Isekai ni Kichatta – 28

Her First Step

The silence is continued. Sheating our swords, our gazes are overlapping.

Under the night sky which covered by the dark cloud, inside a dark place without anyone other than us, I and my father are standing facing each other.

The battle is over.

The rest is, whether my father deem my power is suitable as a ‘Knight’ or not. I’m just, waiting for my father, to open his mouth about it.

But, my father is gazing sharply, similarly like when he was fighting, at me. His mouth which closed and make a solid line, showing no sign of opening.


I don’t avert my eyes. If I avert my eyes here, I think that I won’t be able to become a knight. If I’m hesitated here, I won’t worth to fight as a knight.

“—…this is…”

Suddenly, my father says a word. And then, simultaneously my father’s eyes are glittering with green jade light. That is the proof that “Demon eye of foresight” is appeared to the surface. I’m also able to make it appears at my eyes, but I can’t activate its effect.

The scenery, which I wanted to see by all means… is existed at my father’s field of vision. Just a bit, I’m envious at him.

“This demon eye is, an ability which is inherited at our family lineage. We’re always together with this demon eye, we become stronger together with it.”


“However, there were a rare case. Someone who was unable to use this demon eye similarly like you…. When I realized that she is my own daughter, I was greatly disappointed. But, not just that… I felt that I could see this knight lineage was coming to its end. That was… the worst possible future for me.”

My father is, simultaneously when he says his disappointment about me, does he feel hard to sever our blood relation. About the fact that I can’t use the demon eye, about the fact that I don’t have any talent to become a knight, my father is tormented by both of it.

“However… it seems like I was wrong. You, have a proper ability to fight… right now, I think that as a father that is a very rejoicing thing.”

“…honorable father.”

“However, the outcome is still the outcome. From what I could see, as I thought you can’t become a knight.”


My father is, said that. I can’t become a knight.

I open my eyes wide in shock, looking at my father as if asking why?. And then, my father canceling his demon eye, and seems difficult to say it… and then ha starts talking as if it is something he doesn’t want to say.

“From what I could see, your sword technique is 『Sword art style』… however, the technique you just used, aside from your body movement and attacking style is… rather  than 『Sword art style』it was closer to 『Flowing mirror style』. Moreover, seems like you weren’t aware of it, but that was a variation style which different from these three style. That was already, greatly strayed from any sword style category which used by any knight with high status.”


“You’re, have the ability to fight. But, it『won’t grow』if you keep becoming a knight.”

Then, then what should I do. I, even though from the moment I was born, I was always chasing the back of a great knight! Is it all going to crumbled just because of a single deviation!

Is that means, I won’t be able… to become a knight…?

“That’s why, Trisha, you should become an『adventurer』.”

I feel like, My father words are, reverberating inside my mind.


“Your sword style would grow if you become an adventurer… that’s why, you should become a strong adventurer.”

“B, but! I’m longing for a figure of a knight who protecting someone…!”

“Don’t say something strange…. If you want to protect someone, that doesn’t necessarily means you must become a knight, right?”

That is indeed, right. Adventurer is, a job which work for people’s sake. That isn’t different from knight. Having much freedom, having less pride, these are the only difference.

“That man, what is he called as?”

“Kitsune… he is called as such.”

“Kitsune… than man surely would keep ascending to a more higher place.”


“That man, I could see that he has something… a completely different ability than sword or martial arts…Trisha, how about you try following that man for a while? I’m sure, you’ll be able to see scenery which won’t be able to seen as a knight… that is, perhaps a scenery which even demon eye is unable to see, you know?”

My father is, says so while laughing. Even though Kitsune was always emitting such perilous aura, why does my father says something as if he is recognizing him? My father, what did he see at that man.

I’m, very curious about it. The scenery which Kitsune currently see, and the scenery which he’s going to see, my father said that it’s a scenery which even would be impossible to be seen using demon eye.

I want to see it.

“…honorable father.”


“I, want to see that scenery.”

“Hahaha, I see, I see….”

“I’m going to become an adventurer. And then someday….”

To me who is stopping my words, my father is looking at me. He is dubiously looking at me with his clear blue eyes.

I’m facing my father who is a knight leader, facing the back which was always I chase, facing the one I admire,

“—without fail, I will surpass that back of yours.”

And say so.

My father is, dauntlessly smiling with belligerent expression.


◇ ◇ ◇


The next morning, Rishe-chan come to my room. Without using her knight armor, her sword is still hung at her waist but I feel that her face is somehow different from yesterday. Did she take a surgery? No no, that’s no way possible.

Finia-chan and Lulu-chan are still sleeping, before I wake them up, ever since my room’s door was knocked those who are awake inside my room are none other than me and Rishe-chan.

Seems like she has something to say to me, since I had did my best yesterday could it be she is going to confessing or so I thought with my heart pounding hardly, and so I face Rishe-chan.

“Firstly, Kitsune… thank you, you’ve did so many things for my sake.”

