Isekai ni Kichatta – 26

Nervous problem

Between me and uncle who are glaring at each other, a strained atmosphere is tingling and sparking. His prowess is overwhelmingly stronger than me, if we fight against each other, I know, everyone know that I’d just need two seconds to lose to him.

However, it’s impossible for me to turn a blind eye at this uncle.

He is Rishe-chan’s father, but he’s intending to disinherit Rishe-chan. That isn’t allowed, parents should lead, protect, and love their kid, there’s no way they would cast their kids away. If he doesn’t correct their kid’s wrong doing, if he forces something their kids are unable to, that aren’t parental love, but mistreatment.

I, fully know that. I know how painful the kid would suffer. Since I’ve experienced it myself after all.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, but could you please stop bullying Rishe-chan? She is my benefactor after all.”


Vein popped up at uncle’s face, and he glares at me. I’ve activated Eerie Constitution, I’m sure that I should be overpowering him mentally, but whether at the time with the “Red Night”, also this uncle, seems like strong people are as expected won’t yield huh. They sure are troublesome opponent.

“This is my daughter, an outsider shouldn’t intervene at others’ family affairs.”

“There’s no family that would refer their child as this right? How could a parent treats his child like an object? That’s quite different than family which I know.”

“You bastard….”

“Moreover, it sure is laughable how you intend to draw your prided sword against someone weaker than you.”

“What? Are you insulting my sword art? That neck, I don’t mind to chop it here you know?”

“Don’t bluffing, you sure are look weak you know?”


He’s indeed seems like he has a great ability at sword art, but inside he is just a gerontocratic person. He is the type of person who would corrupt the young generation. Moreover, he seems like has a great pride. Being provoked by a youngster like me, seems like he remembers how is irritated feels. He seems like an embodiment of a typical self-important person. So this is the knight leader huh, the future if this country sure is gloomy.

“To begin with, Rishe-chan has been an apprentice knight for almost two years already, so there’s no way at this late of time she would be able to become a knight within a week right.”



At my word, Rishe-chan stiffened with sorrowful looking face.

However, what I want to see is the fact that uncle doesn’t even objecting my word. Doesn’t objecting, so that means he is also aware of it.

“Even when you aware of it… you still give her that condition?”


“What a terrible parent, to thrust a cruel reality to their own child. How deplorable, why does a parent must hit his child with a whip? That one week extension time, that feels just like a sentence suspension you know.”

Uncle doesn’t say anything. To be frank, up until now as long as they want to think about it, they would be able to understand it. But, from here on there would be a great difference between a capable and an incompetent person. To be honest, against this uncle, he isn’t seems like opponent who would yield just by talking. As a knight leader, moreover an A rank monster, even though authority-wise he is a troublesome opponent already, moreover combined by his prowess, there should be rarely anyone who has the guts to talk against to such person at this world. Even normally he isn’t someone I could talk to.

But, I’m not a person from this world, I don’t know about authority, at least the monster right before me is… none other than an old man.

“That’s why, we don’t need that one week time limit.”


“Kitsune! You…!”

To give her that one week limit, that is none other than a finishing blow. No matter how much time she got that would be just a waste. Especially, for a person like Rishe-chan.

Moreover, there are many ways for Rishe-chan to become a knight. With my ability, at least I’ll be able to think one or two way.

“One day is enough.”


“Tomorrow evening, please come here again esteemed uncle. Together with Rishe-chan, let’s have a very fun tea time.”

While showing an attitude as if drinking a black tea, I faintly smiling. The Eerie Constitutionis, the stronger my mind compared to my opponent, the stronger the effect would become.

No matter how powerful he is, no matter how great his sword art is, nothing that matter. Equally, everyone are lower than me.

“…just one day, that means are you going to train Trisha to a level where she would be able to become a knight?”

“You’re wrong, when she woke up from her overnight sleep… Rishe-chan would just arbitrarily become stronger.”

“Impossible… okay, if that’s the case then I would just wait for one day. And then if you’re unable to make Trisha into a knight….”

The continuation, I already know without he needs to say it.

“Yup, I know, if that happens then I’ll take Rishe-chan.”

