after all.”


Other world? The heroes were summoned from another world?

“Wait, please tell me the detail about it.”

“Eh? Ah, hmm… if I remember it correctly, the first hero was summoned around 300 years ago, and seems like the first hero was a woman.”


“Then, to defeat the demon lord which appeared at that time, that female hero received the holy sword schwaltzreid, and she also became very strong in a blink of eye. And then, after defeating the demon lord, seems like she returned to her former world. Ah, if I remember it correctly, her name was… Kanna Takayagi, perhaps? And seems like she had a very beautiful face you know?”

Takayagi, Kanna… without a doubt it is a japanese name. 300 years ago then that means she was a person from Edo Period huh… at my former world, I had read numerous historical books about that period, but there was almost no transcription about a woman who participate at war… and yet for her to fought as a hero, that means she might got something like special blessing or the like right.

But the most important part is, about the hero who had “returned” after she defeated the demon lord. The other worlded hero was returned to her former world, so that means “there is” a way to return?

“Including that female hero, there were four heroes who had been summoned, but… seems like at that times each of those heroes were brought along various things, personally, I think the best of it is of course the ‘Skirt’! It’s raising woman’s charm drastically!”

Seems like Grimm-san is saying something, but for me the most important part is about the existence of a way to return. It might be limited to only for heroes, but as long as it may become a precedence then it might become a considerably good clue.

“Like that, the extended slender legs are so dazzling…! And the time when we can see her panty sure is the best!”

“You fool, if the panty could be seen then it was pointless! We might be able to see the panty when the skirt is swayed even by just a bit, the boundary between whether it could be seen or not, that is the most erotic part! We can see it… but we can’t! But exactly because we can’t see it, it would tempts our delusion! The spectacle inside the skirt, and by our delusion we would be able to establish the most ideal spectacle of it! If we can see the panty, then that would be pointless!”

“O, oh… sorry… my bad.”

Good grief, this person sure doesn’t understand the art of a brief glimpse. Or rather, focusing only at the skirt is a big mistake. The art of a brief glimpse is, the important part are her blushing face when the person herself perhaps accidentally showing her panty, also her act to try hiding it again. To be in high spirit for just seeing a panty, are you a kid… wait, don’t get me wrong. It isn’t like I’m interested in panties or something. Since I’m a righteous youth after all.

“Then, do you know anything more about heroes?”

“Ah, hmmm…. Since demon lord’s cycle of revival are repeated once each sixty years, so the hero also summoned accordingly. This time is the fifth time, and like I’ve said, the hero have been summoned. A way to completely kill the demon lord is… seems like still unknown.”

“Do you know the appearance of demon lord?”

“No, seems like there’s no one who had saw its appearance aside from heroes and their parties. Or rather, the struggle for just to reach demon lord’s place is only possible for A rank adventurers or above after all….”

I see, so that means there’s a possibility the demon lord might doesn’t have a humanoid appearance. To be able to revive, as expected whether it was done by preparing a new flesh, or by storing only its soul somewhere, such tricks were possible after all. Rather than a fragile human, having a strong magical beast’s flesh is far more convenient after all.

But well, having a humanoid form which is composed by magical beast’s flesh is also demon lord-like though.

“Then, the country where the hero was summoned…where is it?”

“I’ve said it though, it’s Grandile kingdom. A military country which has numerous wars, it’s also referred as a kingdom of survival of the fittest. It’s a popular place for adventurers who want to polish their skills, well, the adventurers there are men of valor with at lowest are D rank adventurer, so if you take it poorly there then you’ll sure receive a painful experience.”

“Hmm, I’m quite interested by it.”

Hero, most likely an other worlder. I don’t know whether he came from a same world with me, or perhaps from a different world, but it’s a big clue which I get. With such purpose, I think it would be better for me to visit that Grandile kingdom at least once.


“Yes, have you decided the request?”

“Oi Kitsune… don’t tell me you’re going to go there? To the kingdom of survival of the fittest…”

Seems like Grimm-san is unexpectedly worried about me. Such a kindhearted person, I don’t hate it.

“Well then, but well… I think I want to meet that hero. Bye.”