“Ah, yes. Well, it was somewhat tiring but I had a debt to you for saving my life after all, so you don’t have to mind about it.”

Seems like isn’t about it. As I thought human aren’t that easily become popular, huh. Well, that’s also fine though, since I also can’t imagine such view that Rishe-chan fall in love at me after all. Nevertheless, a girl like Rishe-chan seems like weak to be treat as a girl, right. She also has a little shy part at her, after all.

“And then, umm…”


Oh? Is it finally it? Averting her eyes, Rishe-chan is acting suspiciously as if she want to say something embarrassing, isn’t it without a doubt the appearance of someone who is going to confessing? Is it okay if I have a high expectation here? It’s okay right! Come on, come and say it!

“Kitsune, would you put me into your adventurer comrade?”

“Okay! ….hmm?”

“I see… thank you, then from now on, please take care of me!”

Seems like it wasn’t a confession. I spontaneously answer it, but well isn’t that fine. I was also intending to take her as my comrade if she was unable to become a knight, after all, isn’t it good that I don’t need to ask her myself. Or rather, I’m curious about what happened with her trial’s result.

“Then, Rishe-chan. Does that means you were unable to become a knight?”

“That isn’t quite right… in order to make my father recognizes me, I decided to become an adventurer.”

“I’m not quite understand what you’re saying.”

I don’t understand, but, if Rishe-chan is good with it then I won’t say anything either. In the end, since everything were settled peacefully, everyone lived happily ever after.

Well then, I think for now I should wake Finia-chan and Lulu-chan up.

“Wake up, Finia-chan.”

“You ‘re… could it be, my supposed to dead elder brother… so you’re alive…! Ha, good morning Kitunse-san! Rishe-chan is also here, huh! Good morning!”

“Yes, good morning.”

“Ah, good morning.”

Seem like her dream setting today is her long separated bother appeared again and become her enemy. Each night she sees different dream, but well since she could keep up with that original repertoire, in some sense I admire her.

And then I shake Lulu-chan to wake her up. She is easy since different from Finia-chan, she would properly wake up after all.


“Hmm… good morning, Kitsune-sama.”

“Yes, good morning.”

She is sleepily rubbing her eyes, but seems like she has properly conscious, since she properly greet me. It hasn’t that long since she lives together with me, but it seems like she is considerably got used to my livelihood already. You could say that it’s the result of us compromising each other, but it seems like at least she has believed me that I won’t oppress her. Thanks god, thank god.

And then, while looking at such Lulu-chan, Rishe-chan come to talk at me.

“I’ve been wondering since yesterday, but… Kitsune, did you buy a slave?”

That is statement which come because she saw the “Slavery chocker” which usually attached to a slave, since she seems like doesn’t know about my time with Lulu-chan so it can’t be helped if she ask me about it.

But, if we’re going to be comrades then then I must tell her about it.

“Yes, but now she’s my family. Calling her a slave, I won’t forgive it even if it’s you.”

“…I see, that’s good then. At this country there were many people who oppressed their hidden slaves after all… it’s good if you’re living together as a family, since I also prefer that way, after all.”

“Lulu-chan is a good child. I’ll be glad if you’re able to get along with her.”

“Of course, I was originally someone who intended to become a knight, so I have no even a micro scale of thought to oppress her.”

Yup, at this rate Rishe-chan and Lulu-chan would be able to get along, too. Moreover, since both of them are girls so they should be able to open up their heart easily. Hmm? Finia-chan is a fairy, but aren’t I the only male at this party? Uwah, if I think about it, isn’t it means I’m quite a winner here!

“Kitsune-san! What are we going to do today?”

Finial-chan ask me that. Yup, my comrade have increased, and I also had got a clue about a way to return to my former world. I think it would be better for me to start my preparation to follow that clue from now on.


I don’t know what kind of person he is, but he’s an otherworlder who was summoned as the one who would subjugate the demon lord. And then, an otherworlder who has the possibility to return to his former world. There’s a need to investigate him.

“Before that, since Rishe-chan has become our comrade, how about we introduce ourselves first?”

“Eh! Is that so?”

“Did you perhaps failed to become a knight?”

At my word, Finia-chan and Lulu-chan reacted. Our gazes are focused on Rishe-chan, Rishe-chan is smiling while receiving those gazes.

“Ah, let me introduce myself once again. I’m Trisha Rumiela, you could call me whatever you like. From now on, please take care of me.”

Rishe-chan introduces herself similarly like when we first met. I feel as if this is our first self-introduction.

No, practically this is indeed our first. Casting away her past self who always running to become a knight, and reborn as someone new. That’s why, this is the first self-introduction of her new self.

“I’m the strongest Fairy, Finia! Best regards!”

“Umm, my name is Lulu Soleil-desu. I’m looking forward to work together with you-desu.”

“I’m Kitsune, I welcome you, Rishe-chan.”

We’re replying so while smiling. And like that, we get a new comrade. Trisha Rumiela— a girl who was unable to become a knight.

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