Successfully see uncle’s dumbfounded expression, I say that amusedly.


◇ ◇ ◇


“What were you doing!? You, why did you…!”

“Calm down Rishe-chan.”

After that, uncle seemed like a bit doubtful to me, but when I said ‘if you’re intending to throw here away then there would be no problem if I pick her up right?’, he didn’t say anything and just go back like that. Tomorrow evening, he would come here to test Rishe-chan right?

A way to make Rishe-chan stronger. That is, to overcome her fear.

“…what are you intending to do to make me stronger?”

“In the first place, the reason why you can’t display your true ability is… because you’re too scared when fighting.”

If it’s about fear, then it’s my speciality.

I have Eerie Constitution and Overpower, two skills which designed to overpower the opponent. But, these two has a greatly different nature.

Eerie Constitution isn’t overpowering the opponent by using pressure. It’s a skill which alter the impression about me inside their mind into something fearful. That effect is, giving me superiority mentally than my opponent, any living opponent would see me as a malice, or perhaps become more conceited as if seeing a weakling. Well, the most important part is my mental state though.

Overpower is the opposite, it overpowers the opponent by using pressure, a genuine overpower skill. But, because of hoe weak I’m, if I don’t combine it with Eerie Constitution I won’t be able to pull its full effect out.

Now I’m going to use both of it. When Rishe-chan is going to sleep, I’m going to keep intimidating her by using these skills. As long as both of these skills are activated, especially Eerie Constitution, it was impossible to sleep at the same space as me. That is, the stronger the existence the stronger the effect would be. Before the most fearful existence, to show her greatest weakness by sleeping, her instinct would against it stronger than Rishe-chan herself.

But, if Rishe-chan is able to sleep even by just several seconds under that condition… that means she’s able to control her scared body. So, it would also lead to her ability to control her stiffened body at the time she is scared when fighting.

“Rishe-chan, you just need to sleep at this room.”

“…with just that, I’ll become stronger? Really…?”

“If you’re able to. The rest it whether Rishe-chan would be able to sleep or not, just that. If you want to be recognized by that esteemed uncle, then you should try your best to be able to sleep.”

“Do your best, Rishe-chan! I even would gladly sing you a lullaby!”

“Do, do your best… please.”

Finia-chan and Lulu-chan seem like don’t have any intention to stop what I’m going to do. Is it because they’re believe in me, or perhaps because we’re family, I don’t know.

Nevertheless, whether Rishe-chan would be able to do it or not, either way it would be a good thing for me. If she’s able to do it then she would be able to become a knight, and that would also means that I’m able to repay her favor, and if she’s unable to do it then that’s also good since I’ll be able to get Rishe-chan as my comrade.

“Yes… I got it, then I’ll be in your care.”

If it comes the latter then I’ll have many chance to repay her favor since we’re going to be together, I even would be able to ask her to guide me to the Grandile Nation. If possible, I hope Rishe-chan would fail, but… let’s exert my utmost ability here.

“Then… please sleep.”

Lie down at the bed, Rishe-chan reluctantly closes her eyes. She must be have experienced so much hardship already, from here on it is depending on yourself.

I sit at the chair, and activate both of these skills toward her.


Vigorously woke up, Rishe-chan takes and draw her sword. That expression, is an expression as if scared of something, even her hand which draw the sword is shivering. Seems like this strategy is working properly.  It’s indeed seems like an extreme method, but this skill which is able to overpower anyone regardless of their statuses’ values… if they’re strong then they would be able to overcome it… will she able to reach that?

“Do your best to sleep, Rishe-chan.”

I said that, while faintly smiling.


◇ ◇ ◇

The next morning, around the time when the sky is gradually brightening. Rishe-chan is still unable to sleep. I’m fine since I’m a nocturnal type, but since Finia-chan and Lulu-chan are seemed sleepy so I let them slept at my room.

There won’t be any problem if I let her sleep till evening, but you can see shadow at her eyes already, when she shut her eyes it seems like her drowsiness would take her to dreamland anytime.

Be that as it may, as expected perhaps she was unable to sleep under terror since she would immediately wake up whenever I activate my skill.