Saying that, I walk toward Finia-chan and Lulu-chan at guild request board.


◇ ◇ ◇


Well then, today we also undertake some odd jobs requests, after we somewhat increase our level, we returned to the inn. Recently my level was hardly increased, even though my level is still at Lv. 10, but somehow I feel like it become quite hard to increase. Personally I can’t comprehend it from the bottom of my heart.

By the way Lulu-chan is still unable to participate at battle yet. She had been prepared to use the short sword, but as I thought she still seems hesitate to kill a living being.

“I’m sorry….”

“No no, you don’t need to force yourself to suddenly do it. It’s good as long as you keep going at it little by little.”


While patting the dejected Lulu-chan who dropped her shoulders, we entered to the inn. There’s still time till dinner time, let’s just quietly pass the time at our room for now. And I also should tell them about my intention to visit Grandile Kingdom after all. When we passed the entrance and walking toward the stair, I realized that the atmosphere inside the inn is somewhat strange. We naturally stopped our leg.

“—enough, you’re a disgrace for family. It’s hard for me to cast my own child away, but… I can’t go along with you any further.”

“No, no way…! Please wait! I…”

“One week.”


“One week, it’s your last chance. If by that time you’re still unable to cast your apprentice status away… you’re not my daughter anymore.”

Seems like Rishe-chan is quarrelling* with that dandy uncle. Not arguing**, but quarreling.

Since I didn’t hear the conversation, perhaps that uncle is Rishe-chan’s father. Considering the sword at his waist also a word about Rishe-chan’s status as a knight apprentice, as I thought that man perhaps is also a knight. Moreover, a remarkable one. Just by his appearance alone gives such dignity impression.


I quietly peek at that uncle’s status.




Name                    : Vaiz Rumiela

Gender                 : Male Lv. 89

Strength               : 6250

Stamina                : 5400

Resistance           : 250

Agility                   : 4560

Magical energy  : 1200


Title                       :Knight Leader Demon Eye Holder

Skill                       : Sword Art Lv.7』『Body Strengthening Lv.5』『Swift

                                  Overpowering』『Magic Manipulation Lv.3

                                  Demon eye of foresight Lv.5

Innate skill          :Demon eye of foresight



Amazing. I didn’t say about his level, but that statuses values sure are abnormal. I had met the man with level 47 who was wooing Mia-chan, but he can’t even comparable to this uncle who has almost double of his statuses. Moreover to hasKnight Leadertittle, ha must be very strong— perhaps, he might even comparable with an A rank adventurer.

“Say, Kitsune-san… what is that? A quarrel*?”

“If they’re contenting*** then I hope they would let me join in.”

“But Rishe-chan looks like very desperate though.”

“You’re right, but since that is a family affair… that isn’t a place where we could step in.”

Lulu-chan strengthens her grasp at my hand.

“…can’t step in, but.”

At a family affairs, outsiders shouldn’t intervene. Yup, at my former world that was the common sense. Or rather, there was no one who was able to stop my mother like existence who would easily exert for violence.

But, here isn’t my former world. Such common sense perhaps also exist at this world, but that isn’t something I know about. Moreover…

—the pain for being casted away by their own parents, I know it.

“That sole one is, I won’t overlook it.”

One step, my stopped legs are advancing forward. At that footsteps, that cool uncle is looking at me. But immediately returned to Rishe-chan.

I can’t stomach it.


When I activate my Eerie constitution, he turn his face to me. He is someone who has power equaling the monsters of A rank adventurers, he must be very strong. But, that red pupil at that night, was far more dreadful. Compared to that, he isn’t something scary at all.

“Nice to meet you, Rishe-chan’s esteemed father?”

While faintly smiling, I greet him. Accordingly, Rishe-chan’s father extends his hand to the sword at his waist, and gazing sharply at me in belligerence.

“…what’s up with you, do you want to meet Grim reaper?”

And said that with a serious tone.

Rishe-chan’s father. He is absurdly strong. He might be even able to face against a B rank magical beast.

When I think about it, Eerie constitutionwhich is able to overpower the opponent mentally regardless of how high their statuses value sure is a cheat.

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