Isekai ni Kichatta – 29

The Difference Between Kitsune and Nagi

“And then, what are you gonna do from now on?”

After finishing our self-introduction, such topic come from Rishe-chan’s words. Finia-chan is sitting at Lulu-chan’s laps who’s sitting on the bed, as for I and Rishe-chan are sitting on the chairs which had been provided by the inn.

When I sit while leaning to back of the chair, with that question I straighten my back as if I’m going to do an interview.

“Rishe-chan, do you know that the hero had been summoned?”

“Umm, yea… that was famous even among knights, after all.”

“Hero! What’s that, isn’t that sounds very cool!”

“Ah, Finia-chan and Lulu-chan haven’t heard of it, right.”

Come to think of it, because when I heard it from Grim-san, at that time Firia-chan and Lulu-chan were diligently choosing our quest, after all, so they didn’t about the hero. Well, since there would be nothing which would obstruct our conversation, so it should be good as long as I tell them about it bit by bit.

“Seems like the demon lord had been resurrected, you know, and so they summoned a hero. Grandile kingdom, was it? And, since I’m quite curious about it so I’m thinking to go there or something.”

“Umm… Gradile kingdom, huh… going there is indeed isn’t something difficult, but there is a survival of the fittest country, as an adventurer if you’re not strong enough to live there, you would simply be crushed, you know?”

“I’m fully aware of it. I only interested by the Hero who was summoned there, and I even have no intention to do any fight and the like, after all.”

To be frank such a thing are scary, after all. Just what’s so fun to live at such kingdom which filled with battle junkies? At least, well, I thought about increasing our ability to collect raw materials there, moreover, to crush any weakling even though they were similarly human… that sounds just like a bullying. They hate the weakling, or so they must would say, even that would be troubling the hero to be summoned at such country.

If it was me, without a doubt I would be angry, ah, wait, as I thought since I might be killed so I’ll just keep quiet about it.

“If that’s the case then it’s good, but….”

“That’s why for a while we’re going to take some more quest so that we could save some money for it, and then I thought we would go to that country when we already have a certain extent ability to survive there.”

“I see.”

“Are we going to another country? My anticipation increased! No matter what kind of fellow they are, this Finia-chan will burn them into cinders!”

“Yes, thank you. But please be careful with the time and situation, right?”

Since burning someone randomly isn’t something good, after all. To be honest, if it’s Finia-chan, she might be really able to do it so it is scary. And without a doubt that would make us be labeled as enemies from our surroundings. At that time, someone might suddenly be stabbed from the back you know, that would be me. Even though he didn’t do anything, he might be suddenly killed you know, and that would be me!

“Well, anyhow, in the end it’s still the usual thing… for now, how about we go to the adventurer guild to have Rishe-chan registers as an adventurer.”

Come to think of it, if I left this country, that means I would bid my farewell with Mia-chan and the other, huh, I had some people who understood me at my middle school era, and then we parted when we advanced to high school, but I never felt lonely about it. If I think about it, somehow this is a new feeling.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t means we would never meet again, after all, so let’s just take it easy.

“Then, let’s go.”

At my word, we start moving.


◇ ◇ ◇


—at the other side, around the same time. At the country which summoned the hero, Grandile Kingdom.

The summoned hero was, named as “Serisawa Nagi”.

His height was perhaps around 181 cm. He had a thin and slender appearance rather than a muscular one, but he had well-ordered firm muscles at his body, that was the physical trait which would called as the thin muscular. His limbs were also long, with a well ordered features, matching his title as a hero, you could say that he was a handsome guy.

When he was summoned, that was at the time he was going home from school so he was wearing his blazer which was his school uniform, when he thought that he was wrapped by light, suddenly there was a girl stood before him, that’s when he got his awareness back.

And then, the appeared Miko girl who was named herself as Cecil, calmly ask him a request. He who had a strong sense of justice, after he heard it, at once he asked her for further explanation about it.



“Enough! The winner is, Nagi!”

And then, two days after his summoning. The summoning purpose, they summoned a hero because they wished to defeat the demon lord, when Nagi heard that explanation, he could calmed himself down since that was a reasonable reason.

And then, about when he was able to defeat the demon lord, he would be able to return to his former world, about the burden which was bore by the Miko before him, about his hidden power which might be able to solve all of it, if he had heard that much then that’s enough. Since Nagi had a high sense of justice, he decided to accept the duty and responsibility as a hero.

After that, Nagi participated at the practice at Grandile kingdom’s knight practices. Originally, at his former world he had learnt kendo, aikido and many other martial arts, he was even a top ranker who had won numerous national competitions, for such him, after he participated at the training he quickly become far more stronger.

He would absorb everything they taught him as if a sponge, and he would mastered it after he practiced for several times. Also, as a summoned hero, seems like his physical strength was became several times stronger than at the time he was at his former world, and he already strong enough to fight an average knight at this first practice.