Her level is considerably high, even her statuses’ values aren’t inferior to the average knight, but why does she is scared to fight, I can’t understand that.

Perhaps she’s just nervous, but to be unable to move her body even by just a bit because of nervous is also strange. Perhaps should I ask her about it?


“Say Rishe-chan.”

“Wh, what’s up….”

“Why do you want to become a knight? Or rather, why are you trying to live up to esteemed uncle’s expectation?”

When I said that, she averts her eyes with an embarrassed expression.

To begin with, I had heard that she kept continuing to become a knight apprentice for almost two years because she wanted to become a knight. Right, two years already. Perhaps her peers were already become knight a long time ago, and for people who understood that they didn’t have talent there they would give up on it after a year. But even so, does Rishe-chan want to become a knight that badly?


And then, Rishe-chan embarrassedly begin to speak bit by bit, about her.

“My father is… the knight leader of this country. And then, my family lineage are always inherit Demon Eye of Foresight for generation.”

“Demon eye of, foresight.”

Demon Eye of Foresight which is stated at Rishe-chan and uncle’s statuses. If my presumption is right, I thought that both of their eyes are supposed to be endowed with an ability to see the future.

But, I never saw Rishe-chan used it though….

“My family lineage were always become a knight from the olden generation…. Starting with my father, grandfather and also ancestors, seems like their prowess were even go down in this country’s history.

Also, Demon Eye of Foresightisn’t limited to our family lineage… but, its ability is tremendous, each of my ancestors were strong enough to be invincible at one on one fight, and I also heard that they were a prideful knight.”


“Of course, I also have that eye… but, I can’t use it. I have been told many times already, that my aptitude with my demon eye is low… and I also haven’t see any trace that I would be able to use it near future… and then when father and the other heard about it, he harshly scold me. The disgrace of the family, just how many times I’ve heard it….”

Demon eye. Even of one possess it, that won’t mean one would be able to use it for sure. Even if they possessed it since they were born, that wasn’t necessarily mean that it would grant its power to its holder, huh.

“But, my parent have abandoned me. If I can’t use this demon eye, then I just need to become a knight with my own power, or so I thought. Since at the past, there was a great ancestor who didn’t possess demon eye but was able to accomplish it after all.”

“I see.”

“But, after one year, two years passed… I’m still nothing than a knight apprentice… even my instructor said that I don’t have any talent, and I haven’t growth at all. Whether because I’m a daughter of the knight leader, there were a great expectation from my surrounding, but right now they are badmouthing and do some devious act at me … and as expected even my father would give up to care about me who is unable to become a knight right.”

That’s way, it come to the current state of affairs huh. Perhaps the bandage and scars around her body are because of that devious act right. Even her father, for now he haven’t abandoned her. But there won’t be any second chance.

To be honest, the aptitude with demon eye were decided when they were born, so it can’t be helped. But, that won’t become the reason why Rishe-chan was unable to move her body when fighting.

What was binding her movement? Fear, nervous, even with that, she’s still able to raise her level properly. It doesn’t seems impossible for her to defeat a magical beast. Then, what’s the difference?

“Rishe-chan, when you’re able to defeat magical beasts and when you were together with us some times ago, is there anything different?”

There must be is, then this difference.

“…let’s see… whether Kitsune and Finia were there, or not… perhaps? Since my weapon and physical were same after all. My enemy’s power were also not much different.”

So that means if she was alone she would be able to defeat that magical beast, huh? Does that means she’s nervous when there was someone around her? But Rishe-chan isn’t a shy person, if she’s nervous when there’s someone around her then even other than when fighting time she should be also a timid girl who is unable to fluently speaking with other people… but to be only happen at fighting.

And then, I suddenly remember. About what Rishe-chan just said, at the past her ancestors were boasted with prowess which were invincible at one on one fight.

“Rishe-chan, could it be—“

I try to tell her about the idea I just thought about. And then, after Rishe-chan thought about it a bit, she nods her head. And then I’m certain of it. The reason why Rishe-chan was unable to move her body when fighting.

“Then, let’s go with that.”

Canceling my skill, I float a faint smile. I let Rishe-chan to sleep and recover her strength.

Well then, should I stroll somewhere till evening.

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