Isekai ni Kichatta kedo – 18

The End of Training and Information Offering



After that, Kitsune and co. was split into two teams. Excluding Rishe, when Kitsune and Finia was thinking about how do raise their level, they found a solution. Finia just need to use her Fire Magic and Light Magicto defeat any Magical beast as usual. As for Kitsune, without activating Eeerie Constitution, it was good as long as he was able to fight with his instinct against his opponent.

When Kitsune consider the magical beast as an enemy, involuntarily his “eerie constitution” will be activated. For Kitsune who had become stronger mentally, you could say that he would always in the superior side mentally, therefore the enemy would always run away when he uses his skill.

If that’s the case, it’s better if he didn’t think them as an enemy. He just need to consider them as a mere pebbles that scattered around. That was conclusion he got.

That was indeed quite a forced logic but, if Kitsune didn’t do that, let alone level up, he won’t even able to find an opponent to fight against. Besides, Kitsune had experienced an overbearing change from such logic himself. Like at the days he got bullied, he twist his spirit that way. Therefore, this time he was doing the same thing. That was all.

 ”Yes, it raised.. it raised…” 

And the results, Kitsune was able to fought a small fry magical beast without make them ran away. When he was going to fight a magical beast, he would consider it as a mere pebble first, and then attacked it.

Or rather by doing that, that would make as if he was provoking the opponent. Being seen as not his equal opponent, that make the magical beasts were mad.

 By subjugating them, kitsune and co. able to increase their level. 


Kitsune was checking his own status



Name                        : Naginata Kitsune

Gender                    : Male Lv6(↑2UP)

Strength                 : 40

Stamina                  : 100

Resilience             : 220

Agility                      : 90

Magic                       : 60

Title                          :Other Worlder

Skill                          :Pain Nullification Lv2(↑1UP)』『Eerie Constitution』『Otherworld Language Translator』『Status Appraisal』『Persistence』『Coercion』『Near Death Experience

Innate Skill           : ???

PT Member           : Finia (Fairy)


As expected Kitsune’s aptitude with resilience was seems high. Since just by leveled up by two, his resilience values rose to about half of an S rank adventurers. 

But on the other hand, there was also a harsh fact. 

“But my strength didn’t increased huh….” 

Kitsune’s strength status didn’t increased. Maybe, it’s the limit that Rishe had said. With just 40 strength growth limit, and Kitsune seems really wan’t blessed. He didn’t thought that he would met his attack power limit this soon.

“Well whatever, since I have Finia for attack power” 

But Kitsune didn’t care too much. For him that was just an insignificant status. 



“Did my level raised? Is it raised?” 

Finia from just now keep asking Kitsune about her level in detail. Since she can’t see her own status, so she asked Kitsune to check it. 

“Yes yes, hmm”



Name                        : Finia

Gender                    : Female   Lv16(↑5UP)

Strength                 : 350

Stamina                  : 600

Persistance          : 140

Dexterity                : 500

Magic                       : 5400

Title                          : Fairy of Unrequited Love

Skill                          :Light Magic Lv3』『Mana Recovery Lv4』『Healing Magic Lv3』『Fire Magic Lv4』『Physical Reinforcement Lv1

Innate Skill           : ???

PT Member           : Naginata Kitsune


“Yes, It raised by five levels.”


Finia also seemed to leveled up nicely. But, Kitsune felt that the higher the level the harder to level up. Was that perhaps because the necessary experience became higher as well? 

Rather from that, the more Finia’s level increased, he felt a bit inferior than her. What,  did fairies could level up that easily? It felt like, “dammit”.

“Or rather, I’m getting tired, so let’s just go home”


When Kitsune was gradually tired mentally, he asked to go home. And Finia’s agree with that. At the previous battle, Finia was the one who launch the finishing blow,as expected he hasn’t used to pierce a body with a small sword yet. Like at the first time he dead, he remembered the feeling when he stab the body of his schoolmates.

“By the way, Howe about Rishe-chan?”

“Hmm… seems she was being mounted by deer like magical beast there right!”

“What are you doing!” 

Kitsune came rushing there and kick the deer like magic beast away from Rishe.

“Haa….haa….. don’t do something unnecessary… I could manage something like that!”

“For someone who was just being mounted, what a say.”


“Could it be Rishe-chan is an airhead?” 