“Haa… haa… fu….”

“Nagi-sama, if you deign.”

“Ah, yes… thank you Cecil-san.”

He also won the mock battle just now. Cecil who came after the battle ended was offering him a cloth to wipe his sweat off.  And then, Nagi received it and thanking her while wiping his sweat off.

Nagi had been told about the position of the girl named Cecil before him. The miko girl was, after summoning the hero, she must offer her whole body and soul to the summoned hero.

He had no intention to do it, but if he asked it, whether it night attendance or sacrifice, she might did any of it, right. Since Nagi could saw that resolve dwelled at her eyes, so he could understood it just at a glance.

“I don’t mind if you just call me as Cecil.”

“If you say so then I also don’t need the ‘sama’ suffix, though….”

“Nagi-sama is a hero, so I couldn’t give no respect to you.”

“Or so I thought….”

As the matter of fact, he didn’t thought that he was that close with Cecil. With just two days after their encounter, there were many things he didn’t know about her, but as expected since she had the duty to devote her body and soul to the hero, he could felt a wall between them.

“Nevertheless, you’ve been become greatly stronger, right. An average knight won’t be able to become your opponent anymore.”

“No, I’m still a long way to go… letting aside my physical, my sword art is still bad, after all.”

“phy, physical?”

“Ah, umm… it’s about my physical ability.”

“I see… Nagi-sama has a great desire to improve yourself, right.”

To Cecil who was chuckling, even for Nagi who was looking at her was seeing her as a cute girl. Her black hair was matched with her miko cloth, she looked like an extremely pure girl. To the point if it was at his former world, he thought that without a doubt she would be very popular among the opposite sex.

“Nevertheless, just how strong a demon lord is? Since I need to overcome it….”

Here, Nagi changed the conversation. Since he just came to this different world, he hadn’t know about this world. How much he should become stronger, how strong magical beasts and demons were, he who hadn’t left the castle didn’t know any of it.

To that question, Cecil thought about it while hiding her smile. And then, she answered it with a bit hard expression.

“Demon lord is… very strong. Perhaps, we won’t be able to defeat it even if we fight it with all the knights from this country. The knight leader and magic knight, if we fight together with the strong adventurers perhaps we would be able to defeat its demon followers, but we won’t be able to do anything about the demon lord.”

“It’s, it’s that strong, huh….”

“Yes, that’s why I hope Nagi would become much more stronger. Because hero is, the hope of this world, after all.”

Such words which were said by Cecil while smiling, it was filled with an earnest emotion. Nagi was, didn’t know that he was at the position which was referred as the hope of the world, he was bewildered to be suddenly placed at such position.

An existence which couldn’t be defeated even by assembling every powerful person around the world, the demon lord. Being told to defeat such an existence, he honestly thought that it was impossible to the point the wanted to run away.


“Well, let’s do our best.”

Like that, even if he was a hero, rather than saving someone he didn’t who they were, where they lived and the like who wished to be saved by him, Nagi thought that he felt a stronger urge to fulfill the wish of the girl before him.

I need to become stronger, no… I have to become stronger.

Even if he was told that he had the power to save the world, he didn’t know whether he actually had it within his body or not himself. But, as long as there was still a possibility, if he could became any help, he thought he would to go through it with all his might.

“This, thank you.”

Handing the cloth which had been used to wipe his sweat off to Cecil, he wield his mock sword again. He had enough fighting spirit, at the time he had right now, he would utilized every seconds of it to become stronger. Such spirit was surging to his expression, his figure which sharply swung his sword, surely a hero.

The knight around him were, seeing that figure, they could feel that their ray of hope had become brighter.

That was the hero.

The one who would became the hope of humanity, the guider.

The ray of hope who would slays all evils and saved the world.

Demon lord’s threat was, slowly approaching. Even right now, there were numerous people who were died by the hands of magical beasts and demons. While keeping that in mind, Nagi earnestly swung the sword. Implementing everything they taught him, and mastering all of it.

When the practice that day ended, Nagi had did 100 mock battles with average knight, and won all of it.


◇ ◇ ◇


The miko Cecil Dimietta was, currently taking care of the hero. Lending her shoulder to Nagi who was exhausted after training, she brought him to the room which had been provided for him. After wiping the sweat off from the roughly breathing Nagi, she gave him some water to drink. Seems like he had overcome his limit by continuously swinging his sword. Even his hands were tattered, and his sweats were unusually flowing out.

“Haa… haa… I’m tired.”

“Nagi-sama, please pay more attention to your own body.”

“Hahaha… haa… haa… I was too engrossed in it, after all… haa… haa… fuu…”

While saying so to Cecil who advised him with worry expression, Nagi readjusted his breath little by little. And then, when his breath had completely steady, he felt disgusted by the sweat around his body.

