Leveling Up by Walking – 20

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Playing on The Beach

There are many beach huts lining up.

But because of the giant squid, there are almost no tourist, so almost every shops are closed.

In the end, we finally find a sole shop that is still open.

According to the shop keeper granny, to moment she heard that we came to subjugate the squid, she immediately opened her shop.

“Moreover, even if I close the shop, it isn’t like I have any other things to do, after all.”

Granny says so while flapping her fan.

Since there is such beautiful sea before us, so everyone should just go and swim there, though… or so what I want to say, but it’s impossible because of the giant squid, after all.

“Mumumu. Just now I felt like wanted to eat ramen, but it’s pretty hard to discard yakisoba!”

“Me too, even though I said that I wanted yakisoba, I come to wanting to eat ramen.”

“Then, let’s just order both of it altogether!”

“I’ll do so, too.”

“Then, me too.”

And so, we decided to order ramen and yakisoba, three portions each.

Leaving aside an adult man like me, will such small build girls like Aria and Mimily be able to finish all of it, I wonder?

Well, since they’ve properly did exercise more than me, so perhaps they’re really that hungry, though, I think.

Or rather, I was too pathetic here.

Later, I’ll fulfill my exercise quota; for the time I spent lazing around; by swimming.

“Here, sorry for the wait.”

Granny takes our orders in a blink of eyes.

The ramen is indeed a Chinese noddle type. I doubt there’s Chinese food in this world, though.

And then, the yakisoba is also a noddle dyed by sauce, with cabbage, onion, pork, and red pickled ginger. Yup, just like the yakisoba I know.

“Look delicious!”

“It was a right call to order both of it.”

Looking at the lining up ramen and yakisoba atop the table, the two girl’s eyes are gleaming.

By the way, there’s also chopstick here.

Is here Japan, I wonder?

“These ramen and yakisoba are food from which land, I wonder?”

Since I’ve tasted so much fantasy-like experience here, I nonchalantly say so.

“I don’t know which country it is, but I heard it came from the eastern land. Aren’t you should be more familiar about eastern land, Tetsuya-san?”

Come to think of it, I said that I come from eastern land, didn’t I?

I’m sure there’s a civilization with Asia-ish culture at eastern land, isn’t it?

But, no matter how Asia-ish it is, I’m a Japanese.

Even if my origin seems pretty similar like the eastern land of this world, I really don’t know anything about it.

I have to gloss it over!

“Hmm, even if you say so, eastern land is quite vast, after all….”

“Ah, that sure is right!”

I glossed it over. Thanks god.

Since I’ve get my relief back, I’m focusing myself on eating the food before me.

Aria and Mimily have eaten half of their meal already.

What an amazing appetite.

Although their bodies are very small, just where are the nutrition gone to, I wonder.

In Aria’s case, it’s for her boobs, I think. Please become bigger quickly.

As for Mimily… it’s her ears and tail, I think.

“Fuu, it was a wonderful meal.”

“Very satisfying.”

“At first I was a bit surprised by the amount, but it was unexpectedly still finishable.”

After paying the bill to the granny and telling her that the food were delicious, we leave the beach hut.

When we go to the beach, Rosetta-san is still watching out the sea from the shade of tree.

Thank you for your hard work.

And then, after giving a sidelong glance toward such Rosetta-san… Let’s swim!

Dash toward the sea!


[You have reached level 614]


Ooh, I sure have walked quite much today.

Then swimming, for the time I’ve lazed around up until now, let’s do some exercise.

It’s front crawl! Then, breaststroke!

“Wow, Tetsuya-san, you sure are skilled at swimming!”

“I’ve did it many times at swimming class when I was a kid, after all!”

“As expected of Tetsuya-san! Sasutetsu!”

Although it’s just swimming, but Aria admires it so much.

On the other side, seems like get burnt in rivalry, Mimily immediately jumps into the sea and swims at an intense speed chasing after me.

“I’m also skilled at swimming.”

Doggy paddle of a fox eared girl!

So cute!

Moreover, so fast!

“I catch you up.”

“You sure are amazing, Mimily.”


Getting praised by me, seems like Mimily is delighted.

But since her expression is too hard to understand, so I can’t ascertain it, though.

“My triumphant look, how was it?”

“Ah, so that was triumphant look, huh.”

I couldn’t see the difference with her usual expressionless face….

But, that’s Mimily’s interesting part.

Let’s pat her.


When I touch her ears, Mimily closes her eyes and makes an intoxicated expression.

It’s easier to see the difference with her usual expression.

As expected of animal ears!

“Both of you, please wait for me, you’re both too fast.”

Aria who is quite fallen behind is chasing after us with splashing and unskillful front crawl stroke.

“Haa… haa… I’m tired… I feel like drowning….”

Aria’s face is red after swimming with all her might.

“Here’s quite shallow, so if you’re tired then how about just standing still?”

“…now that you mention it, that’s right!”

Aria shyly sticking out her tongue, and sets her legs on the ground underwater.

After that we spent our fun time by playing water splashing and teaching Aria how to properly swim.

And then, after get tired, we lie down on the bed while staring at the sunset at the horizon.

Yup, as if in heaven.

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