Rishe confidently said it with rough breath but, knocked down by Kitsune’s and Finia’s word. And then fell to her hands and feet in depression. It seems Rishe’s status ratio was rather weak. 

“Uu… with my statuses values I should be able to easily subjugate such a thing but.. but when the opponent was in front of me I become so tensed up…” 


I was wrong, it seems the reason was her mental.

 ”We’re intended to going home soon but… Does Rishe-chan isn’t going back yet?”

“… understood… i will go back as well” 

The felt down Rishe stood with a gloomy expression, and she walks toward the city entrance while hung her head. Kitsune follows after her. 

After put such a senior like attitude, and the result was like this. From Rishe’s point of view that might be quite embarrassing right. That was why Kitusne purposely didn’t touch that matter.

◇ ◇ ◇

After passed the entrance, Kitsune and co. returner to Miniera country. According to the result, for Kitsune since he was able to raise his level up, he thought that it was a fruitful times.

It’s just, since at this battle the way Kitsune fought was by consider his opponent as a pebble, and that provoked the opponents further to fought but, perhaps if he fought against someone it may unnecessarily angered that person too.

“Say… Kitsune, what are you going to do after this? Like the matter of mountain bear or something…”

“Eh? What am I going to do?”

“Don’t you know? At the adventurer guild, aside raw materials from the magical beast they also bought some valuable information, for E rank like the mountain Bear, if you reported the information about its appearance outside the forest I think they may buy it for quite a high price….”

Kitsune’s eyes were wide opened. So they even bought information huh, that guild, I see. If that was the case than I should use it, I’ll use it by all means.

“Then, when you encountered an A rank magical beast, how much money you may got?”

“What an unpleasant example huh… let’s see… since an A rank magical beast need a prior countermeasure to fought against, so at least you may got three gold coins, perhaps?”

“How much it equal in silver coins?”

“Since one hundreds silver coins equal to one gold coin, then it should be three hundred silver coins.”

That means three millions rupi. Isn’t that mean a gold coin is an outragous sum of money. What a luck, Kitsune has witnessed the appearance of the miasma monster Red Night a week ago. Moreover it was inside that forest. If he reported that to the guild, didn’t he may able to get that three gold coins.

Then with that amount of money, didn’t I may be able to do what I had thought? And he thought like that.

“Hmm… thanks Rishe-chan, I’ll try to sell that information.”

“Ah, yes… then, I’m going to return to the inn first.”

“Yes, let’s go, Finia-chan.”

Rishe thought that there was something strange with kitsune’s state but, she kept walking toward the inn while thinking that it might just her imagination. As for Kitsune and Finia were went to the guild.

“Kitsune-san, are you going to tell them about that monster?”

“Yes, since for this country that was a valuable information, and I also want as much money as possible.”

“I see….”

When Finia asked that without smiling, Kitsune also answered that with a serious expression. It would be good if that was really possible but, Kitsune also needed a large amount of money. Moreover, he wanted them to do something about that monster as soon as possible. If he happens to encounter it again, perhaps that won’t end with just his left eyes.

“Well, it would be great if I could return to my former world before that happened.”

While thinking like that, Kitsune arrived at the guild entrance, and enter it like he used to be. After entered, he felt something different from the usual atmosphere. Or rather, they seemed shrunk their shoulder and hung their heads as if scared of something. For a usually noisy guild, that was quite a gloomy atmosphere there.

Inside that atmosphere, Kitsune inclined his head. Then, all the adventurers who hung their heads, raised their face when they saw Kitsune as if he was a messiah.


Even with that atmosphere Kitsune was walking while still inclining his head. When he arrived at the receptionist counter, while gazing at the adventurers, he arrived in front of Mia’s counter.

Still without facing Mia directly, Kitsune asked her while still gazing at the adventurers.

“Say Mia-chan, did something happened? Somehow it feels eerily quiet though….”

“There was nothing happened though?”


When Kitsune turned toward Mia, Mia was facing him while smiling. That has a considerable intensity. She was smiling but her eyes weren’t similing at all. Kitsune thought, the reason for this atmosphere was perhaps because of Mia-chan’s bad mood.

Since he thought that Mia was quite in a bad mood, so he thought to move toward the receptionist girl next to her. When he did that, excluding Mia, all of their face were become pale. Even the blue haired receptionist girl was trying as hard as she could to convey to him to don’t come to her way.