“This sweat, sure is disgusting, right….”

“We’ve prepared the bathtub, but, would you use it?”

“Thank you, then let’s use it.”

Being led by Cecil, Nagi was brought to a large public bath. While thinking that the separation of men and women’s bath was also similarly happened in the different world, he entered the men’s bath. By the way, different from Kitsune, he was able to read the different world’s letter, so he could properly read the men’s bath sign. But, he had no skill to see status.

Taking his clothes off, he entered the bath area and, seems like there was no one there. Since Nagi felt that he wanted to enter the bath at ease so it was a good thing if there was no one around, or so he thought when he took his clothes off.

“Sho, to… hmm?”


“…umm, why do you here? Cecil-san?”

“I, I think to… wash your back, or something.”

Taking his upper clothes off, he realized that Cecil was there. He was surprised since he thought that she surely would entered the women’s bath or perhaps returned to her room.

Since Nagi was half naked before her eyes, her face was blushing and her eyes were suspiciously wandering here and there. Sometimes she would stealthily took a glimpse of Nagi’s body, but that was very obvious.

But, as a girl who would always express a calm manner ever since their first encounter, such appearance of Cecil was, somehow something new.

“Ah… no, you don’t need to do something that far….”

“N, no… dat, that’s… also part of my duty….!”

“Your face is bright red, though… also, it’s embarrassing, after all.”

With a pure outer appearance, seems like her inner was also similarly so, she seemed to be embarrassed by just seeing the naked upper half body of the opposite sex. Hanging her blushing face, he could feel shy and falter at her expression.

However, even when she didn’t seems like would pulling off here, he couldn’t braced himself to chase her out. Embarrassed for still drenched by sweat, Nagi was the one who pulling down.

“…I get it, then, could you please turn away?”

“Y, yes….”

After confirming that Cecil has turned away, Nagi quickly took her lower clothes off. And then he wore a cloth at his waist to hide his important part.

“It’s okay now.”

“Yes… niyu!”


Cecil screamed a strange voices when she saw Nagi’s appearance, and made her calm expression became much more redder. The appearance of using a single loincloth, buttocks and almost all part of his body were exposed. With sweats flowing around his body, that was a very strong stimulus for an innocent (naïve) girl like her.

Shaking her head to calming down her dizzy field of vision, her gazes was quickly slanting downward.

“Then I’m going to enter first… if it seems too hard for you then you don’t need to force yourself to do it, or rather please do so.”

Nagi entered the bath area with a bitter smile. Cecil exhaled in relieve. Her face was still red, but she was at the state where she had a great curiosity after seeing a naked body of on opposite sex for the first time.

Taking off her miko clothes, she become only wore the thin white cloth hadajuban which she used under her miko clothes. Rolling the cuff up, and then fastened it by string after it was rolled up till her upper half thigh. And then, after taking one deep breath, she entered the bath area where Nagi had entered it beforehand.



Opening the door, when she was approaching the bathtub where Nagi was, she slipped. And because of that, she entered the bathtub head first, she made a great splash and then sinking inside the water.



Nagi flusteredly lift the drowning Cecil up. Cecil raised her face up, even if she was somewhat coughing violently, seems like she had no injury.

Nagi was sighing in relieve when he saw it, and relieved. But, that thought was stopped there.

“*cogh* *cough*… I, I’m sorry… thank you very much.”


“? Nagi-sama? …what is…!?”

Cecil who felt dubious to Nagi who didn’t say anything, she traced the end of his gazes. And then, not just that gazes was directed to herself, when she looked downward, her white clothes was drenched.

—and her body was seen through it.

Cecil wore an underwear at lower part, but she didn’t wear the upper part. Because her clothes was drenched, from her bulging chest till her red apex, everything were completely visible.


“Ah… so, sorry!”

She immediately hide her chest with both of her hands. And when Nagi’s awareness returned, he averted his eyes.

Having her body being seen by Nagi, the shame for showing such disgrace, her face was become much more redder then at the time she saw Nagi’s body.

“Ah, umm… since I’ll close my eyes, it’s okay if you leave at that time.”

“I, I’m sorry… next time I’ll properly wash your back…!”

At Nagi’s word, Cecil quickly left the bath area.

After confirming that, simultaneously with sighing greatly, Nagi flapped her reddened face with his hands. As expected, for seeing a girl’s naked body as it is, and seeing it from a transparent clothes sure had a different level of lasciviousness, seems like that was even made him unable to took his eyes from her.

“…it was, quite a big pair, right….”

Cecil Dimietta. The miko of Grandile Kingdom, her age was seventeen years old. She was similarly seventeen years old like Nagi, but the one hidden below that miko clothes was, lumps of a great ripen maternity.

Hero, Serisawa Nagi who saw it, murmured in a daze.

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