“…Haa… Mia-chan, what happened?”

“Nothing happened. There is no problem.”

“You seem angry though.”

“I am not angry, then, do you need something?”

“Ah, umm, when I was training with Rishe-chan–!?”


When Rishe’s name was came out, suddenly there was a vein popped out at Mia’s forehead. It felt as if he would be killed if he said more about her. Even that Finia, she was already took refuge insides Kituse’s school uniform’s pocket.

It seems there were even some adventurers who collapsed. What’s up with this pressure.

“Uh, um… I think I want to sell the information about an E rank monster which come out from the forest.”

“…Is that so, I understand.”

When Mia’s pressure lessened, Kitsune and the adventurers were exhaling in relief.

Then, at that instant relief, the adventurers were considering about what Kitsune just said. As expected of adventurers, it seems they were still able to think calmly to facing the crisis that may come to this country. Kituse was admiring them inside his heart.

“Then, Mia-chan… there’s also something I wan’t to tell you at a place with as few people as possible but….”

“…what is that?”

“About the information of a magical beast… it is something which quite hard to say it here.”

“Is that so… I understand, then please come to the inner room.”

Since Mia’s intimidating aura was disappeared, Kitsune could continue the explanation. The explanation about Red Night.

Mia lead Kitsune into the interior part of the counter. Perhaps, Mia thought that Kitsune wasn’t joking when he said that he had something he want to tell at the place with few people. To tell a complicated information which shouldn’t be easily leaked to the public, they had prepared a certain room. And Kitsune was lead to there.

Inside the counter, there was a vacant room a bit distance away from there. That room seems like a longue, and it was very suited to tell the information.

“Please sit there.”


Kitsune sat at the sofa across the table as per Mia asked. Then, Finia start to show her face from inside his pocket.

“Then… What kind of information is it?”

“Yes, I have said that there was an E rank magical beast which come out from the forest right?”


“When I came to this country, I passed through that forest.”


Mia looked very surprised, Kitsune was said it lightly but, that forest wasn’t something that could be easily passed by a mere F rank adventurer. Not just that there were many magical beast that lived there, the majority of them were E rank monsters. There was even a rumour that a D rank monster Troll also appeared there. Even if he was an D rank adventurer, normally it was impossible to pass through the forest just by himself.

And he passed through there? Without any weapon? If there was anyone who could do that, then he must be had an outrageous great luck.


But, the main issue wasn’t that. Mia asked Kitsune to continue the story. Then, Kitsune nodded and continued the story.

“Inside the forest, I encountered withRed Night.

“Wha… that was!?”

With a clank sounds, Mia stood up. Red Night, natural disaster class (A rank) and a high leveled magical being. The strongest demon which always kills every existence it encountered. Aside from Red Night, it was also called as Crimson Hell or Overnight Tragedy.

That monster, to be appeared near to this country, if that was true then that was a very dangerous fact. If Red Nightwas attacking, it wasn’t exaggerating that if it might destroy this country overnight.

“Was that true…!?”

“Yes… I even almost dead when I encountered that monster with dark miasma and red eyes. I was somehow saved by Finia-chan’s recovery magic but, my left eye was eaten.”

“That was….”

Indeed when he just came to this guild, when he heard about the Red Night, he seems pained from his bandaged left eye, to think that Red Night was appeared nearby, she didn’t want to believed that.

“I didn’t know why it just ate my left eye and didn’t kill me but… I thought that I must convey it.”

“…Haa… I hope you tell me this without waiting for one week to passed by….”

Mia was holding her head. Since it was already a week since the appearance of that A rank monster, it can’t be helped.

But she was still quite grateful that Kitsune convey that information.

“Thank you for your information offering. The guild will buy that information.”


“Considering the value of the information… how about three gold coins and ten silver coins?”

“I think that is good enough.”

“Then, since I’m going to prepare it, please wait a minutes.”

While saying that, Mia left the room. While sit and leaning to the sofa, Kitsune exhaling greatly. As per Rishe’s advice, he could obtain a considerable amount of money.

“But Kitsune-san, what are you going to do with that amount of money?”

Finia asked that to Kitsune. Then, Kitsune answered it while floating a faint smile.

“—I’m going to buy a slave.”

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